Algonquin Township Highway Department Bills Show Rebecca Lee’s Name on Verizon Wireless Phone Bill

Rebecca Lee

Andrew Gasser disclosed on his blog today that attorney Rebecca Miller Lee, daughter of Bob Miller, had an account on the Verizon Wireless bill that was addressed to the Algonquin Township Highway Department.  This was one of those rumors that had been floating around for over a year but it was never proven until Gasser defeated Miller in a bitter election and was able to uncover the billing records.  This is just the latest salvo between Gasser and the Miller machine.

Records produced by Gasser go back to October of 2016.

Images and PDFs clearly show the bills going to:  “ALGONQUIN TOWNSHIP ROAD DISTRI” and the name “Rebecca  Lee” appears on page four of all the documents.

Rebecca Lee’s name can clearly be seen on this bill.

This brings up several questions that need to be answered:

What public purpose was served with having Rebecca Lee on the Algonquin Township Highway Department bill?

Did Rebecca Lee utilize this phone for any legal work she accomplished as a partner at Wand, Lee, and Wombacher LLC?

How long did Bob Miller have Rebecca Lee on the Algonquin Township Highway Department Verizon Wireless plan?

How long was Rebecca Lee an employee of the Algonquin Township Highway Department?

Andrew Gasser

Gasser also took swipes at the Northwest Herald for what he called “yellow journalism”.  To the casual observer the Northwest Herald has been critical of Gasser and Hanlon in their stories and on their editorial pages.  Gasser further complained the Northwest Herald is not covering the highway department’s across the board five percent tax cut.

When I asked Gasser for a comment on the story he stated, “The Northwest Herald is failing McHenry County.  They are biased and yellow.”

One has to wonder how long the Northwest Herald will continue as its circulation continues to plummet.


Algonquin Township Highway Department Bills Show Rebecca Lee’s Name on Verizon Wireless Phone Bill — 49 Comments

  1. They need to go back more than forty years to dig up ALL the dirt.

  2. Observations?

    If you think they are different – you haven’t been paying attention.

  3. Cindy – It was a play on the TV commercials to switch cell phone carriers.

    Obviously, I’m not very funny.

    Actually this whole situation is very sad.

    Sad mostly because they felt entitled.

    This billing record only shows her name but Mr. Gasser’s web site has all of the bill pages.

  4. At least gasbag didn’t refer to himself in the third person.

    Is anyone enjoying this as much as I am?

    The Miller dynasty is done and Gasser is destroying himself politically.

    He is so frigging arrogant.

    Gasser is so full of himself.

    He is so arrogant he thinks he can get the Northwest Herald to write a story?

    What a loser.

    What a joke all of us have as a township.

    Gasser has no friends.

    Gasser has no power.

    Gasser may end up destroying Algonquin Township with his legal bills and witch hunt.

    As bad as Miller was at least he didn’t bring us all shame.

    Shame on you Andrew Gasser.

  5. Lorax:

    Gasser has paid several attorneys to work on a case against Local 150.

    If Bob Miller had been honorable, there would not be a single legal bill.

    How much did the tax payers lose on the old sweeper? $80,000 – no problem!

    How much did the people overpay on the new sweeper? $50,000 – no problem!

    How much will the tax payers save when Bob pays for what he did? Millions!

    Seems to me that he may have thought about this.

  6. Is it true that “The Lorax” is 12 years old?

    He/She’s syntax says yes#

  7. As a former employee of that Township the truth will set you free .

    Two years ago all of the employees pooled their money and bought Bob a Verizon smart watch Rebecca as a favor to her husband purchased it on her personal account with her own CC .

    Bob I believe paid for it personally but apparently Rebecca’s name remained on the bill.

    This is known by Mr. Gasser .

    It is so much more fun for him to falsely portray it as something else.

  8. So who answers the phone when you call the number 2244077158 listed on the bill?

  9. Lorax, ‘Miller didn’t bring you shame?”

    Are you frickin’ kidding me.

    He made fools of every one of you?

    He may even take a few of you down with him!

    What morally bankrupt as$hole rants about ‘how arrogant the one is who’s uncovering all this bad sh!t that Millers pulled’ and diminishes what the wrong doer did?.

    What part of Federal Crime allegations don’t you understand?

    What a Goober.

    If you’re a 12 yr old, you’re a clueles and ignorant 12 yr. old!

    Gasser is just the messenger. Millers actions will live in infamy.

    The way these people yelp up makes me think they’ve got to be complicit!

    I do believe other names will be added to the FBI list, supoena’d, deposed and charged before this is over.

    Algonquin Township Taxpayers may be paid back when all is said and done.

    Now wouldn’t that be a happy ending.

  10. I just dialed that number 5:29 pm and it was answered by Bob Miller

  11. MoreEducatedVoter, that doesn’t ring true.

    A lawyer of all people, should know, you don’t co-mingle township and personal funds & purchases. Don’t be an idiot.

    Note to self: Don’t ever use her for a lawyer !!!

  12. Rebecca Lee’s mobile phone # has been 847-343-1171 for, at least, several years.

  13. This is the kind of routine, small bore corruption that speaks to the level of entitlement that no doubt pervaded the office.

    If you can’t even be bothered to pay you phone bill or IPass, what else are you doing?

  14. Who here believes Bob Miller is capable of using a ‘smart’ watch?

    Not buying it.

  15. What nobody realizes is that Rebecca was actually an FBI operative waiting silently for just this day.

    Knowing that Andrew would challenge her father and win, Becky had her father put the phone on his bill and waited for Andrew to take the bait.

    The phone In question was used by Rex Tillerson to prank call the Russians and now is on its way to FBI HQ.

    BTW, Rebecca isn’t even her real name!

    It’s Francis Beanplow from Frosty Teats Wyoming.

    Finally, the truth will come out and you can count on the Northwest Herald to print it!

  16. Observations? I don’t have a teevee. Don’t do commercials. In any case, sarcasm and humor never go over well in type. Don’t blame yourself. You are probably a huge riot in person. This stuff needs inflection and tonal representation. Type don’t do it.

  17. No kidding Joek.

    Petty theft goes hand in hand with the corrupt.

    They are a family full of nitwits to think they could get away with this level of deception.

  18. I’m all for rooting out liars and cheats.

    What is the Algonquin Township doing TODAY for the average citizen?

  19. Half are covering for Bob Miller ( and maybe themselves) and the other half is doing their best to get justice for the taxpayers.

  20. @MoreEducatedVoter – Your words betray you.

    I have researched your posts, your words, your mannerisms in the way you post, your patterns, your tenancies; and if you are who I think you are all I can say is what a disappointment.

    You are fake.

    You are a fraud.

    You are simply fronting something you are not.

    You are pretending.

    Remember when you wrote this on December 5, 2016?

    “As a resident of FRG I attended this forum and I am very disappointed in what was presented there was no solutions presented only Mr Gasser enraging the audience and enflaming them on their already high property taxes I don’t need somebody to just restate the obvious I want someone who has true solutions”

    You then wrote this on December 27,2016:

    Well let’s reflect on the sum total of Andy’s accomplishments while on the county board and that would be ZERO he can not even convince 12 other people that an idea he has is worth voting for .

    He is a complete idiot who just loves to hear himself pontificate about his mothers high taxes.

    You said I had no influence and that I could not convince 12 of my fellow colleagues to vote my way.

    You then wrote this on May 10, 2017:

    Dear mister coffee

    the reason we are 29th highest taxed county isn’t because of townships .

    It is because of school districts like yours that bump saleries and give golden parachutes to employees who are leaving.

    Last I checked 80% of my tax bill goes to education and the 2% that went to the Township was even less than I payed last year.

    Oh and I forgot to mention the County under Andys significant influence went up 4%.

    So do I have significant influence or not?

    I know who you are.

    You are a (not so) anonymous coward.

    We will drop some more good stuff Thursday around 0805 so we can connect some more of the dots in the scheme and artifice.

    Andrew Gasser

  21. More educated voter:

    its impossible that bob answered the phone.

    It’s a data only plan!

    Look at all the detail.

    We completely forgot about Bob claiming and receiving $47,000 from purportedly 24 years earlier. Lots of really good questions there.

  22. Thank you Andrew.

    There are many more of us that actually appreciate and support you.

    Drain this swamp!

  23. I do find it comical that Gasser would spend hours researching a poster here and then quote them.

    How narcissistic can one get?

    Maybe he should be working instead of posting.

    This also shows that the Miller camp has an excuse for everything.

    $48k bonus?


    Daughter on the cell phone bill?


    Disneyland and the credit card?


    Hiring wife?


  24. The Lorax? It doesn’t look like hours to me.

    Looks like it was someone he knows that was very easy to call out.

    How would you know it was hours?

    Did you just out yourself as someone backing the squanderers for a fairly easy to decipher reason?

  25. I bet the NW herald is working on their next hit piece to try and deflect the fact that more facts are coming out about the Miller syndicate.

  26. Thewhole? You mistake them for people that have two functioning brain cells in toto.

  27. Russellville: Donahue and Walsh is a criminal defense law firm in McHenry.

    Bob Miller’s lawyer Tom Gooch was quoted as saying Donahue was representing Bob in the criminal case.

  28. The NWH showed it’s true colors today with a complete spin piece for the Millers.

    The Millers claim the data plan was for a smart watch Christmas gift paid for employees.

    Thereafter, Bob claims he added it to his version bill.

    Was the township data plan cheaper than a personal plan?

    Since when do you have a bill for a Christmas gift in October.

    More importantly, if the watch was personal as claimed, why was the data plan in the name of the Highway Department?

    Each year Bob was supposed to provide a report on assets and liabilities.

    Did anyone look to see if the liability for the data plan was listed.

  29. From a Facebook post:
    Melissa Victor, Algonquin Township Trustee
    9 hrs
    As I understand there are many rumors going around facebook regarding misuse of funds with the Millers and the township. I found that many of these accusations were not accurate. Please see below, there is a lot to this, but the truth needs to be heard. Thank you in advance for your support and for taking the time to read, I am happy to discuss with anyone in person, please feel free to contact me to meet as I will not partake in the facebook negativity:


    The account was in Mr. Miller’s name and on his personal account, he chose to put the township on it as the township rarely uses tolls. Once Mr. Miller lost the election, he called the company, attempting to take the townships name off of his account. This took place in March of 2017. It was not until November of 2017 after going on a family vacation, when he received an updated IPASS bill that he realized they had confusing accounts and came to find out that Mr. Gasser cancelled his account, took his money by stating the transponders were stolen. Mr .Miller then mailed the transponders back. At no time did the township pay for the township vehicles or his personal vehicles from township funds. Mr. Miller was actually paying for the township vehicles to use his account for many years.

    Two years ago for Christmas, the employees all chipped in (with their own money) together and bought Mr. Miller a “Gear 2” version of a smart watch. This was NOT public money. Derrick Lee, being the foreman at the time, was tasked with picking it up. He delegated that to his wife, Rebecca Lee. When she arrived to pick up the phone, she paid for it as Verizon made her attach it to her account. It was then given to Mr. Miller for a Christmas gift and it was agreed upon that Mr. Miller would transfer the cellphone to his account. For the two years he had the phone, it was paid for out of his personal account, NOT THE TOWNSHIP.

    Mr. Gasser currently bills the township for his personal cell phone bills monthly.

    The Algonquin township replaces sweepers every 5 years.
    There are three ways a township can sell equipment:
    1. Sell by an intergovernmental agreement at a mutually agreed price
    2. Advertising and putting it out for a sealed bid
    3. Ebay, Craigslist or auction house

    The sweeper was sold by entering an intergovernmental agreement to Island Lake Public Works. The sale of the sweeper was negotiated in July of 2016- long before it was known that Mr. Gasser was running for office. This was not a done last minute as Mr. Gasser claims. It was also agreed upon that whenever the Algonquin Township needed to use it (while waiting for the new sweeper to be ordered and arrive), they were free to use it at any time. The Algonquin township took the lowest responsible bid in the best interest of the road district.

    Every township received money between the township and road district to attend educational seminars and for American Public Works Association conferences which Mr. Miller has been a part of for the past twenty years. Policy was that if a family member wished to attend, the township would pay for the spouse. The entire township was at each one of the seminars and every one of these bills was open for inspection, properly presented to the board and voted on very carefully and unanimously by EVERY board member, including Larry Emery, who diligently went thru every bill. If there was ever a question, it was answered. Not one trustee from the board questioned one of these bills.

    I was extremely disappointed to find that as I was attending sessions at the last Township conference in Springfield two weeks ago, Trustee Racheal Lawrence, walked into two sessions I was in, I witnessed her sign in and leave within fifteen minutes of BOTH sessions. When I walked out of the session, I personally saw her sitting on the floor outside the door on her laptop with her facebook page open. Is that an appropriate use of our tax payer dollars? To pay for someone who cares more about her image and attention then participating in educational sessions and actually cares about our township? I learned so much during this conference and was very saddened that she deliberately missed out on two opportunities to learn more about bettering our township.

    Mr. Gasser, in my opinion, was also an embarrassment to our township by getting into a heated argument at the Banquet dinner with numerous other state legislators. We should be making postive connections with others and learning from them, not arguing with them and making our township look like a joke!

    Each and every worker received a minimum allowance of $400.00 for clothing each year. All got paid for appropriately thru the township and Mr. Miller was generous to all of the township workers.

    Gift cards were purchased for damage reimbursement for road projects to replace bushes and trees.

    KEITH (IT TECH)/ Billing for Computer Usage:
    Anything the IT tech person did for Mr. Miller was billed directly to him personally, NEVER to the township!

    Once again, this needs to stop. Everyone is so quick to jump to conclusion before getting the facts straight. Could it possibly be a big misunderstanding. YES. Mr. Gasser, Rachael Lawrence, along with myself are all newly appointed elected officials.

    However, I now have THE ACTUAL DOCUMENTED proof of all of the above and am happy to meet with anyone in person to discuss and show. I will not cave into the fights on facebook with those who like to hide behind their computers but are unwilling to meet in person.

    The Millers have given their entire heart and soul to the township for many years, do we need to make some updates and changes? Of course. But let’s stop bringing down the people who have made a positive impact on our township and with several community partners for decades.

    The election is over and it is time to move forward and continue to do what is best for the township and tax payers! We all need to work together for our community, the tax payers. The union workers who were unlawfully let go due to political vendettas need to all be rehired. The law suits need to end. I am still hopeful that this all can still be forgiven and can still be turned around for the greater good of all people. Please like and share the TRUTH with all you know.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and I am still optimistic for a much more positive meeting in December!

    Trustee Melissa Victor

  30. I find Melissa Victor’s statement to be both jaw-dropping as well as curious.

    She says she won’t partake in Facebook negativity, but then proceeds to publicly call an elected official “an embarrassment,” and then goes on to outright lies, then what appears to be admissions of guilt on behalf of the Millers using Township accounts for private purposes.

    Considering she has only attended one township meeting in her life prior to election, one has to wonder where she gets these “facts” from.

    Could it be her close friend and neighbor, Rebecca Lee, daughter of disgraced Highway Commissioner Bob Miller?

    Anyhow, I’ll post my reply here where she can’t delete it as she has done to me and numerous others previously:

    (7:28am approx)
    “You will not partake in facebook negativity?

    Yet you go on to state falsehoods and berate others. I won’t comment on how you feel the need to defend the actions of the former Highway commissioner, because it speaks volumes itself.

    As for me, I never opened my laptop during a TOI workshop, so that is false, as is “walking out”, which only happened once during the ‘ask an attorney’ panel AFTER I had asked my questions and wanted to attend a different workshop.

    Also, Andrew Gasser was not in any altercation at the banquet–I was there. You were not.

    I question where you get all these “facts,” so please do tell, so the public can all separate FACT from partisan opinion and blind Miller excusals.”

  31. Looks like Victor is doing her best to cover for Miller.
    Miller selling vehicles when they still have a strong bluebook value is at least, a waste township money.
    We need to find out what motivated him to waste township money in that manner?
    Selling or Buying anything costly on your way out the door is just wrong.
    Again, the motivation of such actions?
    In regards to this latest thing: Intertwining personal and township funds/property/services is just stupid!
    His Lawyer-Kid should have known better.
    Leaves me to wonder how long she will be employed by local law firm that doesn’t need ‘Big Daddy’s bad press’.
    Instead of waiting to see the end result of a thorough investigation, Victor and Lukasik like to gang up on Lawrence to discredit. Why?
    It’s as though protecting the Miller Klan Empire is the most important function they have.
    That in itself would be curious enough if they were just friends of Millers or recipients of township favors but…
    The fact that they are (newly )elected officials of the Township and their main function is to defend Millers is really suspect in my opinion.
    Victor as a mere Trustee, and doesn’t know everything that has been found in the investigation.
    Victor, Lukasik and others may look foolish and/or complicit when it’s all revealed.
    Not a good look on anyone.

    Just a few things I’ve studied in this township debacle.

  32. And the idiot puppet nob is doing his part by repeating Victor’s prevarications here. The evil cabal is going down and the teeth gnashing is on display for all to see.

  33. Still outraged about the large payout of supposed unused sick time.
    Must have missed the accurate, legal documentation.

  34. You wear partisan glasses Joe, and obviously don’t like to hear both sides of a issue.

    The ostrich or common ostrich (Struthio camelus) is either one or two species of large flightless birds native to Africa, the only living member(s) of the genus Struthio, which is in the ratite family.

    The other speies is American (Partisan hack) ostrich.

  35. The more he rabbits on the more we can clearly see what an idiot he is.

  36. Here is some info from my fellow idiot’s:
    On the subject of economies of scale and gov:
    6. Conclusions
    For the major issue in the introduction, mergers, it would
    be appropriately inferred here, as well as in the quadratic
    tests, that mergers are generally contraindicated. In fact,
    because the computed optimal populations in the translog
    tests is less than in the quadratic tests, the appropriate
    sizes of communities where mergers may be cost-reducing
    is smaller. The conclusion reached in regard to the
    market power effect is still operative; even if the sizes
    appear appropriate for merger consideration, the exploitative
    results of a merger for all the communities in a
    county may well imply that a merger is socially undesirable.
    The bottom line in all of this appears to be that, for a
    very wide population range as seen in New York State,
    the average cost curves for the core municipal functions
    are U-shaped. Further, the population level at which the
    cost is minimized is relatively small. Therefore, it can be
    confidently determined that it follows that mergers of
    municipalities of over 25,000 population should be discouraged.
    Further, it appears that the merger of two municipalities
    each of 12,500 population would also not be
    cost effective using any of the estimates.
    The existing average population size of 10,795 ………………/economies-scale-and-government-run…/
    Economies of scale only work when they allow a leaner competitor to discover a way to provide the same or better service at a cheaper price.2 An economy of scale doesn’t automatically cause the same old processes by the same old business or government agency to suddenly become cheaper. If anything, large scale in a monopoly will cause prices to rise and quality to drop as competition moves from competing to reach more people and persuade them to purchase the service, to instead competing for turf inside the bureaucracy.
    This shift to bureaucratic infighting causes increased prices to pay for the extra soldiers in the turf war; and it causes lower quality service as the employees turn inward and pay more attention to the bureaucracy than to their customers. Why shouldn’t they? Their customers have no choice.
    A study from Norway that looked at both population size and population density adds to the lack of consistency associating these factors with efficiency (Revelli and Tovmo, 2007). These authors found a negative relationship between size and efficiency (larger governments were less efficient) and a positive relationship between the sparseness of the population and efficiency. Rural areas attained higher levels of efficiency.

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