Illinois Leaks Calls for Criminal Charges in Algonquin Township

Another article from Illinois Leaks‘ Kirk Allen, this time calling for criminal charges, is published with permission.

Algonquin Township – Time for criminal charges


Once again we validate a long-standing opinion that gift cards are the biggest form of public funds theft in the state.

In an effort to get to the bottom of who was responsible, we filed a Freedom of Information Act request to Algonquin Township.

The request was sent directly to the Township Clerk, the keeper of all records.

We finally received a response but only after she claimed to have never received our FOIA until January 3rd, 2018.

When I ran our last story on her failures of responding to FOIA requests she created this excuse.

Karen Lukasik

“I realize there are many outstanding FOIA requests and I am working on finding those this week as I am in the office this entire week.

“Please understand how time consuming these tasks are as I do not have any employees and I am slowly obtaining what I can with the outstanding requests.

“There were several requests in which I did not receive however they may have gone into my junk folder as I will be viewing that after this email is sent.

“I did not receive any FOIAs regarding the gift cards I will try to find any information regarding those that I can.

“I also do not have any information regarding any sick time to Bob Miller.

“I have asked the Supervisor’s office to supply the annual reports as those reports were housed in that office prior to my taking office from what I have been told.

“I am not the only FOIA officer and I have been forwarding your requests to others if I do not have the documents or do not know where they may have been moved to.

“My apologies I will try to get the answers out to you soon.

“As I said there were many FOIA requests on your webpage that you posted that I have not answered that I did not, in fact, receive or view.

“Could you please forward those to me again so that I make sure they are received properly now?”

We find her comments and excuses troubling.

Our request was sent November 13th, 2017, to her and one other in a BCC.

How is it that Karen Lukasik didn’t get it and the other person did?

Leaving all the excuses for another article, let’s focus on the response I finally got for the gift cards purchased with public funds and given away.

(a) Public funds, property or credit shall be used only for public purposes.
(b) The State, units of local government and school districts shall incur obligations for payment or make payments from public funds only as authorized by law or ordinance.
(c) Reports and records of the obligation, receipt and use of public funds of the State, units of local governmentand school districts are public records available for inspection by the public according to law.
(Source: Illinois Constitution.)>

Considering there is no provision in the Township code that authorizes “gifts”, it appears all three prongs or our State Constitution have been violated. It is becoming clear that this local public body has some real problems with how they used taxpayer money.

What did we ask for? 

  • A record of who received the 3 phone gift cards purchased at Jewel/Osco on 08/02/16 with a Platinum American Express card in the name of Robert J Miller.
  • A record of who received the 2 phone gift cards purchased at Jewel/Osco on 06/02/16 with a Platinum American Express card in the name of Robert J Miller.
  • A record of who received the 5 gift cards of $250 each purchased 5/16/08 from Barn Nursery & Landscape Center – Purchased with a VISA card account number 4246 3112 9554 8835”

Considering there is no record of who these gift cards went to, a criminal investigation is appropriate and criminal charges should follow against those responsible for the purchase and dissemination of public funds in violation of our laws.

They can add the gift card scam to the laundry list of other alleged illegal actions that have taken place in this Township over the years.

There is plenty more to expose, but I think most will get the point.  We are at a point where the public trust in our system of government is rapidly decaying.  We understand the system is slow and tedious, however, all indications with Algonquin Township point to the need for criminal charges against those responsible for the above-listed matters and others we know are being looked at.  It can’t be that hard to identify the perpetrators of these expenditures with no public purpose.

We ask the McHenry County State’s Attorney to continue with Grand Jury investigations and show the public this type of behavior will not be tolerated by our elected officials at any level.

When prosecutors ignore the crimes of public officials the harm is two-fold. Those violating the law are emboldened to keep doing it and the public trust further decays.  Those two elements create a vicious cycle of a downward spiral of our Constitutional Republic.


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Illinois Leaks Calls for Criminal Charges in Algonquin Township — 23 Comments

  1. How sad. She isn’t even bright enough to CYA and date the “responses.” If she carries through doing (or rather not doing) that, the township records ought to come out looking like the Tower of Babel in future years.

  2. I bet they’ll be looking for another Clerk soon via special election.

  3. This FOIA response letter makes no sense.

    It includes the boilerplate language stating the filer’s right to review of a denial of a FOIA request.

    Yet the letter indicates there were no responsive documents, which typically means that this isn’t a denial of a request and, therefore, there is no review process because there is nothing to review.

    So, was the right to review language included in error or was there really a denial of the request for documents which necessitated the inclusion of the right to review language?

  4. Funny how she says there are no records, yet someone else had copies of the records in the FOIA!

    She’s more than a mess.

    Too late for her to get her head out of her rear.

    Ought to be wearing the same shade of orange as Bob Miller and his wife!

    And the DisCo Award goes to…

  5. Is qui team lawsuit an option, when State law enforcement arbitrarily declines to investigate/prosecute?

  6. Did you mean qui tam?

    “The False Claims Act rewards whistleblowers whose qui tam lawsuits recover government funds and provides job protection to whistleblowers because of the professional and personal risks they take to expose and stop fraud against the government – fraud that can endanger the lives of patients, U.S. soldiers and others. Phillips & Cohen has won their clients more than $1 billion in whistleblower rewards – more than any other law firm that handles whistleblower lawsuits.”

  7. This is good reporting. Why can’t we have a newspaper or news channel reporting like this?

  8. Kirk Allen, of Illinos Leaks, 2017 Investigate aJournalist of the Year!

  9. Yes, where is Pat Kenneally?

    We will soon find his true colors!

    Remember, Sheriff Prim endorsed Miller publicly, in a full page NWH spread.

  10. Complicit = Guilty = Jail Time = Having Ex Police Chief Husband being looked into = One less overblown pension FRG has to pay out?
    Hey this whole obstruction of justice could work out for the taxpayers.

  11. I wonder what happened to the rewards points from the Amex Platinum Card?

    The Platinum Card costs something like $450/year, because it has the most generous rewards program of all the Amex cards.

  12. could we please stop abusing this situation and fess up to your crimes, spare your children the truth that mommy ,daddy,grand pa , and grand ma are accused of being people who steal ,, lie , cheat,

  13. is it true the judges are recusing them selves from the township vs local 150 case????? why????

  14. How do I get a hold of Kirk Allen.

    I was let go from a township in Illinois when I exposed that the deputy clerk was paying herself a salary and taking out of two other funds at an hourly rate.

    I knew she didn’t perform any additional duties in these department.

    The township attorney banned the officials from speaking to me and harassed me multiple times.

    If someone could direct me to the right person to talk to? I can’t afford the thousands of dollars it cost to bring a civil suit.

    The township attorney actually told me I couldn’t afford to fight a retaliation claim.

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