Owner of Old Motorola Plant in Harvard Indicted in Canada

The Financial Times reports troubles for the owner of the old Motorola plant in Harvard.

One can tell from the headline:

Arrest of Chinese-Canadian businessman sought in fraud and money-laundering case

Case allegedly involved several hundred million dollars and tens of thousands of victims

Edward Gong, otherwise known as Xiao Hua Gong and Xaiohua Gong, was charged shortly before Christmas with by theĀ Ontario Securities Commission with

  • fraud over $5,000
  • possession of property obtained by crime
  • laundering proceeds of crime
  • uttering a forged document

Victims of Gong’s schemes are mainly in China.

He made contributions to both the Conservative and Liberal Parties in Canada.

The Motorola campus.

Harvard made the story because reporter Barbara Shecter found a Northwest Herald article about Gon’s having purchased Harvard’s old Motorola plant forĀ $9.3 million in April.


Owner of Old Motorola Plant in Harvard Indicted in Canada — 12 Comments

  1. So there you have it.

    And you were waiting for some jobs to appear?

  2. The owner of the property was delinquent on his property taxes, and somebody bought them.

    The owner of has something like three years to pay back the guy who bought the taxes with interest, or he loses the property to him.

  3. So the whole thing was a money laundering scheme.

    Sounds like Season 3 of Fargo.

  4. Wells Fargo?

    Maybe the historical peeps can save the decrepit old farmhouse now?

  5. Which swings you back to Trump’s executive order. The government now owns it!

  6. So he was arrested on a Thursday and bailed out on Friday. What is the rest of this story? Need some follow up.

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