Still Another Attack on County Clerk Mary McClellan’s “Ethics”

Arriving on the shortest day of the year is the following hit piece on McHenry County Judicial candidate Mary McClellan:

On the jump page is the following:
Taxpayer Funds

McClellan Campaigning with Taxpayer Funds

Imagine if your taxpayer dollars went to support an elected official’s campaign.

It looks like it is happening with Mary McClellan.

It appears that Mary McClellan has taken the power of incumbency to a whole new level.

In October of 2017, Mary McClellan used her position as County Clerk to put out a taxpayer-funded newsletter in which she highlighted her campaign.

Not only did she include photos of her campaigning at a parade, but you can see in the photo on the right her promoting her candidacy for judge. Let’s not overlook the taxpayer’s time and money it cost to design this newsletter to help promote her campaign. This would require the use of taxpayer-paid county staff, vendors, and printers. Where does the madness end, if an elected official can use campaign-style materials and pay for them at the expense of the taxpayer?

Unfortunately, the above is not the only example of Mary McClellan using taxpayer funds in a questionable manner. She has been using taxpayer funds to promote herself in the Northwest Herald, weekly in the print edition and continually online. Below is a copy of the digital advertisement.

Please notice this advertisement does not offer a specific service or benefit to the public. It is an advertisement promoting herself while she is running a campaign.

These advertisements are styled the same way as any other campaign advertisement, with McClellan’s photo and name featured prominently. The intention is to raise the profile of the candidate, increase name identification, and promote the candidate. It’s hard to see any public benefit here except for Mary McClellan, and you are paying for it.

As you may know, Mary McClellan is running for judge. A judge must have a strong moral compass and be beyond reproach. The American judicial system must be impartial and just. Even the appearance of violating one of those would ruin society’s belief in the judicial system.

There is a saying that the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. Well, if Mary McClellan’s past behavior is any predictor of her future behavior, than McHenry County voters should think twice before voting for her to be a judge.


Still Another Attack on County Clerk Mary McClellan’s “Ethics” — 11 Comments

  1. What does Mary’s son think about her fitness to run for Judge?

    Mary will you explain why I ask?

  2. McHenry Judicial Ethics PAC must have started their campaign this early because they have so much information that they need to get out.

  3. Reminds me of the small minded narcissists that we had in the sheriff’s office in our recent history putting their brand on everything. Use your position to glorify yourself! These are disgusted fools that care about no one but themselves.

  4. I don’t know about anyone else but getting out public information about changes in polling place locations is something I want to know about.

    Thank you Mary for all that you’ve done to improve this community as well as all you are doing.

    Please keep up the good work!

  5. County employee aka Mary?

    What will you do when my forsaken existence comes to light?

    Could it be I’ll find this Judicial Ethics PAC and tell them my story?

  6. ” changes in polling place locations”

    Get ready folks! If you are in ALG 16, ALG 30, ALG 39, ALG 41, ALG 62, ALG 63, ALG 68 (a recent listing shows that 7,265 voters are), you will all vote at a location on Algonquin Road – a four lane highway.

    If you are in GRA 11, GRA 03, GRA 05, GRA 06, NUN 03, NUN 05, ALG 24, ALG 26, ALG 27, ALG 37 (a recent listing shows that 6,926 voters are)you will be voting at a new location.

    If you are in DOR 12, DOR 13, DOR 01, DOR 03, DOR 04, DOR 05 (a recent listing shows that 5,090 voters are)you will be voting at the Fair Grounds. Good luck making a left turn into their parking lot AND finding an open parking spot!

    If you are in GRA 16, GRA 18, GRA 12, GRA 19, GRA 20, GRA 23, GRA 24, GRA 25, GRA 28 (a recent listing shows that 11,978 voters are)you will be voting at Church on Algonquin Rd. Did I state that is a four lane highway? Hope there is adequate parking.

    The above numbers are based on the locations as currently posted on the Clerk’s website. Some locations have changed from the original listing so stay tuned for the final results.

    That said, about thirty percent of the voters in the County will get new Voter registration cards. I wonder if like the last time she will send out two copies to most voters? After all, it is just taxpayer dollars.

  7. “It’s not the people who vote that count. It’s the people who count the votes.”

  8. Canine, it will be Mary that makes Mary lose, as she should.

    Isn’t this misuse of govt. funds? Isn’t Campaigning from your elected office a crime?

    and isn’t that what Nygren and Gang tried to hang on Lou Bianchi without evidence?

    We have evidence here!

  9. McClellan will bring Trumpism to the bench in McHenry County.

    She brings nepotism, complete lack of experience for the position, sexual harassment, lying, and complete disregard for the judiciary.

    Get a judge “off the bench” and they will all tell you she is a joke. J

    ust imagine how scary it would be if you had to go in front of a judge as incompetent, dishonest, and self-serving as Betty Boop McClellan.

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