Third Email Hit on Mary McClellan

Got to wonder about the strategy of whoever is bent on making sure that McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan does not get elected to the much higher paying job of Circuit Clerk.

Pouting on the negatives this far ahead of the March election is certainly not what political strategists would suggest.

The reason?

Lots of voters have very short memories.

I do have one question that readers could answer.

If you are not a Republican Precinct Committeeman, are you receiving these emails?

If the emails are targeted just to GOP Committeemen, then they are probably aimed at convincing committeemen not to support McClellan.

Here is the most recent missive:

This is what is on the jump page:
Sexual Harrasment

Updated: an hour ago

Al Franken, John Conyers, Harvey Weinstein…and Ed Gil?

The McHenry County Blog ran a story on the McHenry County Clerk’s husband and “Chief of Operations” and a sexual harassment complaint filed against him.

Allegedly, on a variety of occasions, Ed Gil made inappropriate statements to a subordinate female worker.

  • “You are wearing those blue pants. I told you not to wear them because you look too good in them.” (September 2015)
  • “You have a great figure because you never had kids.” (September 2015)
  • “Do you mow the lawn in your bikini? The men in your neighborhood must love it.” (September 2015)
  • “Not only men look at you, but women check you out as well.” (September 2015)
    Unfortunately, the list continues. You can see the sexual harassment filing here.

After Gil’s alleged advances were rejected, the alleged victim was transferred out of Gil’s department and sent home.

With all the current perpetrators in Congress, Hollywood, and the private sector, we should not forget about ones in our own backyard.

Here are a few questions for County Clerk McClellan.

  • If Ed Gil wasn’t your husband, would he have been hired in the first place?
  • If Ed Gil wasn’t your husband, would he still be employed after the election day disaster?
  • If Ed Gil wasn’t your husband, would he still be employed after this sexual harassment complaint?

It’s tough to believe that the answers to any of those would be a yes.1

It’s easy to get distracted by the big names in the #MeToo movement.

However, we can’t forget about our daughters, wives, and mothers who have to face harassment right here in our community.

= = = = =
This is the first time McHenry County Blog has been cited.

That’s probably because no other news medium ran a story on the subject.


Third Email Hit on Mary McClellan — 24 Comments

  1. Our sunshine blogger taking the high road again on fine, relevant political reporting. He forgot Roy Moore and Trent Franks…Oh, well, an honest mistake…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  2. Cal also forgot to mention the Harasser in Chief in the White House. Curious times we live in.

  3. I think the comments about missing harassers would be better directed to the “PAC” that is sending these emails, those aren’t Cal’s comments.

    BTW, I am not a precinct committeeman and I am not getting these emails.

    As an election judge and tech judge who works with her on something of a regular basis, I would think I would, but I don’t think my email is public record.

    I think that of all the complaints being raised, this one has the least merit.

    I was thinking about this issue a few weeks ago when the whole #Metoo phenomena started, and did some googling to see what the outcome was, and there has not been one peep from either Karen, the press, or anyone.

    So I don’t think this one had any legs, but if someone knows otherwise, I would like to see the information.

  4. I don’t care what you say, Engineering.

    Those quotes are just plain creepy.

    Are there laws against creepy?

    Does that mean it should be ignored?

    If someone makes your skin crawl do you have to work with them?

  5. @Engineering Guy:

    Don’t talk about Legs. It might give the current Clerk’s Hired Husband a thrill up his leg.

    And it’ll be

    “Clean up on aisle 666” aka the Clerk’s husband’s office”

    All over again!

  6. This is why the County Board needs to be able to pass rules on nepotism for county wide elected officials.

    There are already provisions for county departments but state law gives total discretion to elected officials and exempts them from county rules.

    The state law needs to be changed on this.

    We used to have a State Rep. who belonged to the majority party in the General Assembly but I don’t think he ever even tried to do anything about this issue.

    Maybe McSweeney could introduce a bill providing that county wide elected officials are subject to whatever rules the county has for it’s employees.

  7. (55 ILCS 5/3-2003) (from Ch. 34, par. 3-2003)
    Sec. 3-2003. Functions, powers and duties of clerk. The county clerk shall have those functions, powers and duties as provided in the Sections following this Section and preceding Section 3-2004.
    (Source: P.A. 86-962.)

    (55 ILCS 5/3-2003.1) (from Ch. 34, par. 3-2003.1)
    Sec. 3-2003.1. Appointment of deputies, assistants and personnel. The county clerk shall appoint his deputies, assistants and personnel to assist him in the performance of his duties.
    (Source: P.A. 86-962.)

    (55 ILCS 5/3-2003.2) (from Ch. 34, par. 3-2003.2)
    Sec. 3-2003.2. Internal operations of office. The county clerk shall have the right to control the internal operations of his office; to procure necessary equipment, materials and services to perform the duties of his office.
    (Source: P.A. 86-962.)

  8. “The wording of the statute indicates that the clerks retain the authority to use the provided funds for the internal operation of their offices and the board’s grant of authority is limited to appropriation of necessary funds.”

    KOTCHE v. COUNTY BD. OF WINNEBAGO COUNTY, 737 N.E.2d 225 (2000).

  9. When something is settled Out Of Court, there is often nothing else heard about it.

    The contents of the settlement are often agreed upon with the condition that no one talks about it.

    Most often this is requested as part of the settlement by the ones charged, Public Officials and other Public Figures.

    Can we find out whether this was that kind of settlement in this actual case?

    No but you could probably find out just whether it was settled out of court or not.

    Note, Just because your local news doesn’t cover something, doesn’t mean much.

    They’re also not covering all the Corruption in Algonquin Township, local political Conflicts of Interest, Pay-to-Play, or the total Overreach by the County Board Chairman, so don’t let the lack of newspaper coverage be your guide as to whether something has Legs

  10. This is a statewide problem which can be corrected by a simple legislative enactment.

    Township Road Districts, Assessors and Supervisors could likewise be made to adhere to any rules passed by Township Boards.

    So why doesn’t somebody do something about it?

  11. Just 3 days of these Unethical McClellan articles, and we learn

    1)McClellan withheld evidence and was sanctioned by a Federal Judge costing Cook County taxpayers for her legal bills and her punishable fine . (over $125,000 taxpayers money)

    2)Her actions cost Cook County States Atty office their reputation.

    3)Her indiscretion in hiring her husband in the first place.

    4) then reclassifying his position giving him a whopping raise costing McHenry County taxpayers money, yet again.

    5)Then it cost voters again when they screwed up the election.

    6) and again at the taxpayers expense when she had to run to a lawyer the next morning?

    7)and her husband’s indiscretions with the female in the Clerk’s office cost the taxpayers in his legal bills and settlement?.

    I wouldn’t rent an apartment to her and she thinks she should be a Judge?!!!!??&%+$%#!?

  12. @Casey Amos

    I don’t agree at all with the second point on your list.

    I think it would be far for accurate to say that her actions were just the sort of actions that people have come to expect from the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office.

    From the time of Edward Hanrahan to Dick Daley to Anita Alvarez, it’s always had a less than stellar reputation.

  13. Hah, yeah Billy Bob, she came from Crook County so we should’ve known better in the first place!

    She did to us what we’ve come to expect from Crook County.

    Now we know it, but do the voters?

  14. These are all misstatements and lies and I find over the top.

    None of the allegations are true they are all misstated.

    Does not one of you see this for what it is.

  15. Josey, are you Mary McClellan herself (itself?)

    Are you blind?

  16. Remember the bottom line here.

    Some of us might have to stand in front of her if she is voted in and she going to pass judgement on our lives.

    How many of you really want to do that based on her poor decisions over the years?

  17. How about the possibility of a special service area so that those living in unincorporated parts of a township could pay for their own street maintenance, rather than being subsidized by county taxpayers living in municipalities.

  18. Yeah Sue. Good point.

    Let’s Stop the madness and get the word out now, before our Courts are turned into a laughing stock, like the Clerks office is now.

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