Case by Aggrieved Employee Against McClellan Dismissed — 23 Comments

  1. Judge Meyer,, isn’t that the genius who left his loaded gun on a post office floor?

  2. Yep, he’s the very same genius.

    He violated both federal and state law by carrying a gun in a Post Office.

    The feds were too lazy to prosecute, and the locals were too chicken.

    The man has no business sitting in judgement of others.

  3. That would be the same guy!

    Why do they allow this chicken scratch to be documents of record?

    Everything should be typed and legible.

    This is not legible.

  4. Whether this case was dismissed or not doesn’t change the record of this Judicial Candidate.

    The case was probably dismissed because the woman she did this to, was a person who was able to find another job, so there were no damages.

    McClellan is a reactionary person who has several other traits that make her unsuitable for Judge!
    (vengeful, inept, sleazy, refuses to be accountable, inappropriate, high risk, egomaniacal, and most of all – unethical, just to name a few)

  5. I’m glad to see this.

    Cal’s other post suggested a settlement.

    There was no settlement.

    The order says Plaintiff’s attorney failed to show up in court the day it was dismissed, and had an outstanding order for failure to comply with discovery.

    I’m against McClellan, but this blog treats her unfairly and dishonestly.

    She should not be elected because she lacks experience and ability.

    But I am sick of elections hijacked by nonsense that gullible people believe.

  6. Lorna Mills: As for the handwritten court order, that is how it is done 90% of the time.

    Lawyers go to court, argue a motion or do something routine, and one of the lawyers writes the order for the judge to sign, using the 3-copy forms provided in the courtroom.

    The order you see was written by defendant’s lawyer.

    Not long ago, lawyers in Lake County courts had to bring their own carbon paper.

    Many aspects of the courts still operate as they did in Lincoln’s day.

  7. So Martin, it was the plaintiff’s atty’s failure to comply that got the case dismissed?

    Then, McClellan is not vindicated as if this didn’t happen.

    This woman has baggage and a litany of bad behavior that make her unsuitable for public office of any kind.

  8. “Vindicated “?

    No, The plaintiff was tossed out because her lawyer didn’t show up to object and seems not to have complied with a discovery order.

    So the taxpayers won, in the sense only that the lawsuit ended.

    We were not compensated for fees or costs.

    And no decision was made on the merits of the case.

    However, the prior suggestion on this blog that the case was settled looks baseless.

    If there is any reason to think otherwise, I’m willing to hear it.

  9. Hanlon might be able to reinstate the case.

    McClellan’s transgressions are far, far worse than shaking a fist at an underling.

    (was she trying to scare the woman off so she could hire yet another relative?)

    Frankly, I would take the Witch McClellan’s side in these sort of disgruntled employee cases w/o physical contact and nebulous psychic ‘damages.”

    But I actually witnessed one of her fits o’ rage at a Woodstock restaurant when she flew into a rage over a male waiter’s delay in catering to her.

    This was about a year ago.

    She didn’t strike the kid but yelled at him loud enough to cause everybody in the diner to turn around to see the commotion.

    At that time I didn’t know who on Earth she even was, but a fellow diner said, “That’s our County Clerk!”

  10. You need to see our sunshine blogger’s rage when being told he needs to pay for his own lunch; really scary. Think twice before going to lunch with him. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  11. I don’t know about McClellan.

    Are sure you are not talking about Kathie Schultz in the diner I hear she yelled at everyone even her son when he worked in her office.

    She always was quick to blame anyone but her self.

  12. You can definitely tell a person’s character by how they treat others (waitstaff in a restaurant?). These are not normal humans. They are vicious psychopaths. They are toxic and need to be shunned. For the good of everyone, please in the name of everything holy – do not vote them into offices where they can do so much more damage.

  13. Reinstate the complaint?

    Did you read it?

    It’s only a page long, contains two grammar errors, and paragraph 5 says the plaintiff attacked the plaintiff.


    It is nonsensical.

    It says nothing about shaking a fist.

    Again, I don’t think Ms McClellan is a qualified candidate for the job, but this attack on her is weak.

  14. Sorry Martin

    This is not NONSENSE.

    Its all true, and I’m sure its more than a page long that’s just the beginning.

    Not qualified is the least of it.

  15. Wait… is this the same Hanlon as Gasser’s attorney?

    And is this *another* example of a case being dismissed because Hanlon didn’t show up?

  16. Veronica and Bama:

    read the s cond post below this one on the blog.

    Read the words.

    The complaint consists of six badly written paragraphs on one page.

    That page contains all of the allegations of fact.

    It says who filed it.

    And if you think paragraph 5 isn’t nonsense, explain please how a plaintiff can sue for a plaintiff attacking the plaintiff, in a lawsuit with one plaintiff.

    If you cannot read, go find a coloring book.

  17. McClellan!

    She’s a disgrace to a good Scottish Clan!

    Thank the Good Lord, she married into that name.

    No true Scot would be so craven, ‘cept maybe a Campbell.

  18. Perhaps her own lawyer screwed this up and the judge was sleeping on the job so good thing he’s retiring!

    I believe that makes this dismissal null and void!

    McClellan didn’t even catch that mistake and she wants to be Judge?!?!?

    Not on our watch!

  19. Mary McC, we know you read this blog several times a day so you will see this.

    Give us the name and court number of a single case you have handled as the name attorney in McHenry or Cook Counties.

    A single case.

  20. Or, identify by name and case number a single case you have tried in front of a jury in McHenry County.

  21. Other than dreaming about being a judge when you were a little girl, can you tell us one qualification you have to become a judge.

    Your judicial hairdo doesn’t count.

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