Serwatka Makes Good on Property Tax Cut for Lakewood

Village of Lakewood President Paul Serwatka issued a press release this evening touting his 10 percent tax cut.  The village board unanimously adopted a 10 percent reduction in taxes.  Five percent was a tax cut and five percent was abated for a total of 10 percent reduction on the village’s levy.


Village of Lakewood President Paul Serwatka

LAKEWOOD – On Tuesday, December 18 2017, the Lakewood Village Board came together to lead by example and unanimously voted to approve a proposed 10% CUT in Lakewood’s Property Tax Levy for 2018.

This 10% property tax cut comes in follow-up to the successful passage of Lakewood’s historical Property Tax Freeze Advisory Referendum which was spearheaded by Serwatka and Lakewood trustee Phil Stephan, at the ballot box of the November 2016 Presidential Election.

“I believe it is critical that residents even outside of Lakewood understand that this successful Property Tax Reduction effort is about a much bigger picture than just the village of Lakewood!”

“Illinois is circling the drain and McHenry County is leading, almost the entire country, in exorbitant property taxes. And Lakewood nears the top of McHenry County!

“I’m a huge believer in the notion that “If it is to be – It must start with me!” That is what this Property Tax Reduction is all about!”

“This is about Lakewood leading by example!”

More than 100 residents attended the discussion of this proposed property tax cut.

A number of residents spoke publicly in support of the proposed tax cut and a few spoke in opposition to the cut, citing concerns of future funding of village infrastructure, particularly of east side storm water & flood mitigation systems.

Serwatka pointed out that resident comments mirrored results of an electronic survey of Lakewood residents regarding this proposed 10% tax reduction. As of December 18th, 351 residents had participated in the electronic survey posted on, with 329 residents demonstrating support for the tax cut, while 22 expressed opposition.

“I want to make abundantly clear that, as I have state many, many times, I entirely share in your concerns!” Serwatka told the crowd.

“With that said, it is important to understand that we have distinct and separate Enterprise Funds in place that serve to provide for these types of capital expenditures. These include our Impact Fee Fund, our Capital Projects Fund and our Motor Fuel Tax Fund. Capital Expenditure projects such as storm water and sewer systems are NOT the intended purpose of revenues collected for our General Fund via property taxes.”

Illinois Statute specifically requires that, each year, all taxing bodies request specific property tax amounts based on the premise that local governments should only ask for what is needed to finance their operations for that year.

Lakewood’s new Chief Administrative Officer determined that a levy amount of $1,586,509 is sufficient to cover expenditures for the next fiscal year.

This levy amount represents a 10% decrease in the prior year levy amount of $1,762,788

Serwatka noted that this entire 10% tax reduction had been made possible through; the restructuring of village administration, eliminating redundancies and creating efficiencies. He emphasized that NO services would be cut or reduced.

“I thank each of the trustees for rolling up their sleeves, digging their noses through all the financials for the last week, and for being bold enough to lead by example.” Serwatka stated.

“I want to particularly thank trustee Phil Stephan, and our new “Rock Star” Chief Administrative Officer, Jeannine Smith for the many, many extra hours they put in to make this work. They didn’t have to do it, but they are true believers!”


Learn more about Paul’s Lakewood Tax-Fighter & Better Government Project efforts at:


Serwatka Makes Good on Property Tax Cut for Lakewood — 13 Comments

  1. Another promise kept by Serwatka and team!

    Keep knocking them out of the park!

    Thank You Paul! Thank you board members!

  2. The board should be proud of itself because this property tax cut is the result of real reductions in government expenditures.

    As such, it should be ongoing.

    I’m disappointed that the board chose to only make half the cut permanent.

    If they need more money in the future, come ask the taxpayers — don’t play games so you can raise taxes in the future without asking us.

    Still, 10% is 10%, and they can always remedy this failure next year.

    None of this would have happened without Paul.

    We all have flaws, and that’s as true of me or you as it is of Paul.

    But without Paul’s leadership, his hard work in getting a new team on the board, it would have been business as usual.

    As before, I urge the board to focus on the peoples’ business, the reasons they were elected, and put personalities aside on ALL sides.

    The board made a good start by shutting down the TIF district.

    Now they cut property taxes by 10%.

    Next they should sell the land that prior boards bought with our tax dollars and return that money to us.

    Finally, they should seek further cost savings.

    Everything else is secondary.

  3. Serwatka says “This is about Lakewood leading by example!”

    The next day Trump cuts taxes nationally.

    That’s one hell of an example!

    A big thanks to Paul and the Lakewood village board!

  4. Serwatka for County Board President!

    Replace a power-mad tiny town tyrant with a true hero who’ll work for the taxpayers for a change!

  5. @ Steve Willson – the original draft of this tax reduction as proposed by Serwatka WAS a straight 10% cut. There was no abatement in the original draft.

    But, some trustees had some understandable concerns. Namely, the newly restructured village administration, a new Chief Administrative Officer at the helm and even 5 new board members…

    To address these concerns and still provide the full 10% tax reduction for residents, the CAO came back with a “Plan B” redraft with a 5% permanent cut, and the 5% abatement which, as you know, allows the village to reinstate that portion of the tax in 2019 should any unforeseen challenges present themselves in the upcoming year.

    Serwatka and several board members did make clear that they are very confident, and have every intention of, making that 5% abatement a permanent cut next year.

  6. Serwatka and Gasser are just Jack Franks wanna be clones.

    They are not Republicans but self promoting grand standers.

    Why cannot people see that these two clowns are the problem?

  7. Quinta Beans, the problem is, too much farting around, by people like you.

    Run for an office to make a difference.

  8. Headline reads “Serwatka makes Good…”

    should read ‘Serwatka always makes good …’

    The lamebrain politicos that got us locally and statewide into our fine mess must be swept aside by more Serwatkas.

    County Board drones like Aavang and Hill must never again be allowed to steal from us! The Only reason Franks appears is because so many McGOP Rinos fouled our nest.

  9. This is a good first step.

    There is no better way to mend fractured relationships (Lakewood Board) than to find a comman adversary.

    I’d like to suggest two (kind of 3) candidates:

    1) School dist 155 and 47. They represent the biggest line item on our tax bill and while enrollment is decreasing, they’re taxing us more and more. I cannot think of a better person than Paul to expose them for their inabilities.

    2) Lakewood land on 47/176. Let’s build some revenue…I’ve read suggestions for retail, healthcare, winery, casino, etc…I’d ask that all ideas be considered. Except residential. My concern for outright selling is that it’s a one time and SMALL cash infusion. We already own it, how can we make it generate $$$ for years to come? Look beyond potential personal gain for outright sale and work for your constituents.

  10. Adding to my previous comment would be the question, “by selling would the property still be considered in Lakewood?”

    Basically, again, I’m looking for revenue for this residential and Lou Malnotis community.

  11. Trans Parency – you’re not the sharpest knife in the drawer are you?
    If you sell your Lakewood home, would it still be in Lakewood?

    Judging by some your posts it would seem you are a Lakewood board member.
    That should scare the heck out of Lakewood people.

    Paul, please keep a short leash on this imbecile.

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