State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally Explains Cost Savings

A press release from McHenry County State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally:


State’s Attorney Kenneally announced today huge savings for McHenry County taxpayers.

Patrick KenneallySince Kenneally’s administration began, his office has assumed the majority of labor-related legal issues and negotiations. This transition has saved taxpayers nearly $200,000 in the last year alone.

Prior to Kenneally’s administration, private attorneys were hired to represent the County in the majority of employment and labor issues and negotiations that his office is now handling.

In the year prior to Kenneally taking office, from November 2015 to December 2016, the County spent approximately $270,000 on outside attorneys.

In Kenneally’s first year in office, from December 2016 to November 2017, the amount spent on outside attorneys was reduced dramatically to approximately $80,000.

This savings was realized without increasing staff.

State’s Attorney Kenneally commented,

“We have highly qualified and experienced attorneys that can handle labor and employment matters and are able to provide first-class legal representation at a fraction of the price.

“It is a win for the County and a win for the taxpayer.”


State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally Explains Cost Savings — 10 Comments

  1. Does that $80K include the amount the county is expending because the new county board chair Jack Franks chose to use outside counsel instead of State’s Attorney Kenneally’s office for parliamentarian services (interpret county board rules, etc.) for county board meetings?

  2. Here’s another way: Prosecute the crooked Miller gang and have them disgorge their ill-gotten gains.

    Then look at Nunda Township, another den of thievery.

  3. If you want prosecution you are going to have to make formal complaints to law enforcement.

    Just making posts about it does nothing.

    Contact the sheriff or your local police department.

    It needs to get on the record for the attorney’s office to do anything.

    Their hands are tied until the people make a ruckus.

  4. Leave townships alone!

    Without them who will plow?

    Yeah, I know it’s extortion … tax the hell out of us so we can steal, but I need my road plowed.

  5. Great!!

    Now he should have the money to go after Miller & the gang.

    Do your job Mr. Kenneally.

    We didn’t elect you to sit on your hands and wait for the county to look like a joke.

  6. Shouldn’t Kenneally be getting a grand jury together to investigate Miller.

    The Herald said there was one … but there isn’t!

  7. And what evidence do you have there is no sitting Grand Jury on the matter?

  8. SpareUs? Which people? I am starting to believe I am the only one! What I keep being told is that they are waiting for someone to investigate. Contact law enforcement is all they keep saying.

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