What Did New Algonquin Township Clerk Mean When She Wrote about Destroying Records?

More on Algonquin Township Clerk Karen Lukisek from Illinois Leaks. Published with permission.

Algonquin Township – One of her first orders of business?

McHenry Co. (ECWd) –When an elected official tells you that one of their first of many orders of business is to destroy records, it’s no wonder people had concerns over missing records.According to a post on Imgur in the name of Karen Miller Lukasik, which is the name of the Algonquin Township Clerk, a claim is made that there are no records missing.

A communication from a “Karen Lukasik” on May 12, 2017, three days before Karen Lukasik took office as Algonquin Township Clerk.

Karen Lukasik

If such a claim is true, we can only wonder why we have so many records not being provided as other records point to their existence? We covered a few of them in this article.

We also wonder, if record destruction is, in fact, one of the claimed “first of many orders of businesses”, why are we eight months into a term and not a single document destruction request has been sent to the Secretary of State?

Is it possible our notification in our first FOIA request put a stop to any attempts at destroying records?

“NOTE that a FOIA request requires the requested records be retained and stops any record destruction authorized prior to the FOIA. You can confirm with the Local Records Commission on this information.”

There are numerous situations that justify the destruction of records, space being the biggest, however, when a public body is in litigation as we see with Algonquin Township, all destruction should be placed on hold.

In addition to current litigation as a justification to cease destruction, the fact a Grand Jury is involved in potential criminal acts by public officials, it’s clear no records should be destroyed.

Unfortunately for those who felt it was OK to destroy records ‘they’might find themselves on the wrong side of an indictment for such action.

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What Did New Algonquin Township Clerk Mean When She Wrote about Destroying Records? — 7 Comments

  1. She ran for one reason only, because she clearly isn’t interested in doing her job and perhaps is inept at it as well.

    She was put there to protect the Alg. Twnshp Miller Empire from crumbling.

    And she’s not good at it either. Thank God!

    Alg Twnshp is dirty and rife with corruption from the past and present by those who protect Miller and want to be able to do the same. .

    The only duty they should haves to the taxpayers.

    It should be to clean it up, not cover for the past bad actors.

    Thanks to Edgar County Watchdogs and those few (like 2) who want to do the right thing and clean up this mess and be accountable to the twshp taxpayers! Namely Rachel Laurence and Andrew Gasser.

    To the others?

    I hope you think Bob Miller and Clan are worth going down for.

  2. This is a Gasser problem.

    Aren’t their FOIA’s outstanding against Mr. Gasser?

    Isn’t Mr. Gasser who is refusing to turn over the video recorder?

    Isn’t Mr. Gasser who had all the computers changed out?

  3. We have a moron named Quinta. When this is all over we should have a vote to see who’s the biggest Miller idiot.

    I think Nob & Doodie are in the lead.

    Better work hard to catch up Quinta.

  4. Gasser is not the problem.

    Miller Clan and their minions are obstructing justice!

    But you know that, you’re one of them “Quinta Beans”.

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