Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Wins Round 1 of Fight with Local 150

A curbside view of the Local 150 picket line.

In boxing the decision reversing a hearing officer’s finding in favor of Local 150 of the Operating Engineers against Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser would probably be called a technical knockout.

Immediately upon taking office at 7 AM on a May morning, Gasser reputiated the labor bargaining agreement signed by former Road Commissioner Bob Miller after he lost the Republican Primary Election to Gasser, but before he left the office he had held since the early 1990’s.

The labor union immediately went to the Illinois Labor Relations Board for relief.

The hearing officer found Local 150’s arguments persuasive, but the Board concluded that Gasser attorney Robert Hanlon’s argument that Gasser had not been properly served with the paperwork significant enough to set aside the hearing examiner’s finding.

Andrew Gasser

“We find that the Highway Department, the current named respondent, was not properly served with the complaint.

“Because application of Section 1220.40 (b)(3) assumes proper service of the complaint, that Section’s provisions cannot trigger the admission of the allegations in the complaint, thereby vitiating the recommendation for default judgment.”

“We are very pleased with this ruling and we will keep moving forward at the highway department for the taxpayers of Algonquin Township.  I will direct all questions to Mr. Robert Hanlon,” Gasser said.



Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Wins Round 1 of Fight with Local 150 — 24 Comments

  1. Thank you Andrew! Costly but this is squarely on Miller. Given he was paying Anna $100k a year it will be proven Not to be a bad investment considering we will have a Township free of “Boss Hog” and a clear view that like most Townships in developed area they have outlived their usefulness. If the courts do the right thing on the “vacation pay” that will be another $40k+ recovered.

  2. These proceedings before the Illinois Labor Relations Board are nothing but a sideshow.

    There isn’t really much question that Mr Gasser broke the purported agreement with Local 150; the question is whether or not said agreement was entered into lawfully.

    What really matters is the court case that will determine whether or not the agreement is valid.

    If the Highway Department wins there, the problem goes away for now, but the Department will still have to negotiate a new agreement with Local 150.

  3. Andrew Gasser continues to quietly impress many people in our subdivision. He is fixing our bridge. What is really striking to so many of us is the appearance of improper conduct. This is just another symptom of it.

    Didn’t Local 150 “declare victory” over Andrew?

    Didn’t the Northwest Herald run a huge story on this and Local 150 winning this judgement?

    Just keep doing what your doing Andy. As a taxpayer and a constituent of yours thank you for keeping your promises, fixing this bridge, and sticking up for us. The political class may not like you but we do.

  4. The default judgment was denied, this is not a ruling on the merits. And Cal… Round 1? Puh-leeeese.

  5. technical knockout?
    The fight isn’t over!
    Much more popcorn is yet to be eaten, and $$$ wasted.

  6. That is another fight that isn’t over yet either friend.
    More to come so I’ve heard.

  7. Nob should check his hearing aide. I think it’s playing tricks on him again.

  8. Yes, I know that Casey. It’s a direct link to the exact page. I thought that was more helpful for those (like nob) that can’t find there way there.

  9. This Hanlon guy is amazing. He won without showing up! Wasn’t it some nut job complaining he didn’t show up and charged too much. In reality it looks like Hanlon capitalized on somebody’s screw-up. Planned it and called local 150 on it. More popcorn!

    And if you’re reading this Mr. Hanlon, keep the stories coming.

    So far multi-miller-gate has given us:
    Tote bag gate!
    Fancy clothes gate!
    Gift card gate!
    150 gate!
    Sweeper gate1!
    Sweeper gate2!
    IPass gate!
    Salt gate!
    Disney gate!
    Verizon bill gate!
    Derek lee gate!

    Keep me cominy

  10. The Algonquin Township Road District website is a big improvement, but we have problems Houston!
    Algonquin Township Highway Dept, can you say disingenious?

  11. Keep deflecting Nob…..that’s about all you have at this point so it seems.

  12. The issue is the future of the unionization.
    What happens to Miller is a separate issue.
    Deflecting at tad pals?
    Swordfish pay attention, I’m not related except possibly to Adam and Eve, but them so would you be.

  13. Hanlon is topshelf when it comes to the law. I wish he would have run for Judge but any great lawyer can do so much better being a lawyer. Maybe he’ll run for Judge when he’s ready to slow down. Up thru now and in the near future-he can only be described as Man on Fire!

    Hang in there Gas’man. You’ve done a lot of good, good things for Alg. Twnshp and the taxpayers who reside in that twnshp! Stay on the RIGHT course and you’ll prevail and those against you will eat their words. I suspect Miller supporters will soon deny (and lie) that they ever supported him.

  14. Where’s all the BACK UP for 10,000 $$$+ for all the Amazon purchases

  15. Gasser doesn’t seem half as shady as Miller. I’m too young and uninterested to know the truth – because I’m a millennial.

    Oh and he didn’t buy Disney tickets – nor have a goofy bidding process for expensive machinery.

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