Message of the Day – Flags

Found these flags on the way to a covered bridge in Southern Indiana.

From his accent I could tell the vendor was not a native American.

He was selling all sorts of flags.

Note the Confederate Flag has a marijuana leaf superimposed on it.


Message of the Day – Flags — 3 Comments

  1. I did note the marijuana leaf on the flag which reminds me of the new news of Zinke pleading guilty to a lesser charge. So what is going on with that Cal

  2. According to the article in the NW Herald, Kim Zinke took drugs from a prescription dropbox at the Pingree Grove PD, and never disposed of them.

    Let’s hope that Kane County goes after her for Official Misconduct.

    It should be a very easy case to prosecute.

    If she does not get a felony conviction, she will keep her pension and she won’t be perma-banned from future LE employment.

    If she moves to rural Missouri with her husband, there are podunk PDs that might consider hiring her even with the baggage that she has.

  3. i think her sentencing is next month but I may be wrong. The official misconduct is a no brainer

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