Final County Board Filings, GOP Primary Contests in 4 of 6 Districts

He and appointed Christopher Sproel, a former Cary Grade School Board President, are assured the Republican nominations as there is no one else

Democrat Michael Vuuk will be on the fall ballot, too.

In District 2, former County Board member and unsuccessful State Representative contestant Carolyn Schofield is joined by former Cary School Board member Josh Howell as uncontested GOP Primary Election candidates,

There are two Democrats:

  • Suzanne Ness
  • Tim O’Neill

In District 3, three Republicans will face off for two slots:

  • Nancy Gonsiorek, a former Crystal Lake Grade School Board member who has run several times for County Board
  • Joe Gottemoller, an incumbent
  • Lori Parrish, an administrator at the Crystal Lake Grade School District

Kelli Wegner will hold up the Democratic Party banner.

In District 4 there are also three Republican candidates:

  • State Senator Pam Althoff
  • McHenry High School Board member Steve Bellmore
  • Incumbent Board member Chuck Wheeler

No Democrate filed for the office.

In District 5, there are four Reublicans seeking to be on the ballot:

  • Former McHenry County Board Chairwoman Tina Hill
  • Incumbent County Board member John Jung
  • Incumbent County Board member Michael Rein
  • Leslie Melendy

Democrats have Carlos Acosta, a labor leader, and Frank Wedig, who has run previously for County Board and Dorr Township Trustee on the Green Party, but not been elected.

In District six, there are four Republicans seeking to serve on the County Board:

  • Incumbent Michele Aavang member
  • Orville Brettman, who served as most of one term as Carpentersville Village President in the late 1970’s before moving to McHenry County where his telescope could have dark skies
  • Ersel Schuster, former County Board member
  • Larry Smith, incumbent County Board member

Buffie Basille is running as a Democrat.

Two people will be elected in each County Board district.


Final County Board Filings, GOP Primary Contests in 4 of 6 Districts — 15 Comments

  1. District 5: No need to run a Dem – they have Althoff.

  2. Remember, if you have one you trust, to only vote for ONE–such as Wheeler–so as not to dilute/negate your own vote.

  3. Good Point, Susan!

    I’ll be doing that in my district as well.

  4. Connect the dots – you mean Dist. 4

    Actually, they don’t need a Dem opponent because they have Althoff and her neighbor/friend recruit, Steve Bellmore.

  5. Based on the above, Chairman Franks should have smooth sailing from here on out.

  6. Incumbents, Dr. Michael Rein for District 5 and Mr. Chuck Wheeler for District 4 are reliable Republican stalwarts who speak their mind and have demonstrated on countless occasions that they are independent thinkers and doers. They are known for standing up for their community and for the tax payers. Their re-election are must haves for McHenry County.

  7. HIGH taxes? Let’s vote in school administrators and school board members.
    Then add stale, recycled former county board members, with a dash of puppetry.
    One or two really great board members don’t have a chance to accomplish a thing.
    Very sad.

  8. GEOFF is right in saying that Dr Rein Dist 5 and Chuck Wheeler Dist 4 are not only good men that do the right thing, they stand up for the tax payers while few show any sort of backbone on that board. Rein saved the county millions in insurance! Chuck is always Fair and is the taxpayers best friend and watchdog!

    I don’t mean to leave out Barnes, and Thorsen as Stand-outs and who are great too, but are not up for re-election.
    Craig Wilcox will be bringing his work ethic, knowledge and guts to Springfield, so, God Bless him.

  9. You can all stop talking about the County Board, county government, and Jack Franks now. You have failed to field enough candidates who might make a difference. It is all over. Cue Porky Pig.

  10. Why did Jung and Tiny Tina claim they were Republicans?!!!

    Isn’t that petition-fraud?

  11. I agree with Landon and Geoff that Dr. Michael Rein and Chuck Wheeler are great board members!

    If you are in District 4, 5 or 6 you need to get out and spread the word to just bullet vote Rein and Wheeler and vote for Schuster and Brettman.

    The board has always been stacked the wrong way but at least these people will hold others accountable and thats what the County needs right now!

    Anyone know who Leslie Melendy is in District 5?

  12. March 20, 2018 primary election for McHenry County Board.

    Note the county board consists of six districts with four members, plus the county board chair.

    Every two years, two of the four seats per district are up for election.

    Terms are four years for county board members and the county board chair.


    District 1 –

    Republican incumbents Christopher Spoerl of Cary and Bob Nowak of Algonquin are the only Republican candidates on the ballot, and thus no primary challenge.

    Democrat Michael Vijuk of Cary is the only Democrat candidate on the ballot, and thus no primary challenge.


    District 2 –

    Republican incumbents James Heisler and Donna Kurtz did not file as candidates with the State Board of Elections.

    The Republican candidates are Josh Howell of Cary and Carolyn Schofield of Crystal Lake, and thus no primary challenge.

    The Democrat candidates are Suzanne Ness and Tim O’Neill, both of Crystal Lake, and thus no primary challenge.


    District 3 –

    Republican incumbent Joe Gottemoller of Crystal Lake filed, but Republican Donald Kopsell did not file.

    In addition, Republicans Nancy Gonsiorek and Lori Parrish, both of Crystal Lake filed.

    Thus three Republicans will run for 2 spots in the primary election.

    The only Democrat candidate is Kelli Wegener of Crystal Lake, and thus to Democrat primary challenge.


    District 4 –

    Republican incumbent Chuck Wheeler of McHenry filed, but Republican incumbent John Hammerand did not file.

    In addition, current State Republican Senator Pamela Althoff of McHenry filed, as did Republican Steve Bellmore of McHenry.

    Thus three Republicans will run for two spots in the primary election.

    No Democrats filed.


    District 5 –

    Republican incumbents John Jung Jr and Michael Rein, both of Woodstock, filed.

    Republicans Tina Hill of Woodstock and Lesli Melendy Huntley also filed.

    Thus four Republican candidates are running for two openings in the primary election.

    Deomcrats Frank Wedig and Carlos Acosta, both of Woodstock, also filed.


    District 6 –

    Republican incumbents Michele Aavang of Woodstock and Larry Smith of Harvard filed.

    In addition, Republicans Orville Brettman of Huntley and Ersel Schuster of Harvard filed.

    Thus 4 Republican candidates will run for 2 spots in the primary election.

    Democrat Buffy Brasile of Woodstock is on the ballot.


    Thus there are Republican primary challenges in McHenry County Board Districts 3, 4, 5 & 6 in the March 20, 2018 primary election.

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