Jeanne Ives Tonight at McHenry VFW — 12 Comments

  1. Will be interesting to see Jeanne debate Rauner in the primary and then debate the fat guy, or whoever the Dems put up, in the general.

  2. bred winner, Rauner will not debate Jeanne, they have already invited him and he declined. Oh and I think she would be great debating JB Pritzker, the glutton.

  3. Sunshine blogger; another great opportunity to show your paparazzi skills. We are counting on you. Oh, wait! That’s for Jack Franks only. Republican fundraisers and rallies are for free lunch/dinner. My bad…stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  4. The sophisticated Illinois Electorate, will sweep Pritzker to victory after he promises in his campaign, to eliminate Property Taxes by simply having the State confiscate their property.

  5. Angel and DJ, you guys crack me up!!
    I bet Jack screwed cal out of a few lunches and that’s why he’s always picking on Jack.
    And ” eliminating Property Taxes by simply having the State confiscate their property”.
    This cant get any better, LOL!!

  6. Isn’t Pritzker the guy who disconnected his toilets and sinks in one of his houses to get a substantial reduction in his real estate tax assessment?

  7. bred winner, yes I think he did . . . he probably needed larger ones.

  8. If Ives does not win the primary,
    the Dem candidate will win the General by a huge margin,
    the County Board will be populated by Dems and Rinos;
    plus Althoff’s seat will go Dem because conservatives will stay away from the polls in McHenry and Lake County in November (that is those who are left because conservatives are abandoning the Illinois Titanic).

  9. Remember the Fox Valley Freeway?

    It was a deal between the Pritzker family businesses, who purchased large tracts of property in Richmond Township, and the George Ryan Culture of Corruption to build an Interstate through McHenry County neighborhoods.

    We defeated it by mobilizing the community to oppose it.

    I still laugh when I remember Fat Jack Schaeffer standing in front of 500+ voters at Prairie View Elementary lying through his teeth and losing his credibility in public. Shortly thereafter, he lost the primary for Congress in a district he designed for himself.


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