Algonquin Township Holds Special Meeting: Lukasik Asked to Resign

Algonquin Township held its special meeting to pay three bills that were not included in Highway Department bills. The bills were posted online on the official Algonquin Township Highway Department website financial information page.

Supervisor Lutzow opened the bills up for discussion by the trustees but hearing none discussion was closed.  The vote was unanimous with trustees Lawrence, Shea, and Victor voting YES along with Algonquin Township Supervisor Lutzow also voting in the affirmative.

Karen Lukasik

After the vote came public comment.  The only one to speak was a man named Pete.  He complained about how the board was operating and spoke about the problems inside the supervisor’s office.  He then called for Algonquin Township Highway Clerk Karen Lukasik to resign.

No one else from the public spoke and the board moved into executive session for litigation and personnel matters.  Trustee Lawrence asked township attorney Jim Kelly if they could go into executive session to talk about personnel who may no longer working at the township to which Kelly responded in the affirmative.

Seventeen residents of Algonquin Township were in attendance as well as the Northwest Herald’s Ed Komenda.

There was no live streaming at this event.  This is the second meeting in a row without live streaming for the public.


Algonquin Township Holds Special Meeting: Lukasik Asked to Resign — 10 Comments

  1. The Assessor is the only one who has no dirt on him so far.
    If the other 3 all resign at the same time, well it would be fair and balanced draining of the swamp.

  2. No, Gasser needs to hold on to make sure the Millers pay for their crimes. Go get em, Andy!

  3. Has there been any opinions or questioning the township attorney?
    Not feeling confident with anyone there but Lawrence and Gasser.
    The clerk needs to resign.
    It was offensive watching and listening to the disrespect for our records and the process.
    I don’t care if it were a 2 minute snippet, it shows enough to figure out the personality and
    disregard, if not unlawfulness.

  4. Ed Komenda!? Since when does the Jack Franks Herald actually cover the local political scene?

    Komenda, Lutzow and Lukasik should all resign from their respective positions.

  5. I’m sure the meeting was regarding what Mini Provenzano did to get canned. Perhaps LuKasik was looking for docs removed from the clerks office? We don’t know the whole story. But I’d love to

  6. Nice headline that implies that the township officials asked Lukasik to resign. That’s not what happened, but Cal’s headline sure implies such.

  7. Joek, you and the Albanian Snake need to resign from this blog and go back to Daddy Franks for further instructions!

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