Reason to Check Back This Weekend

I’ve obtained the December 7th filling of Attorney Robert Hanlon on behalf of Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser.

Since this is a case of first impression, that is, the issue has not come before the Illinois Supreme Court before, I shall post the argument part of the filling.

The issue that has not previously been litigated is whether a defeated elected official can sign a labor agreement that runs from the end of his term (in this case, two weeks before Bob Miller left office) through his successor’s entire term and even after a third Road Commissioner takes office.

The heading of what I’ll do my best to get up follows:


Reason to Check Back This Weekend — 3 Comments

  1. I thought that the major issue was whether or not a Highway Commissioner could enter into a collective bargaining agreement without approval from the Township Board.

  2. Attorney Kelly, Miller’s consigliere, could well be in a lot of hot water over this.

    He OK’d the contract or even Miller’s misgivings.

  3. All the AT lawsuits have Kelly written all over them.

    I’d say the number one reason in fact.

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