An Illinois Leaks Revelation about Previous Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller’s Sick Time

The following is reprinted with permission from Illinois Leaks:

Algonquin Township – Why are two documents that are supposed to be the same, not?

McHenry Co. (ECWd) –To get a real feel for what this article is exposing, it is going to require a printer and the printing of the two documents found here.We posted them below but it is not as clear to see the problems as it will be if they are printed and you use the old school investigative research tool of placing one over the other and then hold them up to the light.

The differences are telling!

We will list the distinct differences in those two documents below that we found.

Let us know in the comments if you find something we missed!

We will call this one, Interactive Media!

We understand that one appears to be tilted but that is probably from whoever scanned the document.

Focus on lining up words, not the paper, and identify the differences.

  • When you overlap the word “Algonquin”, note that the end letters of the word DO NOT overlap the last letters.  Shift it to line up the last letter and you see the “A” no longer lines up.
  • When you overlap the word Township, note that the end letters of the word DO NOT overlap the last letters.  Shift it to line up the last letter and you see the “T” no longer lines up. 
  • Line up the word “Memorandum”. Just as outlined above, the same problem. When the first letter is aligned, ending letters are slightly off.  Line up the last letters and sure enough, the first letter is no longer aligned. 
  • Overlap the address by perfectly overlapping the “3702” number and note how the rest of the address is slightly off and does not align.  
  • Overlap the right-hand list of public officials.  Similar discrepancies.  
  • Overlap the Date, To, From, and Subject lines………similar discrepancies!  Things don’t line up! 
  • Overlap the two paragraphs, same issue, things don’t line up. 

And now for the best part of it all, note the signature.

The memorandum claims it was “From” Tom Schober.

We have been told that Mr. Schober is no longer alive so there is no way to confirm he signed this short of a forensic handwriting expert.

All that aside, note the location of the signature in relation to the last paragraph.

You don’t have to be an expert to see they are not the same.

And about now, someone is saying they just printed two copies and he signed it at a different spot on the paper.

Now that sounds good but if it was two pages printed why does the printing not line up when you overlap the words?

Why does any of this matter?

It appears this particular document is what was used by Robert Miller, the past Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner, to obtain a cash payout of claimed sick days.

As we understand it, that payout was for $47,381.84.

Our question is simple:  Is this document a forged document that was created to support a payout that may not have been legal?

We say “may not have been legal” because elected officials only get compensated based on the compensation setting resolution and we have yet to have our FOIA request fulfilled for that resolution and we have reason to believe, no sick days are part of an elected officials compensation.

We also understand there has been an insinuation or claim made that these sick days were accumulated from when Miller was an employee.

Anyone want to take any bets on whether or not we can prove it was not accumulated during that time?

The letter indicates an audit was taken of Miller’s past employment.

We have filed an FOIA request for a copy of that audit.

It will be interesting to see what that audit says, if it even exists, compared to other records.

For those not familiar with what it means to make a false document or alter any documents and use it to obtain benefits, look no further than our Illinois State Statute on Forgery.

(720 ILCS 5/17-3) (from Ch. 38, par. 17-3)
Sec. 17-3. Forgery.
(a) A person commits forgery when, with intent to defraud, he or she knowingly:
(1) makes a false document or alters any document to make it false and that document is apparently capable of defrauding another; or
(2) issues or delivers such document knowing it to have been thus made or altered; or
(3) possesses, with intent to issue or deliver, any such document knowing it to have been thus made or altered; or
(4) unlawfully uses the digital signature, as defined in the Financial Institutions Electronic Documents and Digital Signature Act, of another; or
(5) unlawfully uses the signature device of another to create an electronic signature of that other person, as those terms are defined in the Electronic Commerce Security Act.
(b) (Blank).
(c) A document apparently capable of defrauding another includes, but is not limited to, one by which any right, obligation or power with reference to any person or property may be created, transferred, altered or terminated. A document includes any record or electronic record as those terms are defined in the Electronic Commerce Security Act. For purposes of this Section, a document also includes a Universal Price Code Label or coin.
(c-5) For purposes of this Section, “false document” or “document that is false” includes, but is not limited to, a document whose contents are false in some material way, or that purports to have been made by another or at another time, or with different provisions, or by authority of one who did not give such authority.
(d) Sentence.
(1) Except as provided in paragraphs (2) and (3), forgery is a Class 3 felony.
(2) Forgery is a Class 4 felony when only one Universal Price Code Label is forged.
(3) Forgery is a Class A misdemeanor when an academic degree or coin is forged.
(e) It is not a violation of this Section if a false academic degree explicitly states “for novelty purposes only”.

Update to follow when our FOIA requests are complied with.

[Here are the two versions published in Illinois Leaks:

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Compare the two versions on Illinois Leaks here.

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An Illinois Leaks Revelation about Previous Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller’s Sick Time — 21 Comments

  1. Ah, Algonquin Township’s thief-dome, and the sordid story of Miller, with no end in sight.

    Cal, you should’ve saved more bad news for tomorrow and let us revel in the greatest news of Hanlon not charging the Township for Legal Bills in defense of Gasser’s investigative probe.

    Still can’t get over that Heroic move!


  2. I can’t believe they handed this over to this creep with no questions asked.

    Pay it back, Bob!

  3. 265 sick days / 20.5 years = approximately 13 sick days per year.

    The amount of taxpayer money expended on exchanging unused sick days for cash or years of service credit is sickening.

    The party continues.

    If it was even legal in this case.


    Plenty of other units of government are granting sick days that are not use it or lose it.

    Teachers and administrators can accrue up to 340 unused sick days which they can exchange for cash, years of service credit, or both at retirement.

    The justification most frequently given is if the perk were use it or lose it, it would cost the school district more money, because the employees would lie and call in sick, which in the case of teachers would result in hiked costs for substitute teachers.

    Speaks to the integrity of those public servants.


    Also speaks to the point that the perk is too generous.

    The number of sick day should be use it or lose it, if they are proven to lie about being sick when they are not they should be fired with no severance, and the number of days granted per year should be reduced to be commensurate with the private sector.

    Keep in mind teachers only work about 180 days per year.

    So granting them 10, 12, or 15 sick days per year is outrageous.

    How does private industry survive without granting such a lucrative benefit.

    The other frequently given excuse is the board agreed to the perk.

    They board in which many cases they helped elect.

    Another point in the case of collective bargaining, if the case goes to arbitration, the arbitrator looks at comparable Illinois school districts to see their number of sick days.

    As if the only way to see if the taxpayers are getting a good deal is to determine how many sick days other monopoly school districts in Illinois are granting to monopoly unions which work hard to elect teacher union friendly school board candidates.

  4. No you can’t. But apparently getting this lump sum was as easy as taking candy from a baby.

    They should have never handed this over.

    And those that have nerve to complain about legal bills to investigate all this stuff and put a stop to it, maybe get justice or some of the money back?,

    Shame on you!

    Bob will pay one way or another.

    Either way it won’t be pleasant, but really?

    They should’ve said “not so fast, Bob, we’re not giving you anything until our investigation of you is over and you’re found innocent of all charges” (in other words…nada for now)

    Was it voted on?

    Who voted YES to hand this lump sum over to him???

    Is the answer on this vote here on the blog?

  5. Did the Millers misuse public funds for gender reassignments?

    I mean it’s just so hard to keep track of all their scams, nothing would surprise me about them!

    How come Kenneally won’t investigate Disneygate?

  6. They tell me that they don’t investigate.

    They prosecute.

    They are waiting on the authorities to do the investigation.

    (That was their story back in June, anyway.)

  7. Nepotism Gate

    Patronage Gate

    Revenge Gate

    Unused Sick Day Pay Gate

    Disney Gate

    New Orleans Gate

    $300+ Ladies Leather tote Gate

    Ladies Clothing Gate

    Gift Cards Gate

    Overtime for Exempt Salaried wife-Employee Gate (uh oh)

    Bidding Gate (holy moly)

    I-Pass Gate

    Major Equipment selling Gate

    Union agreement on cocktail napkin Gate

    Verizon DataPlan Gate

    Hooter Gate

    Campaigning on Govt Property Gate

    Using govt property for storage as personal favors Gate

    Salt Gate

    Sand Gate

    Labor & Equip Gate

    Paying a guy months in advance to live at twnshp property as ‘Security’ on his way out Gate

    Am I missing anything?


    I came late to the game.

  8. Wait for exposes in Nunda and McHenry Townships … just as bad!

  9. OK, when a family friend comes out and defends Miller on this, maybe ask the question:

    why did he wait 20 years to cash out $47k in Sick Pay?

    Wouldn’t you ask for that check, like, February 26, 1997?

    Not right before you’re booted out the door?

  10. Grafton Taxpayer,

    Sick pay can be used toward pension credit if 40 years of credit isn’t already accured, so many people save their time for that propose.

    Miller had over 40 years of service, so the sick time was extra $$$$.

    I personally would of taken the sick time $$$$ back in 1997, but then I went through where a gov agency bought every bodies sick time out so they could change the rules of sick time reward.

  11. Nob, you are an idiot!

    This was obviously a mean greedy thing he thought up at the very last minute.

    “What else can I do to screw them!”

  12. Would Millers years beyond 40 really be eligible to be paid off? If so $47000 seems like a lot.
    IMRF used to allow sick to accrue up to one year of pension and beyond that it was converted to extra time off.
    I do not think you could accrue $47000, that seems outrageous to be honest.

  13. Penions are based on time served and 4 years of ten best paid years, with 40 max to get highest percentage pension.

    A year of sick time sounds right.

    He was begone 40 so his sick time was not helpful towards the pension.

    Taking a payout like he did raise his pension?

    Perhaps, but not positive, never considered learning that part.

    I guess a hand writing and document experts should be brought in.

  14. Casey Amos – yes you are missing something, the prosecution of Robert Miller!

    That’s what you’re missing.


    It’s either because Bob is innocent or politically connected politicians are above the law.

    We have seen on this blog and others (EVW/Illinois leaks) the production of document after document clearly identifying the abuse of the people.

    Yet, nothing from law enforcement!

    The only explanation is innocence or a lack of proof.

    The Police haven’t even used an old fashioned search warrant.

    The boobs at NWH are waiting for a proclamation of innocence by the authorities before they act.

    This clearly is an indication that Bob is innocent.

    After all isn’t it innocent until proven guilty.

    If the NWH doesn’t report it then you all must have jumped to conclusions about Bob.

  15. 40 years of service to max out the highest percentage of total average salary portion of the pension calculation is IMRF rules.

    Each pension system has its own rules.

    The TRS rule (teachers and administrators in public schools) is 35 years of service to receive the highest percentage of total average salary.


    Furthermore, that is for Tier I.

    Tier II rules are different.

    Tier II is for those beginning their career on January 1, 2011 or after.


    Many in the TRS pension system exchange unused sick days for years of service credit, so they can retire earlier.


    Would be helpful to know the source of each of the posted documents in the article.

    Edgar County Watchdogs received two similar letters from two different FOIA requests?

    Would also be helpful to know how it came to be there are two similar letters.

    Apparently that investigation is ongoing.


  16. Im sorry but if Mr. Miller wanted to defer that sick time or credit the pension then where is the paperwork with that declaration?

    I have a 401k for my work and every single minute change and ever contribution is heartily documented.

    To get a payout 20 years removed with just that letter, and no audit paperwork, no documentation from the pension fund saying this was available…

    I smell a rat.

    And the NWH did state that a Grand Jury was opened with Mr. Miller.

    Those deliberations are sealed so its not like we’ll see a daily play by play.

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