Lakewood’s Serwatka Censured by 5-1 Vote, 10% Tax Levy Cut Consideration Postponed Until Monday

I managed to miss the fireworks at a 6:30 meeting of the Lakewood Village Board, but learned that Village President Paul Serwatka was censured by a 5-1 vote by the Trustees.

The reasons for the censure will be available by audio recording on the Lakewood Village website Wednesday morning.

Two of Serwatka’s running mates voted for rebuke, as did the man he appointed to replace himslef on the Board when he assumed the Presidency.

The only running mate sticking with Serwatka was Phil Stephan.

Prior to that motion there was a discussion of trustees having the power to place an item on the agenda.

Serwatka seemns to have agreed to that, if Item 20 on the regular Board meeting agenda.

It reads,

“Discussion regarding new Village Police facility and/or Red Tail Golf C


Lakewood’s Serwatka Censured by 5-1 Vote, 10% Tax Levy Cut Consideration Postponed Until Monday — 10 Comments

  1. Censuring any member has zero effect on the quantity of Village services, the quality of the services, or their cost.

    In short, it doesn’t affect the public in the slightest way.

    I strongly urge all the members of the Lakewood board to put personalities aside and focus on the people’s business.

    They made a good start by shutting down the TIF district.

    They also cut expenses by eliminating unnecessary staff.

    Now there are two other major actions they can take.

    They can cut taxes.

    That would be impressive and fulfill the promise they made to the voters.

    And they can sell the land at 47 & 176 that the prior administration bought by over taxing us for years, and return the money to the taxpayers.

    Everything else is secondary and immaterial.

    My opinion of this board will turn on those two actions.

  2. Village of Cary bought land and now can’t even sell it for a 2/3 loss.

    Good luck with that Lakewood.

  3. Nob, if Lakewood sells the land at a loss, that only proves the prior board had no business speculating in real estate with taxpayer money.

    For them to wait to sell would actually be to continue the old board’s policy of believing they know more than the market and that they can tell when it’s “best” to sell.

    I’d rather see them just sell the land in an orderly fashion.

  4. If that’s the land adjacent north of golf course, would be ideal for winery.

    City sewer and water not needed, in fact well water preferable and water treatment of effluent managed by silt pond on property.

    Wine can (and should) be made from many fruits other than grapes.

    Expensive (high taxed) buildings unnecessary, just appropriately designed pole barns for drainage and air (CO2) and temperature control.

    And, maybe the Scottish distillery 1000 year lease model would work here?

  5. Swordfish/anonymous coward- as an owner and director of a 135 year old manufacturing firm with location in Chicago and Tennessee, my current economic arc indicates that Section 8 housing is a very likely outcome for me as an elderly person.

    So, anonymous coward- grind up another oxycidone tab- no make that 4 tabs!

    You snort, I’ll cheer.

    Your premature death from prescription opioid abuse, or, at least, prescription opioid-induce diverticulitis, may mean more Social Security and Medicare money for me.

    Maybe I’ll be able to avoid Section 8 vouchers after all.

    Sadly, you will, likely, live a long, painful and impoverished life, suffer an incredibly slow death by entirely natural causes, and end up, for the first time in your being useful- as an unclaimed corpse on a pre-med dissection table.

  6. Wow, John. Who pissed in your corn flakes! Why are you so angry at someone you don’t know; and why use this particular page to announce all that?

  7. The residents and board members of Lakewood need to get off their high horse.

    Bunch of upper middle classers thinking they’re 1% percenters.

    Those are the worst kinds.

    Most of these a-hats don’t even fall into accredited investor status.

    I never met a bunch of more entitled whiners in my life.

    No wonder the village is in such shambles.

    The elections have been popularity contests.


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