Skillicorn Asks LITH Municipal League Attendees to Reimburse Village

A press release from State Rep. Allen Skillicorn:


Lake In The Hills, IL—Representative Allen Skillicorn (R-East Dundee) is calling for Lake In The Hills officials who stayed overnight in the Hilton Chicago Hotel to reimburse the village for hotel expenses.

Two employees and seven elected official attended the Illinois Municipal League retreat and annual banquet September 21-23 2017.

The Illinois Municipal League is a registered lobby firm with the Illinois Secretary of State.

Attending a municipal conference is not unusual for the village administrator, but sending nine people at a cost of 11,071.50 certainly is unusual and excessive.

For perspective

  • Cary spent $925.25,
  • Algonquin spent $330.00, and
  • Barrington Hills spent only $227.73

on the same conference.

By far the largest expense by Lake In The Hills were hotel rooms at the Hilton Chicago Hotel and valet parking.

Both Village President Russ Ruzanski and Trustee David McPhee both charged $1052.10 each for three nights in the Hilton Hotel and valet parking.

A few seconds on Airbnb can find many rooms within a few blocks for less than $100 per night, some as low as $63 a night.

Lake In The Hills is only 50 miles away with regular Metra train service.

“These are tight times for all taxpayers and residents of Lake In The Hills need elected officials who honor the frugal and hard working ethics of the village.

“I find it outrageous to spend over $11,000 sending village officials to a retreat and banquet at a luxury hotel.

“Sending nine officials to the downtown Chicago the epicenter of corruption, waste, fraud, and abuse to hear from Springfield lobbyists is the Chicago way, not the Lake In The Hills way.”

All Lake In The Hills residents should attend the Tuesday committee meeting or the Thursday village meeting both at the village hall, 7:30 pm, and remind the village board where they stand on these issues. Representative Skillicorn plans on attending the Tuesday committee meeting to address the board


Skillicorn Asks LITH Municipal League Attendees to Reimburse Village — 12 Comments

  1. How about taxpayers getting reimbursed for any taxpayer dollars used for MCOG dinners?

  2. I concur 100% conservative voter.

    No reason the MCOG meetings are not conducted at free public buildings.

    Village Clerk Crystal Ulen in LITH is also the MCOG staffer second in command so I wonder if the village is paying for her too?

    We can talk all we want, but this will never change because Mayor Russ Ruzanski uses these events as a “date night” with his wife Doris so both he and his wife get a free meal at the expense of taxpayers.

  3. Wonder what the past 10 yrs looked like with these dinners and who approved them?

  4. Why aren’t the “eliminate townships” stooges calling for the elimination of villages?


    Theft is theft,

    and at the very least the village president & trustee should resign.

  5. Paul Revere, Township hack: Yes, the crooks in the villages should be prosecuted, too, along with all you township whores.

    These municipal crooks probably learned their thievery from watchin’ the township professionals graft, steal and brag about it all with impunity.

    Typical Township crook Example No. 56022:

  6. I agree that this spending is outrageous, and heads should roll for it, but how is it any business of Skillicorn’s?

    I understand the appeal of an easy headline, but perhaps he should worry more about trying to clean up the mess in Springfield.

    That is, after all, his job.

  7. It is careless and ridiculous but not illegal.

    No reason to stay downtown if you can drive or take a train home.

  8. McCog is $25 for member towns.

    Basically covering the cost of your dinner.

  9. I think the ladies of the night are probably cheaper in the loop.

    Usually a consideration for most politicians.

  10. Not sure but I’m convinced most politicians are the lowest form of life on this planet.

    Of course, there’s a couple on this blog that fit that category too.

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