Proof of Reduction in Costs with Township Road District Elimination is Goal of Legislation Filed by Rep. Steve Reick

From the Rep. Steve Reick’s Office:

Rep. Reick Files Legislation to Require Cost Study to Ensure Township Road District Consolidations Save Money

Taxpayers and elected leaders seek consolidation because they want lower taxes.

I fully support consolidation that results in lower taxes.

Steve Reick

But consolidation just for the sake of consolidation- when taxes don’t go down or possibly would actually increase- that is not in the best interest of taxpayers.

What’s missing is an accountability layer; we need an additional step of transparency so trustees and voters aren’t voting on a measure that could have unforeseen negative consequences.

On January 16 I filed legislation that would require a cost analysis to determine if consolidation proposals will actually save taxpayers money.

HB 4190 serves as a trailer bill to clarify two pieces of legislation approved earlier this year (SB 03 and HB 607).

The bill would require a cost study be conducted before a township’s trustees could take action to put a consolidation proposal before voters.

Specifically, the bill would amend the Illinois Highway Code by providing that before a township may submit a referendum to abolish a road district, the township must prepare through an independent contractor a cost study that demonstrates the abolishment is cost-effective and that the township which would assume the road district responsibilities is capable of carrying out the duties performed by the road district slated for elimination.

Any consulting firm with an existing agreement for services in the township in question or in the county where the township is located would be prohibited from conducting the study.

There are some who do not think elected officials should have to make their case for taxpayer savings before bringing consolidation proposals before voters.

I have posted a short survey to my web site to gain public input from taxpayers. Click here to take my short survey about consolidation.



Proof of Reduction in Costs with Township Road District Elimination is Goal of Legislation Filed by Rep. Steve Reick — 12 Comments

  1. What’s next?

    Candidates supplying “cost studies” before getting on the ballot?

    Cost studies in order for the people to exercise their will through referendums?

    I’m not in favor of any legislation which interferes with the right of the voters to exercise their own will through voting.

  2. How does it interfere with your right to vote?
    The legislation suggests proving a saving before a vote, it doesn’t stop the right to vote.
    Educated voters are bad now?

  3. Went to Reick’s link and discovered you must enter your personal information before you can see the questions.

    Then I noticed who appears to be behind the questionnaire – Jim Durkin – The guy who is playing dirty politics in his own primary by claiming his opponent is ‘dirty’ because his opponent is backed by Dan Proft who gets money from Dick Uhlein who backed Judge Moore in the Alabama Senate primary.

    In my opinion, it appears Mr. Reick may be sleeping with dogs. Sleep with dogs and you can get fleas.

    When I noticed the involvement of Durkin I backed out of taking the survey which is primarily designed to get your personal information. I have no idea what the questions are.

  4. Interesting observation.
    We should also consider the McSweeney is teaming with Dem Franks, Yerling, and Bob Amderson to create bigger gov that has already been proven to raise taxation.
    Proof then a vote, to much to ask for?

  5. @out of towner: There’s no conspiracy here. The survey is created on a standard template which contains a standard footer. This has the effect of saving money, since to do otherwise would require me to create my own templates, at taxpayer cost.
    It’s my survey, I didn’t clear it with anyone and all survey results come directly to me. The reason I ask for the contact information is to assure that I’m hearing from my constituents. If you notice, you can opt out of receiving updates and can keep your comments anonymous.
    The survey has only one question:
    “Before placing a referendum question on a ballot, should townships exploring the consolidation of its road district into general operations have to conduct a cost study to ensure services would be maintained and that taxpayers would realize a financial benefit?”
    You can answer “Yes” or “No”.

  6. Reick is a deadbeat, personally. He doesn’t pay his bills, even when they reduced to judgments!

  7. Thank you for the clarification. I wish more people involved in politics would take the time to clarify impressions of what ‘we, the unwashed’ get to see.

    When a person sees that a candidate received $1,118,114 in campaign finances from various groups controlled primarily by Jim Durkin, one may wonder what strings were attached to the million plus.

    That said, as posted elsewhere on this site, if a study is done and used to pass a referendum, there must be a penalty if the expected results of the study are not achieved.

  8. I will never vote for him AGAIN! And no conservative should. The man is an atheist! And pro LGBTQ/Abortion/Sanctuary DACA. He doesn’t support Trump’s effort to drain the swamp at all.

    He IS a captive-whore of the Township Officials of Illinois. And he thinks he’ll get more votes and money by being their kept boy. He has health issues that may prevent him from completing his next term.

  9. I don’t see anything in the bill that spells out exactly how the cost study should be conducted.

    Because of this lack of specificity, it’s a pretty safe bet that any such study will reach the conclusions desired by the party that commissions it.

    This lack of specificity will also give any Highway Commissioner who wishes to keep his job ample grounds to mount a taxpayer funded challenge to a study that concludes that he can be replaced.

    Perhaps Mr. Reick should have named this bill “The Highway Commissioner Protection Act of 2018.”

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