Illinois Leaks Suggests Current Algonquin Township Clerk Bending Over Backward to Protect Former Road Commissioner Bob Miller

Reprinted with permission from Illinois Leaks:

Algonquin Township – Clerk claims former Highway Commissioner gets to determine FOIA redactions


Illinois Leaks Suggests Current Algonquin Township Clerk Bending Over Backward to Protect Former Road Commissioner Bob Miller — 21 Comments

  1. I guess without the records you cant dispute the daughters account of who the phone really belongs too?????

    interesting, the mind of an attorney.

    Games, games,games

  2. We need a NEW Clerk that is competent and can follow the law. Can the AG offer a legal solution to ousting the clerk as the FOIA officer?

  3. Figures lie and liars figure.

    Welcome to politics in Illinois.

  4. Bring a lawsuit, serve her at home, rake her over the hot coals.

  5. Cal: Your ability to capture photography the true beauty of Mrs Lukasik is uncanny!

  6. @Frank – Just be thankful you”ll never have to wake up next to her 😜

  7. Sorry gang.

    From what I’ve seen in McHenry County, she’s the Belle of the Ball.

  8. Being decent looking isn’t necessary to do that job.

    The important questions is, Is she daft or crooked?

    or Both? And what can the citizens of that Township do about her ineptness or unwillingness to do her job as Clerk?

    Will she go down with the sinking Miller ship?

    What in Gods name is worth protecting Miller?

  9. Very stupid people think that tap dancing will keep the masses from figuring them out.

  10. Exactly what I’ve been asking for months, Mark.

    No answer.

  11. @ Con-on-the-cob

    You are correct that real serious questions need to be answered.

    Sorry for the digression.

    The problem here is that Mrs Lukasik doesn’t appear to want the people to have open access to public records.

    To think she believes that because Bob Miller allowed personal use of cell phones the records spring to a level requiring privacy protection is shocking and demonstrates her lack of ability.

    Then the suggestion that somehow Bob Miller is going to provide a decision is arguably the stupidest thing this woman has done.

    And that’s saying something!

  12. Have you ever been gooched?

    It hurts!

    And it’s a crime in most states.

  13. Agreed, Frank! This is serious.

    Gooch used to be Cuba Township’s Highway commissioner.

    I’m sure Bob Miller taught him everything he knew!

    Out of kindered spirithood Gooch should be handling Bob Millers case pro bono.

    After all, Miller is gone and he’s still costing the taxpayers as they’re footing the bill for His legal bills!

    Hanlon is handling Gassers legal council on this matter pro bono!

  14. The saying ‘Politics is show business for ugly people” really Farings true in this case! Yow! my eyes my eyes.

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