Law Says Milkweed Can’t Be Noxious Weed

Governor Bruce Rauner has signed a bill making milkweed exempt from noxious or exotic weed designations.

This monarch butterfly was attracted to my front yard’s milkweed.

Milkeweed is needed by monarch butterflies.

The bill passed the Illinois House 114-2 with GOP gubernatorial hopeful Jeannie Ives voting in the negative.

In the Senate, the vote was 41-6-1 with State Senator Dan McConchie voting, “No.”

The monarch butterfly was voted the state insect in a bill sponsored by Weber Borchers, a World War I Veteran and the first Chief Illinowek.

I think it would be accurate to characterize him as a right winger.

So, when he got up on the House floor to make his pitch for this fairly frivolous bill, he got the full attention of members.

He told of being invited to a grade school in Decatur.

There the kids, probably in the 4rh of 5th grade, gave a presentation of why the monarch butterfly should be designated the state insect.

“What was I going to do?” Borchers asked his colleagues.

“There were three hundred beady eyes looking at me,” he said, explaining his sponsorship of the bill.

Previous to the vote, the Decatur school kids had visited each State Representative’s office to present a colored monarch butterfly on a cottage cheese container top with yard that would allow the reps. to wear it around their necks.

And the students were in the gallery during the vote.

What could House members do except vote for the bill.


Law Says Milkweed Can’t Be Noxious Weed — 2 Comments

  1. Wonder what Jeannie was thinking.

    I got a surprise milkweed a few summers ago in the middle of my rose garden.

    I left it for the flora and fauna.

    This year I had milkweeds everywhere!

    Had to dig them up from every garden on my property.

    They certainly are invasive.

  2. RINO “I’m Not In Charge” Rauner finally comes through with his
    legacy legislation.

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