The Algonquin Township Street Sweeper That Ended Up in Island Lake

Another article from Illinois Leaks about former Algonquin Township Road Commissioner’s sale of a street sweeper to the Village of Island Lake. It is reprinted with permission.

Algonquin Township – Can’t “sweep” this one under the rug – 25,000 miles?

McHenry Co. (ECWd) –We exposed the sale of a used sweeper by former Highway Commissioner Bob Miller in this article.

According to the minutes from the Village of Island Lake, this sweeper had 25,000 miles on it.

Lake in the Hills Elgin Sweeper.

Considering numerous Miller supporters lashed out at us about that story and provided some great incite, we followed their lead!

The supporters claimed we had no clue why Miller got rid of the sweeper and tried to claim it was because it has so many hours on it.

Thanks for the tip!

We filed a Freedom of Information Act request to the Village for the hours on the used sweeper they purchased and the information they provided is troubling, to say the least, as they provided not just the hours but the mileage!

Troubling because the Sweeper chassis miles was not 25,000 miles as claimed.

According to the FOIA response, as of the date of the response, the chassis only had 15,015 miles on it.

That is 40% less mileage than was claimed in the minutes so we must ask, who told Island lake this sweeper had 25,000 miles on it?

Better yet, considering the 15,015 miles that the sweeper has as of November 30th, 2017, we can only wonder how many fewer miles this sweeper actually had when it was sold in April, 7 months ago.

Why would anyone get rid of a sweeper with only 15,000 miles on it?

Especially when the main engine hours were only a whopping 2612 hours while the sweeper engine hours were 1263.1…………7 months after purchase!

With so few miles and hours on this sweeper it clearly was not a surplus piece of property that had no more usable life so what was the real reason for getting rid of it?

Additionally concerning is the fact the Village of Island Lake has no record of the mileage or hours on this sweeper when it was purchased?

Who spends $70K of taxpayer money and does not check the mileage or hours prior to buying it?

Stay tuned for the next article on the Intergovernmental Agreement used to make this transaction happen, of which it cites a statute that is not the governing statute for such a transaction as they claimed.

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The Algonquin Township Street Sweeper That Ended Up in Island Lake — 4 Comments

  1. “Miller supporters lashed out at us about that story and provided some great incite, we followed their lead!”

    I Love It and I LOVE STUPID CRIMINALS…and their braindead minions! LMAO

  2. Did Bob’s friend Mickey get a deal of a lifetime?

    At the expense of Alg. Twnshp taxpayers?

  3. What a joke!

    And what was wrong with the old sweeper?

    Everyone complains Gasser is wasting money uncovering all this old BS, yet the previous commish just blew money left and right and gives all the tax payers the big middle finger!

  4. Miller did everything he could to wreck havoc with his departure.

    The exposure associated with all of Bob Millers conduct is healthy for society.

    Maybe not for Bob’s freedom.

    Hope it was worth it Bob!

    Now we see the township was over taxing the residents to support all of the Millers and their BS.

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