Challenge of John Reinert’s State Senate Petition Signatures Being Judged by State Board of Elections

Craig Wilcox and John Reinert pose for a picture at Allen Skillicorn’s petition passing party at Nick’s Pizza.

After the first of what appears to be a two-day process, challenges to signatures on John Reinert’s petitions for State Senate are largely being upheld.

Examined first were a hundred or so petitions passed by what might be characterized as local residents.

There were a total of 210 petitions filed by Reinert having about 2,036 signatures.

80% or more of challenges to signatures of local residents’ petitions have been sustained by the State Board of Elections personnel doing the review.

Reasons for challenges indicated in the petition were

  • living out of the 32nd State Senate District
  • not being registered at the address shown on the petition
  • address missing or incomplete
  • signed petition twice and/or
  • signed a Democratic or Green Party petition

The number of signatures likely to be stricken as a result of today’s examination are unknown by McHenry County Blog.

A minimum of 1,000 signatures are required to be on the Republican Primary Election ballot.

Signatures from one of the Chicago petition passers, Demarcus McDaniels, are not standing up to scrutiny.

Information is that this was a person paid to collect signatures.

The challenge alleges a “pattern of fraud” in the petitions passed by McDaniels in that

  • McDaniels signed sheets he did not circulate.
  • Many signatures were “written by the same hand and are not genuine and are forgeries.”
  • McDaniels’ signature is different on different petition pages.

A Friend of McHenry County Blog said, “If the ratio [of rejected signatures] continues, Mr. Reinert will not be on the ballot.”

Objections alleged on page 139 of John Reinert’s petition.

While the challenge was filed by attorney Steven Robert Verr, Reinert primary opponent Craig Wilcox was present at the Board of Elections signature examination.

“The State Board of Elections continues to demonstrate their professionalism and the process is interesting to observe.

“We’re very excited with the outcomes known to date.”

A second day is needed because only about 57% of the challenged signatures have been examined.

Traveling to Springfield to assist Wilcox were Eric Dowd, Ev Evertsen, Janice Ricci, Orville Brettman and Rachael Lawrence.

Assisting Reinert were Tina Hill, Chris Yaeger, Tim Geiger and Gilbert Ruiz.


Challenge of John Reinert’s State Senate Petition Signatures Being Judged by State Board of Elections — 9 Comments

  1. How hard could it be for someone who is a darling of the RINO establishment to gather 1,000 valid signatures?

    What Rinort did reeks of pure laziness, as well as a certain amount of contempt for the whole process.

  2. Tina Hill collecting petitions for Reinert!

    That’s all I have to hear!!

    Didn’t Pam-the-Spam Althoff grease the skids ‘good enough’ for her lazy minion Reinert?

    Naughty, naughty Pammy!

    Maybe he’ll drop out and Pam will try to get her name on the ballot under the Communist Party ticket.

  3. Looks like Mr. Reinert better keep his day job.

    Looks like he took a Page straight out of Bobby Miller’s ‘Grand Theft Algonquin’ playbook …… Here’s Rienert’s ‘circulator’ Demarcus McDaniels straight outa Cook County Jail.

    Did Pam Althoff or RINOert put up the dough to bail him out to ‘collect’ petitions?

  4. Joe Gottemoller said Reinert was “good”


    Did smokin’ Joe collect signatures for him?

  5. Remember when Tina Hill, her son Garrett Hill, and her husband were caught faking signatures for Kent Gaffney in the primary against McSweeney?

    Garrett lost his job with the House Republican Organization after getting caught lying in court.

    Make you suspect a man who will team up with such people.

  6. Tina Hill is a Democrat thru and thru.

    Doesn’t surprise me in the least she’d do something like that and teach her kid to do that too.

    She should be kicked out of the Republican Party for that, and for shouting from the rooftops that she’s a ‘proud Hillary Clinton supporter’!

  7. Tina “Bigasa” Hill is a disgusting creature who’d make a sewer rat gag.

    When she put on her facebook page how she was such a Hillary fanatic, it was there for all the world to see.

    She’s ultra ultra left and was one of the coddlers of transgendered hysteriacs who demanded special washrooms.

    She makes his Lordship & High Excellency Brian Sager (who got his boyfriend and Mama on the Woodstock municipal payroll) look like Bull Connor.

    Reinert is another McGOP poison-pill I refuse to swallow.

  8. Just Sayin: “Incompetent buffoon and not Senate material”

    I’d say given the abysmal level of GOP leadership at the State level, Reinert is just the low-energy/dim-bulb sort the elites want and need.

    But we DON’T need!
    At the Crystal Lake Train station I was approached by one of Reinert’s petition passers, a younger woman.
    When I said I don’t live in his district, she said something like ‘please sign, so I can get my quota and not have to wait another hour.’
    But I’m not in the district I said.
    She said it was ok if I lived in Crystal Lake.
    I ended it with ‘I need to know more about what he stands for’ to be nice.

    Is the GOP establishment actually fronting the bill for Reinert’s lawyers?

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