Misuse of Governemnt Credit Card Leads to Indictment

Here’s a State’s Attorney who had indicted a County Supervisor of Assessments for improper use of a county credit card.

The story is from Illinois Leaks and is published with permission:

Joseph Meents, former Champaign Co. Supervisor of Assessments, appeared in Court


Joseph Meents, former Champaign County Supervisor of Assessments appeared in Circuit Court on December 12, 2017, for a hearing to consider a Motion for Continuance.

He appeared in person with Counsel, and Champaign County Circuit Judge Roger Webber granted the Motion with a pretrial conference scheduled for February 6, 2018 at 11:00 a.m.

Meents was originally charged on September 18, 2017, with EIGHT Counts of Official Misconduct / Obtaining a Personal Advantage for his alleged use of a county credit card while he was employed as the [interim] Supervisor of Assessments. The State Statute used was the Illinois Criminal Code, 720 ILCS 5/33-3(A)(3). State of Illinois vs. MEENTS JOSEPH M – 2017CF001314

Meents entered a Pleas of Not Guilty on October 19, 2017 and posted personal Recognizance Bond.
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Misuse of Governemnt Credit Card Leads to Indictment — 4 Comments

  1. Is Mr. Meents a D or an R ?

    And why was this info left out of all articles concerning this matter ?

  2. I believe he was mayor of Pekin, IL.

    Don’t know whether the election was partisan.

  3. Meents was appointed to his job.

    The Champaign County Board has a Dem majority now, but IDK if it did when Meents was appointed.

    The Mayor of Pekin who got in trouble for misusing credit cards was named Lyn Howard.

    The spell check on my tablet tried to change Pekin to Peking, so IDK if you were joking or not.

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