Public Hearing for Unified Development Ordinance Wednesday

A public hearing on proposed amendments to the UDO is set for 7:00pm Wednesday, January 24th at the McHenry County Administration Building in Conference Room C.

Residents in rural areas and those concerned with water usage should have an interest in proposed changes to the UDO.

Information and copy with ‘redlined’ amendments can be found here:

Agricultural Produce Processing will be an additional “principal use” (yes the UDO’s heading is principal, not principle.)


I learned in grade school that a “principal” was your “pal” and the only use for this version of the word.






Is the use change stemming from a rumored produce washing/packaging facility near Marengo?

Also of interest is the change in definition of Group Home. The new definition allows up to 12 individuals in one single family dwelling.

At the January 16th County Board meeting, members of the public spoke against this large number, specifically for a group home proposal in Crystal Lake that would utilize an old septic system.



Public Hearing for Unified Development Ordinance Wednesday — 4 Comments

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