No Record Found of Bob Miller’s Having Reimbursed Algonquin Township for Disneyland Visit

That former Algonquin Township Road Commissioner visited Disneyland while on a trip to LA for a conference is common knowledge (see 6-30-17 McHenry County Blog article) now, whether he paid the township for the entrance fee for him and his wife Anna May is not.

So, I filed a Freedom of Information Act request with Township Clerk Karen Lukasik.

The answer has come via Township Attorney Jim Kelly:


No Record Found of Bob Miller’s Having Reimbursed Algonquin Township for Disneyland Visit — 35 Comments

  1. Even if he did – it’s still a crime.

    It is illegal to use govt. { funds or credit } for personal use.


    They put a daughter thru law school.

    Didn’t she counsel them?

  2. What would you expect!

    Millers belong in JAIL.

    They’re so slimy, give one immunity to rat out the rest.

  3. Illinois Township Government does have a place at Disneyland.

    It’s called Fanatasyland.

    Maybe the Disneyfolks can develop new attractions in a brand new CRIMELAND.

    After all, the taxpayers have been taken for quite a scary ride on the Miller Township rollercoaster …. it just keeps going down, down, down………..

    It’s a rather expensive ride, though, BECAUSE YOU’VE PAID FOR IT AGAINST YOUR WILL!

    No, I was NOT refused free asphalt or concrete from Bobby Miller (his lazy goons did wreck my mailbox, though)

  4. …but they did replace it after 4 phone calls (about 1 week w/o mail)

  5. Trust is earned not just given anymore.

    Trusting any lawyer or any elected official is not to logical anymore.

    Transparency seems to have many defintions.

  6. The whole clan belongs in jail. They are dangerous fools. Disney is the biggest pedophile network on the planet. Maybe someone could look into their motive for going there in the first place! Very soon now every single governor of every single state will be answering their own Franklin coverup investigations. Who is to say it doesn’t reach into this county, too?

  7. Lots of responses to FOIA requests come from outside counsel.

    Big waste of taxpayer dollars.

  8. Another example of taxpayers spending more than is necessary for outside counsel is McHenry County Board Chair Jack Franks hiring outside counsel for parliamentarian services for county board meetings to interpret board rules.

    In the past the County Board Chair used the county State’s Attorney’s office for parliamentarian services.

    Using the county State’s Attorney’s office for parliamentarian services is no extra cost to the taxpayer.

    Using outside counsel for parliamentarian services is an extra cost to the taxpayer.

  9. So it is Jack Franks’ decision that he as a partner in a law firm, plus the county State’s Attorney’s office, both paid for by taxpayers, do not have the capability to interpret county board rules, without hiring outside counsel.

    The outside counsel paid for by taxpayers.

  10. Could have used better wording.

    The county taxpayers pay for Jack Franks as County Board Chair not as a partner in a law firm.

    He is however also a partner in a law firm.

  11. Daily Herald had an article today about some government officials from various towns and suburbs going to downtown Chicago for a 3-day seminar.

    Many stayed at the Hilton which cost $300 per night.

    Some had lavish dinners with very expensive drinks, all at taxpayer expense.

    People who work for the government, we taxpayers, should not be spending outrageous amounts to go to meetings or seminars. I

    as a working stiff for a company I once worked for went to downtown Chicago for meetings or training and I was reimbursed the cost of my train tickets.

    That’s it.

  12. Like Crooked Hillary, he wasn’t suppose to lose so he wasn’t prepared for this.

  13. “But it’s the entire idea of a township that some people want to cut.

    “I think there’s definite redundancy,” says Bill Bloom with the Rock Island County Republicans.

    In a time where money is tied up in Illinois, people are questioning the need for townships especially in Illinois where there are more local governing bodies than any other state in the nation.

    People see these extra bodies of government as unnecessary and costly.

    Townships have become a license to steal.

    The Millers exemplify it!

    “Having so many pieces of government all drawing property taxes, I think the number of units of governments in Illinois is something that has to be brought under control if we ever hope to bring our property taxes down,” says Bloom.

    More government, Bloom explains, means less money in the pockets of Illinois property tax payers. Right now, Illinois has the second highest property taxes in the country.”

  14. this crap just keep getting deeper, I wonder how you explain t.hat to your children officer of the court????? oh that’s right, it’s everybody else’s fault

  15. oh my heavens aren’t you people filled with rage.

    One of you even thinks Disneyland is a “pedophile network”???

    really ???


  16. Doodie is one of those whose head will explode when they see what is going to happen very soon.

    I would laugh at your ignorance if it wasn’t so heartbreakingly sad.

    And then there’s the other side of the story.

    “Usually when you abolish something, it ends up costing you more,” says Moline Township Supervisor Don Johnston.

    “People say, wouldn’t it be better if the city or the county did it? Well, it would cost a heck of a lot more,” says Johnston.

    Johnston says if Rock Island County got rid of all 18 of its townships, it would cost the county almost $6M to make up for road maintenance, property assessments, and some public assistance programs the township provides.

    “If people study it and look at it, I think they’ll come up in most cases thinking townships are pretty valuable,” says Johnston.

  18. Nob is a township hack …. or dependent of one.

    Nice try defending the indefensible.

    You’ve been outed.

  19. Indefensible is a opinion unless you can prove bigger gov saves money, can you?

    You’re a partisan hack, you’ve been outed.

  20. Mark, “McHenry County Board Chair Jack Franks hiring outside counsel for parliamentarian services for county board meetings to interpret board rules.”

    Well, they’re doing a p*ss poor job then.

    Not following board rules, has been one of the biggest struggles the board has with Chairman Franks.


  21. I think Doodie & Nob make quite the pair.

    I bet they’re good friends.

  22. Doodie is Booby Miller

    Nob is his crooked wife, or dual personality of Booby

  23. Is having to blow some cellmate named Bubba pleasant, Bob?

    Guess you’ll find out.

    Nob, (Robin) A full audit may come, but it’s not gonna help your friends, the Millers.

    Careful what you wish for.

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