Santa Claus Is Not a Name on John Reinert’s Senate Petition

Santa Claus appeared at the First United Church’s Buddy Break in mid-December.

Have to admit I misunderstood the email that McHenry County Board member and State Senate candidate Craig Wilcox sent out describing what happened on the second day of opponent John Reinert signature checking in Springfield.

I thought Wilcox was saying that “Santa Claus,” living at One North Pole Lake in Crystal Lake, appeared as a signature on one of Reinert’s petitions.

Instead, Wilcox was using the name as an example of what the State Board of Elections would approve as a legitimate signature, even if no one lived at the address on the petition.

The specific hypothetical question asked by one of his supporters was whether a signature from the Tooth Fairy with an address not on the data base would be allowed.

The answer was that it would be pending more disqualifying information.

Wilcox supporters were at the McHenry County Clerk’s Office looking at registration cards for thought to fictitious names and/or addresses.

Wilcox was saying that signatures were approved that were of people who did not sign Reinert’s petitions.

A real example is the signature of McHenry County College Board member Karen Tirio on the petition below.

The “Karen Tirio” signature on line 9 is not hers, the McHenry County College Board member says.

It was approved by the State Board of Elections, but she tells me she did not sign Reinert’s petition.


Santa Claus Is Not a Name on John Reinert’s Senate Petition — 21 Comments

  1. If you look closely at lines 4,7,8,9 10 the either the first or last name starts with a “T” Those T’s are all very similar in nature!

    Can you say signature fraud!

  2. Citizens may go to county clerk office and browse computer files of registered voters by address.

    Signature examples are included !


  3. The addresses all also appear to have been written by the same hand.

    Although the circulator can write the addresses in him/herself, these addresses are not in address order meaning they were collected at a store or train station or some similar location.

    The circulator is not likely to stand there and ask each signer for their address and write it in very neatly while holding a clipboard out of doors.

    They will just have the signer put in their own address.

    These look like they were copied off of some type of list while sitting indoors.

  4. Bingo, Swamp!

    These sigs stink to high heaven!

    There’s also another thing that doesn’t ring true, but I’m not about to help fraudsters.

  5. It’s truly astonishing to me that the Herald has not even published one word about this sad scandal.

    I used to think Pam Althoff was at least OK.

    Now I see she’s part of the whole problem.

    Why would she leave the State Senate for a County Board seat?

    It just doesn’t make any sense?

  6. You will notice that the “4” on line 3 is the same as the “4” on lines 6 and 8.

    Also the “3” on line 1 matches the “3” on lie 9, the Karen Tirio signature.

    The addresses are all very neatly printed and all fit exactly in the space available.

    When the signers write in the addresses they are all different.

    Many tines they go over the end of the box provided.

    Oftentimes they are hard to read.

    If you are catching people when they are trying to get a train or to into or out of a store, you are not going to have them hand the petition back to you and then try to get them to stay to give you their address so you can write it down instead of them.

    Then you are going to have to read it back to them to make sure you got it right, check the spellings of some of the street names with them etc.

    You are just not going to do that.

    People will walk off on you once they hand the clipboard back.

    Plus you will be standing holding the clipboard, making it hard to write neatly every single time.

    If you are going door to door you might just write down the address yourself as you are standing right there but then the signatures would be in address order.

    These are not.

    I believe that all of the DeMarco petitions look like this.

    Some 80 plus pages.

    This looks like someone had a signing party around their kitchen table using some type of list or copies of previous petitions that had been collected.

    If so, whose petitions were those and how did they get them?

    Since DeMarco was hired by the candidate, he ought to be available to come in and explain how these were collected and be subjected to cross examination.

  7. Why isn’t the State’s Attorney looking into this forgery?

    No wonder Illinois is in the toilet and people don’t vote, the whole system is rigged.

    Don’t worry thes3 crimes will all be swept under the rug; It’s Illinois!

  8. You people are little crybabies.

    Quit trying to smear a great candidate, John Reinert, who’s done so much for us.

  9. ….and a trully wonderfull Illinois Senator, Pam Althoff, who has stood by us for years!

    You are all so ungrateful and dumb.

    You support unelectable extremists, but dis the decent public servants.

    You are all Bob Anderson and Skinner puppets who can’t think for yourselfs!

  10. This is not a question, Township, of who you support.

    It’s a question of a candidate submitting petitions that had scores of questionable pages from a hired circulator (who are known to do shady things and need to be scrutinized if that is what you are going to do).

    What does it say about the candidate that he:

    (1) couldn’t get enough people supporting him to get the signatures;

    (2) was negligent in checking out the reputation of the people he was paying, and ;

    (3) didn’t review the petitions before he submitted them?

    How good of a State Representative is that person going to be?

    That is why the petition requirements are in the law…. to shift the wheat from the chaff.

  11. The sad part is, when Reinert wins the primary, all these detractors will vote for him because of the R next to his name

  12. Bobalou who are you?

    Could it possibly be His Lordship Brian Sager, Duke of Woodstock and Puke of the Chicago gay nightclub circuit?

    Thanks for gracing us with your blog presence!

    Question: Why are your Mama and live-in boyfriend on the Woodstock payroll? That’s very clever of you, Brian, getting us to pay the freight while you dally in our lives and schools.

    Yet there are still some people who won’t tolerate such corruption, even if it’s been approved by our LGBTQ overloards who demand special cakes and creepy washrooms and creepier sex reassignment surgeries of trans-soldiers.

    Brian, please, please don’t look at this, I certainly don’t want to offend your special sensibilities which trump everything good and decent:

  13. ^crickets. Hahah

    Hey ‘TownshipsMust’ name one thing Reinert has done for the county?

    Just one?

    I only ask as I long for the sound of crickets in Winter.

  14. Criminal Code description of forgery:
    (720 ILCS 5/17-3) (from Ch 39 par. 17-3)
    Sec. 17-3 Forgery

    This is just another example of how John Reinert is over his head or, crooked and involved with some shady characters. (or both)

  15. Lorna comes though with a real zinger.

    Here’s what Reinert has done: Absolutely nothing but be be Pam Althoff’s little pet monkey.

    When Demarco, Reinert’s jailbird campaign mgr can’t be located to account for all the fraud, will Pam and Reinert fess up.

    It seems obvious to me that Pam wouldn’t soil her precious finger nails in a real campaign and Reinert is too naive and green to figure how to import Crook county goons.

    So, who is the person being paid to shepherd Reinert into the state house?

    Get that crook and the whole Reinert campaign falls apart like a cheap suit!

  16. Ms. or Mr. I Love Stupid Criminals, such laws don’t apply to our political elites, or political wannabees like Reinert.

    Those are for the little people.

  17. There is a State tax credit to hire ex felons.

    Was that applied for in this case, by whomever arranged to contract the services of this petition signature procurement?

  18. did enough time elapse between obtainment of paid petition signature gatherer and the receipt of petition sheets to indicate that verifiable signatures had been actually gathered?

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