McHenry Township Board Considering Putting Referendum on November Ballot to Abolish Road District

Thursday night at 7 at the McHenry Township Hall, a discussion will be held by the Township Board about whether to put a referendum on the November ballot to abolish the Township Road District.

The Highway Department would still exist, but it would be run by the Township Board after the 2021 elections, rather than by an elected McHenry Township Road Commissioner.


McHenry Township Board Considering Putting Referendum on November Ballot to Abolish Road District — 27 Comments

  1. Let’s hope it goes thru, works out well, and others follow suit.
    Except where townships are needed like in rural areas.

  2. That Algonquin Township is something.

    That NW Herald story posted by the nob above is a shocker.

  3. Does the taxpayer really gain anything if the township board turns around and hires their friend or supporter, or legitimate professional, to run the road maintenance and repair jobs? Might cost more. Still need the truck drivers, laborers and other worker bees….just sayin!

  4. Township road district run by 4 old guys from wonder lake that know zero about maintaining roads thats a great idea what a bunch of morons

  5. Certainly are a lot of naive folks out there! Bob Anderson’s great Aunt Willa for Deputy Road Commissioner, McHenry Township!

  6. Anyone who thinks Provenzano has any credentials for either job is out of touch with reality. But you have to give him credit….does he get a severance package if he terminates?

  7. Jr. Provenzano is bringing a vast skill set from his learnings at McHenry Harley-Davidson.

    You can’t make this shite up folks#

  8. What does Ryan know about roads? He had to call his mommy and daddy when he got a flat tire in Chicago.

  9. There is more to come on Alg twh patronage hires, have patience.
    Jan 12th is the hearing date for the union mess.
    Wow baby.

  10. The fact that a series of stories are in the NWH and not here is troubling.
    Cal and Andrew, well?

  11. Machone nice adhominrm attack! Are you Jim Condon, who’s gonna be out of a do-nothing job?

    Start looking for another one NOW!

    I’m tired of paying for your kids’ health insurance and buying you gasoline!

  12. That’s hilarious, Ryan isn’t competent enough to change his own tire. He’s definitely a future political candidate

  13. City of Belleville and Belleville township shared the same legal borders. “Belleville Township collected over half a million dollars from taxpayers in 2015. Yet, its only function has been to administer financial aid to about 40 qualifying residents. Of the nearly $550,000 tax dollars collected, only a third, or $175,000 of that money, actually went toward general assistance and community projects. The other two-thirds, $375,000, went toward paying for six employee and administrative salaries, as well as other administrative expenses.”
    While that shows waste in the Supervisors function that should be corrected, it’s not what we are dealing with in this county.

  14. Amen get rid of supervisors that can be done without a reduction in service or increase in taxes

  15. Truth2power please do us a favor and move to Belleville then. There is no way in hell eliminating one of the biggest townships in our county is going to save you $250 on your taxes prove the savings based on our area with real numbers and facts! Oh yeah that’s right you can’t

  16. Jim Condom is the biggest tax saver in the whole County!

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