Linda Liddell New McHenry County College Board President

Linda Liddell

Long-time McHenry County College Board Trustee Linda Liddell was selected on a 6-1 vote to replace Chris Jenner as President of the Board.

She replaced Vice-Chairman and Interim Chairman Diane Evertsen, who received the one vote, from Karen Tirio.

MCC replaced former Trustee Chris Jenner with Tom Allen, 62, of Lakewood.

Allen was one of several candidates that lost the election last Spring for two seats on the board.

One went to incumbent Linda Liddell, the other went to former long-term Harvard School District board member and tetired County Board Member Diane Evertsen.

Tom Allen

Allen tried again by applying for appointment to replace Chris Jenner after Jenner joined the growing ranks of people who sought a better deal in other states.

Jenner announced the sale of his home, his retirement, and his move to FL. in the December Committee of the Whole meeting.

There was a public posting of the vacancy and a total of 9 applicants were interested. That number was narrowed down to 5 for tonight’s interviewing process.

When the board came out of closed session the vote was unanimous.


Linda Liddell New McHenry County College Board President — 6 Comments

  1. Get ready to fight MCC levy increases later this year.

    While salaries for all staff continue to increase, the wages earners in this County continue to decrease.

    With the reduction in federal income tax, local taxing bodies will find ways to extract those few extra spending dollars from the taxpayers.

  2. The founding fathers created a system of checks and balances in order to limit governmental power.

    The legislative branch is supposed to be a check on the executive branch.

    At the local level that means boards, such as MCC’s, are supposed to be a check on the bureaucracy.

    That’s why they’re called “trustees”: the beneficiaries of their trust are the taxpayers.

    So-called “trustees” who feel their job is to represent the government, and to defend the bureaucracy rather than to be a watchdog, fail in their duty.

  3. If you think she’s bad, now she has a minion.

    Another lobbyist is all we need.

    Watch MCC get way out of hand now!

    Despite that enrollment is down, and the population is decreasing, they will raise taxes to expand their playground.

    They chose ‘one of their own’ to ensure they could do whatever the hell they want with our tax dollars.

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