The Curious Petitions of District 4 GOP McHenry County Board Candidate Passed by Jack Franks’ Stalking Horse

Steve Bellmore

Steve Bellmore is one of three candidates running for McHenry County Board in District 4, which is composed of McHenry, Richmond and Burton Townships.

The other candidates are incumbent Chuck Wheeler and State Senator Pam Althoff.

Of the 112 signatures submitted by Bellmore, 22 are from Jack Franks’ pawn Jeffrey Litche.

You remember Lltche, right?

Jeffrey Litche was on the Jack Franks’ clean-up crew at the Franks’ McHenry Town Hall Meeting when Franks was running for County Board Chairman.

An invisible candidate, he ran in the Republican Primary last year against Steve Reick.

But Litche had a history of voting in the Democratic Party.

He hired people from outside McHenry County to pass his petitions and Mike Madigan allies poured in over $50,000 to malign Reick in the last week of the 2016 campaign.

Litche was listed as a member of Jack Franks’ “Host Committee.”

And, then it was discovered that he had a Jack Franks’ yard sign in his front yard.

The Google photo you see below, however, makes the connection of Lichte to Franks picture perfect.

Jeff Lichte's home with Jack Franks' yard sign in front.

Jeff Lichte’s home with Jack Franks’ yard sign in front.

Here’s is a closer look at the two signs:

Close-up of Jack Franks' yard sign in front of Jeffrey Lichte's home.

Close-up of Jack Franks’ yard sign in front of Jeffrey Lichte’s home.

The Franks sign is readable; the other isn’t.

The County Executive referendum supporter yard sign.

The County Executive referendum supporter yard sign.

It is Franks’ sign favoring passage of electing a McHenry County Board Executive in an at-large election.

The referendum, which opponents charged would make Franks a “County Czar,” was soundly defeated.

The vote was 66.8% No to 34.2% Yes.

Take a look at the petitions Litche passed:

Would I be wrong in thinking that Jack Franks has a dog in the race for Republican County Board membdr in District 4?


The Curious Petitions of District 4 GOP McHenry County Board Candidate Passed by Jack Franks’ Stalking Horse — 55 Comments

  1. Sunshine blogger: How about selling that hat as a fundraiser for our sunshine blog? I’m in for one…perhaps more…Are you in? You would look great wearing one. “BOWLIEVE ME!” Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  2. Granted Althoff has lots of name recognition.

    Of late however it is intimately tied to the biggest case of Voter fraud in the history of McHenry County.

    Remember the Reinert forged petition signatures her contributions paid for?

    Guess we’ll find out how short the voter’s memory really is.

  3. it might be good to look into the candidate in District 5 as Tina withdrew to give her a better chance against Mike Rein. Is she another Franks Stalking Horse?

    As it now stands the Franks support on the Board will grow and the opposition will shrink regardless off the outcomes of the various races.

    The upcoming Auditor vote could be a litmus test of who still has any dorsal vertical osseous support system.

  4. What has Chuck Wheeler done in the past four years that has helped his constituency? He missed more meeting last year than any other board membe and his signature issue was the hiring of staff for Jack Franks. Let’s also not forget that when Jesse white made an appearance at the board, wheeler mentioned that he is a staunch supporter and for Jesse. RINO

  5. **Of late however it is intimately tied to the biggest case of Voter fraud in the history of McHenry County.**

    LOL. Voter fraud. I don’t think that phrase means what you think it means.

  6. @AlabamaShake:

    Election fraud might have been a better choice.

    As in trying to get on the ballot with mostly forged signatures.

    Or signatures of people who just didn’t think it necessary to register to vote.

    Oh say it ain’t so and we’ll post them all again.

    Think they’ll get posted a few times before the election anyway.

    Wanna bet?

  7. Is Mr. Bellmore truly a Democrat, running as a Republican, in order to feather Jack Franks nest? Mr. Bellmore should explain publicly why such a well connected politician needs to resort to trickery to run for the County Board.
    Add all of this to the fraudulent Petitions circulated by the Althoff team there is no doubt in my mind that the Old Guard Repubs want to get Chuck Wheeler out of their way.

  8. @Swampbuggy:

    As recently seen at:
    Liberals Stunned: Leftist Poll Proves “Blue Wall” Lie As 17 Percent Change Means 2018 Upset

    Posted by Martin Walsh | Jan 15, 2018 | American Strength

    While the liberal media desperately propagates groundless theories that President Donald Trump is a racist, a new poll indicates that he is growing in popularity with African Americans as the liberal “blue wall” has been decimated.

    A newly released poll shows that Trump’s support among black voters has doubled since the 2016 presidential election, proving that his America First agenda is resonating with black voters.

    Ahead of crucial midterm elections in November, this could play a very big role in Republicans keeping their majorities in both the Senate and House of Representatives.

  9. Really Fierabras? Do you know any black voters? I don’t know anything about the “poll” you referenced but I do know quite a few black folks and not one of them has grown any fonder of DJT over the last year.

  10. Our president tronald chump growing in popularity and African Americans supporting this downright insecure racist. Sunshine blogger, this is the rambling nonsense in which recorded laughter comes very handy. 2018, please stay with us. We need November to make it here without delay. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tick, tock…

  11. While President Trump is busy keeping you safe and getting your freedoms back from the deep state, you are just a sad fool, Angel.

  12. **Election fraud might have been a better choice. As in trying to get on the ballot with mostly forged signatures.**

    Look – I have little patience for folks who can’t get enough signatures to get on the ballot. It simply isn’t that hard. And it really, really isn’t hard to verify signatures before turning them in.

    But some candidates do get screwed by bad paid help. It sounds like that is what happened with Reinert. It happens. But its hardly some kind of grand conspiracy of election fraud that Pam Althoff is tied to.

    And it most definitely isn’t voter fraud.

  13. Looks like the petition process is deeply, deeply flawed.

    On racism, Democrats and the Democrat Party vigorously opposed Republican President Abraham Lincoln’s efforts to free the slaves, African Americans. A century later, Democrats were not as supportive as Republicans on the Civil Rights Act in the 1960’s. More recently, the former Democrat Vice President Joe Biden is on record of making many racist remarks including one on Senator Barack Obama.

    Democrats and liberals most always lose discussions when they have no valid argument and then quickly revert to and invoke the “racist” comment. The Democrat Party has a rich history of real racism and association with the klan.

    Could it be that liberals and Democrats are the real racists?

  14. Joe Biden? A racist. tronald dump? A great American hero. These history lessons are what make McHenry county great. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  15. Breathtakingly stupid. You have no idea what is going on right now.

  16. The Democrat Party has honored and revered racists from the era of Republican President Abraham Lincoln who worked relentlessly to free the slaves and African Americans. The Democrats staunchly opposed Lincoln. But, that did not end in the 1800’s. The Democrat Party endorsed the racist governor from Alabama and honored the Democrat Senator Byrd who was a klan recruiter. Byrd served in the Democrat Party until 2010. The Democrat Party honored Byrd rather than asking him to step aside. The Democrat Party has deep roots of actual racism.

  17. Hilarious- the voters are going to vote Democrat this election to send a message to the GOP of McHenry they are tired of your shenanigans. Wheeler is a no talent hack. Ask him how he justifies calling himself an expert in healthcare financing as he did when publicly speaking on behalf of the Mercy Micro hospital at the public hearing. As the elected official representing the northern part of the county- I have no idea why he was there- or how being a insurance salesman qualifies you as a healthcare finance expert…. he is beatable if he gets through the primary- if the County Dems can get out of their own way- people are pissed at the ridiculousness of the GOP.

  18. @bred winner –
    Here’s a very short video from Vox about the transition of the parties from the racist Democratic party in the South, to the new Republican party in the north.

    There are a few myths that Ignorant Commentators like to whine:
    Myth 1: In order for Republicans to become competitive in the south, they became racists and appealed to southern whites. This is simply not true.

    Myth 2: Southern White Democrats switched parties and that’s why Republicans started winning in the south. This also is not true. OF the 21 Democratic senators who opposed the Civil Rights Act, just one actually became a Republican. On average, those 20 seats did not go GOP until another 2 decades passed.

    Myth 3: Since the implementation of the “Southern Strategy,” the GOP has dominated the south. Richard Nixon, who was credited with the Southern Strategy, lost the deep south in 1968. Jimmy Carter nearly swept 12 years after the Civil Rights Act. 28 years later, Clinton won Georgia, Louisiana, Arkansas, Kentucky, and Tennessee. The GOP did not win the majority of southern seats until the 1990’s. Effectively, Southern Democrats did not ditch the GOP because of the Civil Rights Act/Southern Strategy.

    So, what really happened? Why does the South vote Republican? The answer is: Values. You argue that racism is the key issue with Democrats and they are the racist party. That’s just simply not true. Racism does not define the south, otherwise, after, the Civil Rights Act of 1965, there would have been an immediate flip-flop of voting electorate to the GOP. THe issues that matter are values. Today, as then, Pro life, pro gun and pro small government values reign supreme to southern voters..

    While you are right that, historically, it was southern Democrats that supported slavery and northern Whigs/Republicans that were anti-slavery, a shift of party values started to occur in the 1860’s wherinn Republicans opposed big government, culturally conservative and against federal intrusion into states’ rights to allow Jim Crow.

    In the 1870’s, Republicans gave up on trying to reform the south and white Democrats took over installing many more Jim Crow laws using the 13the amendment as a way to legalize slavery.

    Fast forward to the 1920’s, Republicans become party of big business. But the depression occurred and the public looked to FDR and other Democrats to redefine role of the government. The GOP opposed big government and FDRs programs, which increasingly helped the rural poor southern (ie:TVA) and put Americans back to work. Black Republicans started to shift to Democrats and visa versa.

    Fast forward to the 1950’s/60’s Civil Rights Debate, northerners support desegregation, white southerners did support.
    1964 – LBJ Signs the Civil Right’s Act/Barry Goldwater Opposes the act. Black voters in the South turn Democrat/White Voters switch to the GOP making the South largely what it is today.

    Then, as history goes, Nixon is elected as the “law and order” candidate. Sound familiar? He coins the term “War on Drugs” and begins cracking down on urban crime. (Not about race) In the 1980’s, the GOP elects Reagan as the values/business candidate. (Race has nothing to do with his election.)

    Then, from 1980-2011, immigration issues came to the forefront of the GOP with staunch GOP supporters wanting to be tough on Immigration. What happened? Romney loses, 71% of Hispanics vote for Obama and GOP leaders fear in 2012 Autopsy that immigration, immigrant children and the white base opposing amnesty is a loser for long-term GOP success.

    Then, 2016 – Trump wins appealing to the resentment of party leaders, strong opposition to immigration trends and wins the primary on the back of white voters.

    IN SUM:

    GOP leaders need to decide what they want their party to be, but the party of Lincoln no longer resembles the party of Trump anymore than the party of John Breckenridge is the party of Barrack Obama. So, Bred, you are grossly incorrect in drawing a line from racism by 1860’s Democrats to 2017 Democrats.

  19. Nicely done!

    An actual argument!

    Deals well with the historical basis for the changes in party positions and electorate loyalties.

    Now, if we could just somehow figure out why liberals of today love to yell “racist” in a crowded room while espousing policies which enslave their fellow man we could catch up to 2018 and have a fantastic discussion!

    That was just fantastic as an argument… Wow! About time…

  20. Too bad it longer matters. There are NO parties. They are all a myth. Ideals are gone. Nothing will bring it back. Indoctrination, Priest. There is your simple answer.

  21. Priest, where do you think the phrase ” Piece of mind” came from? I figure when speaking to a liberal, their mind is in conflict with their conscience . . . therefore you get a piece of their mind . . . anger.

  22. Fair Play? You are an idiot. Someone compliments you and you turn around and attack me? You are too stupid for mere words.

  23. Our very own second coming of William F. Buckley, Jr. comes to life again to remind us how important intellectualism is. In the meantime, I will still hold on to the history lessons from my compassionate conservative friends who think the victims of racism are the real perpetrators. 2018, the long wait was really worth it…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  24. So, Mr or Ms Fair, which political party presently promotes and condones racism in the US Congress whereby certain groups are formed by race and others of a different race are excluded from joining those groups?

  25. Mr or Ms Fair, you are wrong about FDR programs. Distinguished studies have determined that FDR policies actually extended the length of the depression and misery for Americans. In addition, Democrat FDR was dishonest with Americans and totally hid his huge medical problem from Americans AND the dishonest media of that time colluded to keep secret FDR’s medical problems. Contrast this to our current President who told his physician, also the physician of Obama, to divulge every single aspect and details of his recent physical.

    Trump probably in much better health than Obama who smoked or Bill Clinton who did drugs.

  26. Wow. We got a liberal, a Democrat, a supporter of illegal aliens who uses the word intellectualism. But, sadly, tries to use it in an incorrect sentence ending in the word “is”. I suggest a remedial writing course for the individual.

  27. Why is it that compassionate conservatives need to bring the grammar card when losing an argument? Poor miserable souls defending an outright inept racist buffoon president while deflecting responsibility about racism on democrats. tronald dump good to live 200 years…stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  28. There are only two inept presidents in most or our lifetimes. Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama. Carter was the worst until Obama came along. Carter was inept but Obama was also inept but also lawless, reckless and stupid. A dope who knew nothing, zero, about the economy. He once stupidly said in 2012 that successful business owners and leaders did not actually build those businesses to be successful but that SOMEBODY ELSE made that happen.

  29. Really? That’s your response, “Obama is stupid.”
    No comment on the video or the argument or counterpoints – nothing?

    I even had Priests’ praise, which is a lot to say given he hates me.

    Bred??? Hello???

  30. Ms, Mr Fair. There is just an incredible amount of documented evidence about Obama’s stupidity.

    Do I need to get into all of the documentation of the “stupidity” of Barack Obama? Perhaps you watch Democrat propaganda tv news stations on broadcast tv and cable which of course cover up all of Obama’s stupidity. Let’s start with his stupidity on Afghanistan where he told the enemy about his strategy and troop deployment dates. How dumb. General/President Eisenhower was rolling over in his grave when he heard the dope Obama’s statements on Afghanistan war strategy, tactics.

  31. Mr, Ms Fair states:

    “Then, 2016 – Trump wins appealing to the resentment of party leaders, strong opposition to immigration trends and wins the primary on the back of white voters.”

    Fair is trying to use some convoluted rationale for illegal immigration in using his term “immigration trends”. What the heck is that? Trends? Perhaps Fair is in the camp of some in the US who EQUATE legal immigration to that of illegal aliens coming into the US. If that is so, equating legal immigrants who follow all the laws to come into the US to illegal aliens, does not pass muster. Those condoning illegal aliens are much less than Amrican patriots and should be despised. If you condone illegal immigration, are you scum, the lowest form of humanity in the US?

  32. Now now… Don’t volunteer my “hate”.

    I have zero respect for liberal ideals and the weak minds who cannot even espouse what those ideals may be.

    I do not support positions which harm the Citizen.

    I stand against any and every would be “strong man” who attempts to maneuver The People closer to enslavement by their dystopian vision of “the state” under their rule.

    I do not hate you.

    I just stand against everything you’ve written so far on this blog’s comment section.

    You’re wrong, not hated.

  33. @Cautious Voter – Jeez! The 90’s called and they want their website back!

    @Mr. Bred – 1. I think you need to turn cable news off for a second and stop thinking that I’m a shill for what Democrats are saying about immigration and this impending government shut down. 2. Put your porcupine needles down for a second and re-read my previous post.

    You said that Democrats of the 1860’s are the Democrats of today and their common thread is racism. I point by point refuted that and you have not addressed the merit of my argument. Do you have anything to comment on that?

    Concerning your new attack, the GOP, not me, did a 2012 autopsy on the Romney/Ryan loss. They declared that it was a failure of the party to appeal to minorities/immigrants, which contributed to their loss to Obama. Fast forward to 2016, Trump was able to win on platform of anti-immigration, pro-nationalism, and anti-establishment.

    And, just to be clear, I’m not really sure why you find enjoyment in ambiguously defining my gender, but I am male. So you can call me Mr. Fair Play and I’ll call you Mr. Bred Winner – capiche?

  34. Jack Franks, why hide behind a fake name? Don’t pretend you’re one of the ‘little people.’ Did you really think we wouldn’t notice?

  35. Did you post on the wrong thread again Ricky? Because Altoff/Reinert thread is WAY over there. (points over there)

  36. Watching, I was referring to this post by Jim above:

    “Is Mr. Bellmore truly a Democrat, running as a Republican, in order to feather Jack Franks nest? Mr. Bellmore should explain publicly why such a well connected politician needs to resort to trickery to run for the County Board.
    Add all of this to the fraudulent Petitions circulated by the Althoff team there is no doubt in my mind that the Old Guard Repubs want to get Chuck Wheeler out of their way.”

    The Althoff-Franks Axis must be smashed!

  37. I understand now. I guess comments can just go in any direction, who cares? Right?

  38. Mr Fair said

    “Trump was able to win on platform of anti-immigration,…”

    That is how Democrats and the main stream media (mostly mouthpieces for Democrats) misled many low information Americans. Democrats and media lie about immigration by equating illegal immigrants (illegal aliens) with immigrants who come to our Nation legally.

    Trump very clearly and numerous times in his presidential campaign stated that he was ANTI ILLEGAL immigration. Illegal aliens include an amount of criminals, gang members, druggies, perhaps some terrorists and other undesirables from nations south of the border.

    We need the wall/fence in strategic locations on the south border. That is the location of the problem.

    How many people reading this blog keep their car doors locked wherever they park same and also keep the doors to their house and garage locked? Why do they do that?

  39. God bless undocumented immigrants and all countries of the world…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  40. The Democrats will sweep all before them this year. They will retake the House and Senate and impeach Trump in the House. Then they will be faced with the difficult decision of whether to remove him from office and install Pence, thereby giving the GOP a shot at holding on to the White House in 2020, or leaving the Donald to twist slowly in the wind and maybe lose Hawaii to nukes from North Korea.

  41. The data and results since Nov 2016 show the very positive effect that Trump has had on our Nation. But, you would probably not know that if you only watch main stream broadcast and cable news media and get news from the prominent and deceitful NY and DC newspapers who are merely mouthpieces and handmaidens of the Democrat Party. Those who voted for hillry back in 2016, in spite of her horrendous criminal conduct, are useful idiots at best.

  42. Shrewd political analysis from our delusional compassionate conservatives always give us a good laugh. tronald chump has made us the laughing stock of the planet…Grammar lessons anybody? Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  43. The laughing stock (very sadly) of the U.S. are citizens (I gather) of our great Nation who are incredibly dumb and gullible who champion for people who invade our Nation and thata disobey our immigration laws. Why are they so dumb? I would guess that most if not all of these people are high school drop-outs who maybe at best only completed their second year of high school. But perhaps, some did somehow get through high school (C average) and during that experience were brainwashed by left wing teachers. The brainwashing continued when these young people matured to adults and regularly received their news from the mostly left wing media, tv, radio, newspapers.

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