Friday Afternoon Snow Removal

Drove on some Nunda Township Roads Friday afternoon about 3:30.

Here’s what the road in front of the Township Garage looked like:

This Nunda Township snow plow just turned north out of the garage complex.

Turning on Pleasant Hill Road, the one that runs past Prairie Ridge High School’s ball fields and this was the condition of the Nunda Township road approaching the McHenry Blacktop:
The Blacktop, officially called Walkup Road, was next on my trip. It’s a McHenry County road.

McHenry County government is in charge of snow removal on the McHenry Blacktop.

Hillside Road was next on my trip to Woodstock. It is maintained by Nunda Township.

Hillside Road is another plowed by the Nunda Township Highway Department.

Another McHenry County road was next–Ridgefield Road.

Ridgefield Road approaching the grain elevators.

Here’s Ridgefield Road from the grain elevators to Route 14:

The Illinois State Department of Transportation takes care of the next road on my trip to Woodstock–Route 14.

Route 14 north of the northern end of Ridgefield Road.

When I made it to Woodstock here is what I saw on Lake Avenue:

What Lake Avenue looked like in front of Woodstock’s Walmart.


Friday Afternoon Snow Removal — 11 Comments

  1. Unfortunately, the prediction became a reality; everybody fled beautiful rural McHenry county. Even our sunshine blogger’s cat is gone. Expect the Red Army commanded by communist Jack D. Franks marching around the Woodstock Square any minute. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  2. Wonder if angles working on his doctorate and focusing on stupidity

  3. Perhaps the internet WILL go down this week and you will all be free of Angel.

  4. Angel just counting the days for the golden parachute pension.

    I once again am behind getting her a car allowance with her next COLA.

    It’s the Least we can do for her 9 month a year job.

  5. Nunda roads are bad…. lucky if they even put more then one bucket of salt in the mix with that garbage sand.

  6. I have no idea how he was elected again.

    I know people who live in one of his subdivisions and have called about the mix.

    He says it’s to save tax $$$$$.

    Yet roads are slick as hell, sand is everywhere.

    It’s a huge mess!

  7. William, why wait?

    Contact the Edgar County Watchdogs now!!

  8. Stockwell: Send your pictures to Hanlon he seems to be the only person willing to do something about that sort of thing.

  9. Movie quote (can you guess) – “Ready? The sheriff has just put 200 more relatives on the payroll to protect the city from the Red Army, which is leaving Moscow in a couple of minutes.”

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