Friday Afternoon Snow Removal

Drove on some Nunda Township Roads Friday afternoon about 3:30.

Here’s what the road in front of the Township Garage looked like:

This Nunda Township snow plow just turned north out of the garage complex.

Turning on Pleasant Hill Road, the one that runs past Prairie Ridge High School’s ball fields and this was the condition of the Nunda Township road approaching the McHenry Blacktop:
The Blacktop, officially called Walkup Road, was next on my trip. It’s a McHenry County road.

McHenry County government is in charge of snow removal on the McHenry Blacktop.

Hillside Road was next on my trip to Woodstock. It is maintained by Nunda Township.

Hillside Road is another plowed by the Nunda Township Highway Department.

Another McHenry County road was next–Ridgefield Road.

Ridgefield Road approaching the grain elevators.

Here’s Ridgefield Road from the grain elevators to Route 14:

The Illinois State Department of Transportation takes care of the next road on my trip to Woodstock–Route 14.

Route 14 north of the northern end of Ridgefield Road.

When I made it to Woodstock here is what I saw on Lake Avenue:

What Lake Avenue looked like in front of Woodstock’s Walmart.


Friday Afternoon Snow Removal — 23 Comments

  1. Unfortunately, the prediction became a reality; everybody fled beautiful rural McHenry county. Even our sunshine blogger’s cat is gone. Expect the Red Army commanded by communist Jack D. Franks marching around the Woodstock Square any minute. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  2. Wonder if angles working on his doctorate and focusing on stupidity

  3. Perhaps the internet WILL go down this week and you will all be free of Angel.

  4. Angel just counting the days for the golden parachute pension.

    I once again am behind getting her a car allowance with her next COLA.

    It’s the Least we can do for her 9 month a year job.

  5. Nunda roads are bad…. lucky if they even put more then one bucket of salt in the mix with that garbage sand.

  6. The mix is to save money.

    It cuts the product and creates a month of cleanup in the spring that trashes yards.

    Truck 26 with the belly plow can apply downpressure while working material into the ice while its daytime.

    Oh wait!

    Meathead Mike closes Nunda for a week during Christmas because his personal religious beliefs.

    You can not do anything at Nunda that week.

    He forces the employees to use their comp time during the week off and if you don’t have any you don’t get paid.

    The road grader, loaders, 26 and spray bars would have the roads clear like always back when Don and Bob were in.

    No one runs roads all week to clear or check them because mike not because the cold.

    Last I heard he scammed the company that built the salt shed and it was at least 3 redo’s to build the back lot he stopped all Nunda projects for months to last minute build.

    A loader was rolled and thousands of dollars wasted but Mikes excavator and dozer got full service and repairs on the nunda clock in the nunda shop just like his Harley motorcycles get worked on there.

    I have pictures.

    Or when he left a high pressure gas main exposed for hundreds of feet on blue island rd. for months because he messed up that project too.

    Or off short road where he cleared that entire property for some guy he made a deal with?

    Like all around the buildings and property with heavy equipment and entire crews for weeks.

    Ill get into safety and moral disregard closer to his election.

    Cal ill only send pics if they are attached with my name.

    You have my contact info so let me know how to get some pictures over.

    Did he buy a couple rifles as gifts for the guys again this year and hand them out at the government building?

    He does not care about the job, he likes the title.

    He failed at his hole digging job because his practices that he has ruined a lot of Nunda with and will continue to do so.

    I have years of stories to share and people and people that still work there that fill me in.

    Mike hiring friends isn’t nepotism by his definition either!


    He yelled at me in front of everyone for calling him out!

    Oh! He also completely dismantled truck 16 during a snow storm so no one could drive it while he was gone.


    Township truck in a storm sat while licensed workers watched snow fall on the roads because mike usually drove that one.

    He is the worst plow driver you will ever see, I have pictures with street names and landscape death during plow clean up on his route.

    I’ve never seen in 15 years that terrible of a job.

    I am being vague, I have a couple more years before I dump all my info on him.

  7. Mikes lie he tells people why I was fired is because my words hurt him.

    I said something mean to him I guess?


    He calls employees fatass and we all heard him call Ray a “Token N*gg*r”. Ray is a hard worker and was not let back because his color.

    Women only belong at home and schools should be abolished according to him.

    Ask any of his employees about his character.

    He fired me for his own political gain.

    A lawyer is involved and I seriously am going to let it fly when he’s up next.

    This is nothing yet.

    Inquire about the tubgrinder fire on a Saturday when no overtime is known at nunda or how he drove right past B2 while he was having heat fatigue/possible heat stroke.

    He’s a dirtbag who trash talks his wife to the guys.

  8. Maybe someone should look into how many precincts ballots don’t get entered because they are forgot or not seen until the next year.

    But what would I know right?

  9. The people who cast the votes don’t decide an election, the people who count the votes do. ~Joseph Stalin

  10. I have no idea how he was elected again.

    I know people who live in one of his subdivisions and have called about the mix.

    He says it’s to save tax $$$$$.

    Yet roads are slick as hell, sand is everywhere.

    It’s a huge mess!

  11. William, why wait?

    Contact the Edgar County Watchdogs now!!

  12. Everyone except the voters know what Mike really is.

    I might run for Nunda commissioner, I have worked for this County since I was 17 as a Ranger at MCCD.

    Been at two Townships while I worked for 3 Commissioners during that time.

    I know more about this County and its history than Mike does.

    I know that job better than he does.

    I’m also a better operator than he is.

    It isn’t what Mike wants now that its his turn, its still about the people and he is not our best option.

  13. I sent a few pictures to Cal to show everyone the environment Mike runs.

    The house in the Porten area that Nunda delivers chips and gravel grindings to is the guy that got the total Nunda tree service.

    The back of his property butts up to Short rd.

    I’m not sure why he gets special treatment.

    Look into how many times he has been sued for wrongful termination and everything else.

    Count how many people that were career employees no longer work there.

    Then look at how many of his friends work there.

    Ask the Union rep for Island Lake if one of their employees filed a complaint because Mike wouldn’t let him take lunch.

    Why was a City of Mcheny car driven by a community service kid that worked and got a check from Nunda parked there?

    We all so dered that.

    The kid vanished months later and how many trucks were painted of theirs at Nunda in the not sure if its legally ventilated sandblast and I’d guess not up to code paint booth?

  14. We all wondered about the car and kid. Spell check messed that all up. I’m saving the best for election time.

  15. I’m all for the people who were before us and after us.

    Everyone should research and drive around this County, its history is amazing!

    People like Mike Lesperance are the reason for the dept of labor and osha.

    He has killed on a jobsite before and still puts people in jeapordy with his measure once cut twice mentality.

    I hope my comments don’t disappear and my pictures do.

    I gave everyone enough for now.


  16. I didn’t forget about Gasser, Ill shed some light about Alg. Twp. soon.

  17. Mike is a hard worker just not a good boss.

    He did stick his hand in between J’s butt cheeks while he was bent over not knowing that was going to happen, he told the mechanic he was going to rape him if his personal excavator ran better when it was done being repaired at nunda and he got rid of all short handle shovels.

    Yes he was happy enough to say he would rape a dude, he did stick his hand in a guys butt without permission and we all concluded he is homosexual and that’s why we all have to bend over working while he watches. E

    ven the guy that’s 6’8″ has to use a 3 foot long shovel.

    Mike breaks nunda bought long handle shovels.

    That’s happened too.

    I want my life back.

    I have proof of everything I know and know where to get the other info.

    Not everyone will lie under oath especially because everyone knows how and what to screenshot and what to record.

    Everyone knew Mike was going to screw them over so a few people have compiled things.

    I myself have everything I need to backup what I say and where it came from.

    Mike can get back to maintaining the roads per the people’s needs and not his personal agenda.

    They were fine when Don and Bob were boss.

    I guess the global warming made the winters harsher nowadays.

  18. Check out the underground tank behind the shop that isn’t there and also why he punishes you for being late after 630 while you are not even paid until 7.

    That’s illigal.

  19. And I also comment on Algonquin Township posts as well.

    Mike used a Nunda truck, trailer and driver to haul his personal over weight excavator to demolish a house in Bayview Beach.

    After almost trashing the trailer he had to leave his machine and wait to have it picked up with a lowboy trailer.

    He said his machine hasn’t ran like that in years after Nunda fixed it.

    Not sure the details but everyone felt weird about it.

  20. Stockwell: Send your pictures to Hanlon he seems to be the only person willing to do something about that sort of thing.

  21. Movie quote (can you guess) – “Ready? The sheriff has just put 200 more relatives on the payroll to protect the city from the Red Army, which is leaving Moscow in a couple of minutes.”

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