Lakewood 10% Tax Cut Meeting Monday at 6 at Turnberry Country Club

From Lakewood Village President Paul Serwatka:

If you have been out of the loop in the last week, The Lakewood Village Board will be voting this Monday, December 18th, on a proposed 10% cut in Lakewood’s Property Tax Levy.

The discussion and vote will take place at 6 pm at the Turnberry Country Club Meeting Room.

If you have not yet taken the electronic Lakewood Resident Survey regarding this proposed Property Tax Reduction, I encourage you to do so! Your participation takes about 60 seconds, is completely anonymous, and all responses will be electronically tabulated for our board to see.

I believe it is critical that everyone realizes that this proposed Property Tax Reduction is about a MUCH BIGGER PICTURE than just our little village!

Illinois is circling the drain and many folks don’t realize that McHenry County is leading almost the entire country in exorbitant property taxes.

Last year McHenry County ranked #27 of more than 3100 counties, NATIONWIDE, for the highest property taxes in the nation!

#27 out of more than 3100 counties! That puts us in the top 1% in the entire nation! In the meantime, the mass exodus from McHenry County continues year after year! Ask any local real estate professional how difficult it is to sell Lakewood homes. Then ask them Why that is! I think we all know the answer…

I’m a huge believer in the notion that “If it is to be – It must start with me!”

That is what this proposed property tax reduction is all about!

This is about Lakewood leading by example!

Whatever your thoughts, I hope you will make your voice heard.

You can participate in this survey by simply clicking on the blue link below. And I encourage you to attend our discussion and vote on this important issue, this Monday, December 18th.


[Lakewood residents only, please.]

I provided a bit more insight and understanding of this important issue, and I addressed some resident concerns, in my recent e-Newsletter regarding this proposed property tax cut survey, you can view this Newsletter by simply clicking on THIS LINK.

Your thoughts, questions and concerns are always welcome and always valued.

The Special Meeting for Discussion and vote on Lakewood’s Proposed Property Tax Levy Cut will take place Monday, December 18th at 6:00pm at the Turnberry Country Club Meeting Room. My previous Newsletter stated the time of this special meeting was 7:00pm.

Again, the time of this special meeting for discussion and vote is 6:00pm!

This will be the only issue discussed and voted on at this meeting.

Residents also need to know that I have been told that some trustees will not recognize or consider these survey results because there is nothing scientific about them.

I, on the other hand, along with at least one other trustee, believe that these surveys provide valuable insight into the sentiment of our residents on specific issues and policy decisions such as this one.

So, again, while I strongly encourage your participation in this survey and strongly encourage you to share with friends and neighbors (final survey results will be electronically tabulated and shared with all board members)

PLEASE know that NOTHING is as effective as your presence at this special meeting!

All residents will have an opportunity to make a public comment and we will also take a straw poll based on a show of hands and a crowd voice vote.

Your presence at this meeting will definitely have a strong impact on this important vote.

I really hope to see you this Monday, December 18th at 6:00pm at Turnberry Country Clubs Meeting Room.

You can review my recent Newsletter which provides a bit more insight and information on this important issue and addresses some concerns expressed by residents as well as a link to this Lakewood Property Tax Cut Survey
by clicking on THIS LINK.

As always, your thoughts, questions and concerns are alway welcome and always valued,

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