County Board District 4 Board Member Chuck Wheeler Sets February Fundraiser

County Board Member Chuck Wheeler is holding a fundraiser for his re-election bid for District 4.

The event is February 8th from 6:00-8:00pm at Bull Dog Ale House on Rte 31 in McHenry.

The suggested donation is $25 with a discounted $15 rate for Precinct Committeemen.

The event will include special guest speaker Robert Hanlon, Esq.

Invitation to Chuck Wheeler’s fundraiser


County Board District 4 Board Member Chuck Wheeler Sets February Fundraiser — 15 Comments

  1. I’ll help him identify corruption right here:

    Corrupt local politicos:

    Clerk Lukasik (Alg. Township)
    Jim Condom (McH Tshp)
    Pam ‘the scam’ Althoff (State Sen., for a few more months)
    Booby Miller (Alg. Town ship tyrant, deposed)
    Jacko Franks (Co. Bd Rat)

  2. Sunshine blogger, do you need an assistant? This Free Dinner-A-Palooza you have going is too enticing. I’m open to any offer. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  3. I support Chuck Wheeler in his efforts to make McHenry County Right again.. Chuck is a powerful force in this endeavor but he can’t do it alone…he needs our help …Hope to see you all there on Feb 8th..please look for me I will be wearing the name tag that says BILL MATTESON….please come up and say HI…

  4. Bill Matteson why don’t you stay in Harvard where you belong!
    Box O Rocks Wheeler needs more than a fund raiser to win this next election.

  5. Matteson! You Want to Make McHenry county right again, People like you need to leave!!
    You Ever hear the saying, It only takes one rotten apple to spoil the bunch?
    That’s You Bill Matteson from your $hitty little apartment in Harvard and the rotten ones don’t make it that far.

  6. Bill Matteson… Powerful force? More like incoherent flubberbottom.

    If Chuck Wheeler is somehow the chosen one that help move conservatism forward, then conservatism is deader than anyone imagined.

    You high bitch.

  7. Bill Matteson wins again.

    Whenever the pink hat crowd starts calling names.

  8. Our Army has a slogan: “A few good men”. I will take one Bill Matteson over a legion of “stand4truth”s who wouldn’t know the truth if it ‘bit em in the a##’.

    I am glad Cal does not censor posts. Good to know the true nature of some of the more prolific posters here.

  9. Wow, the toxic venom of Jack Franks aka ‘Stand4Truth’… the more hate you spit at Wheeler, the more I feel Wheeler must be good. Very Good.

  10. Wow..Looks like I stepped on some toes…Like I say I will be at that fund raiser..I’ll be proudly wearing a name tag that says “BILL MATTESON” my own name… I have no need to hide behind little pink vagina names like”stand4truth and 2018pooper….so if you sissy’s show up. come on over and say hi…I’ll be glad to meet you….

  11. Just for clarification…We have a really great Little apt in Harvard my wife and I moved into some years ago ..after raising 9 kids ….we are happy together with over 62 years of marriage….

  12. Hey Billy you can come with me. I will be standing with you at this event as will many other people.

    You are one of the top producing committeemen in the Northwest Republican party. I respect and like you a great deal. I know and respect Chuck Wheeler very much He has done a great job on the board and most recently he is supporting, many great new initiatives with Animal Control that the voters and taxpayers of McHenry County want and support.

  13. 9 kids, LOL.. I bet they’re just like you and your worthless self loathing opinion of others.
    Are any of those 9 offspring any better than you?
    Probably not. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree!
    I checked the tax records and you don’t even pay property taxes so you are likely living off my tax dollars..
    When you decide to be a real man and you can pay your own way then come talk to me because as you stand your real name doesn’t mean a thing.
    Furthermore, I wouldn’t be caught dead at chuck box of rocks wheelers fundraiser even if you were trying to call me out.
    Chuck wheelers campaign must be failing miserably if you’ve resorted to desperate measures as these.

  14. I can tell you there are a whole lot of people in Marengo (Jack Franks backyard) who don’t pay their own way. Wonder how that will ever attract any business to the area. NOT..The city data is what companies use to gauge if a place is a good business location.

    Interesting how Franks and Skala reach out to Crook County for Economic partnerships when this area ( Jack Franks backyard)is so destitute..I mean he has been one of the most powerful politicians in Illinois and just look at the outcome..Drive down Route 23 in Marengo and see the results of a Democrat and a former RINO mayor…

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