A Brief Synopsis at Tuesday’s Democratic Governor Candidate Forum

Coverage From the Media Can Make or Break Any Campaign

2002 Libertarian Candidate for Governor Cal Skinner handles a piglet at a meeting on raising toll rates on the Illinois Tollway.

President Trump’s victory in the primary was fueled with press coverage by a liberal media that thought Trump would fail in the general election against Hillary Clinton.

Case in point, the Associated Press coverage in the Northwest Herald on Tuesday’s Democratic governor candidate forum.

Hosted by the progressive group Our Revolution Illinois/Chicago, the one and a half hour debate proved somewhat interesting with the question changeup format.

Candidates were asked different questions around the same topic, some questions referenced back to a candidate’s background or experience.

CTU President Karen Lewis gave the welcome speech, jabbing Rauner during her time at the podium.

All six of the candidates support a $15 minimum wage and free college tuition, but none have a solution for the pension crisis and all would raise taxes.

J.B. Pritzker

Billionaire J.B. Pritzker and State Senator Daniel Biss seem to be winning over the media’s attention.

With the help of Bruce Rauner’s wiretap recording campaign ads, (www.pritzkerblago.com) Biss and Kennedy challenged Pritzker’s connection to imprisoned former Gov. Rod Blagojevich and the wiretapped conversations between the two.

Biss came off as whiney and annoying at the get go; a vocal coach could alleviate that difficulty.

Hits at Pritzker’s billionaire status were launched throughout the evening.

Like his ancestors, Chris Kennedy spoke about broken and corrupt government, but unlike Jack and Bobby who captured a generation’s adoration, Chris Kennedy, with is white hair and lack of youthfulness and vitality came off as outdated and part of the problem establishment.

A Huntley man was in the booth for Danial Biss. His daughter convinced him Biss deserved his support.

Biss knows his graduated income tax plan is something his progressive followers will support, but I’m not certain Biss will draw enough of the establishment vote from Pritzker to come out on top.

Printzker said he would “put the state back on firm financial footing” but from the debate, tax increases are his only solution.

Three candidates come off as having no shot in the race:

Hardiman, the only African American on the ballot, feels the way to reduce violence in Chicago is to put new police officers on the street without a gun for the first six months on the job.

Marshall has a plan to split Illinois into three separate states: Chicago, its suburbs and downstate.

Daiber? Not much I can remember about him.

The full debate can be found on online at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2E82TmauY6k

At this point in time, the rate is between Pritzker and Biss. Only time will tell who the main stream media will define as the Democratic nominee.


A Brief Synopsis at Tuesday’s Democratic Governor Candidate Forum — 15 Comments

  1. Who’s holding our sunshine blogger in the picture? The guy looks promising…stay tuned…Tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tick, tock…

  2. The beliefs and policies of both JFK and Bobby were more in line with Republican Party Than Democrat. Party of today.

  3. “all would raise taxes”

    Goes without saying. That is always part of a Dem’s platform.

  4. Hey angle did you drink your edutonics flavored kool aid today??

  5. This piece reads like a joke. Every time the phrase “common sense” comes up in a conversation, my grandson tells us that we should change it to “rare sense”. This kind of proves his point. What has happened to folks?

  6. Biss! Piss!

    “They shouldn’t vote for me just because I am Jewish,” he concluded. “The basic Jewish values of tikkun olam, of intellectual probing, of asking the hard questions even if powerful people don’t want you to ask the hard questions, of making government work for all of us…those to me are not just universal values, they’re particularly Jewish values.  They’re values rooted in the Jewish story and in the Jewish faith and the Jewish value system. It’s a unique opportunity to bring those values to the state of Illinois.”

  7. I wonder if Rahm and Rauner subscribe to the above stated “Jewish Values”.
    I think not.

  8. This is a very strange post that is inaccurate. It appears to combine coverage about two different events.

    Are you referring the NBC debate that happened this past Tuesday? Or the Our Revolution forum that happened months ago (and not on a Tuesday)?

    The YouTube link is to the Our Revolution forum from October. But then you refer to Kennedy/Biss being helped by the Rauner TV ads re: Blago/JB, which didn’t start until a few weeks ago.

  9. Obviously, Cal & the wrecking crew couldn’t care less,about the Democratic options. I can’t wait to see how the gang here comes down on the worst governor in the nation vs Ivies.

  10. Also, why is there a picture of Cal and a pig on this post? How is that relevant?

  11. Title states:

    “Coverage From the Media Can Make or Break Any Campaign”

    Maybe not always.

    In 2016, Trump endured a constant barrage of mostly negative coverage, or no coverage, of his campaigns in the primary and general. This from the mostly left leaning media which almost unanimously predicted that Hillary would win the general. They were so wrong, bigly, and he won in spite of their efforts to undermine him.

    Imagine if our media, the Fourth Estate, were even close to fair and neutral in the treatment of Trump. There is no doubt that his margins of victory, overall votes and electoral votes would have been greater.

  12. tronald dump with no media coverage…and this lunatic sunshine commenter dreams of being taken seriously. Remember the empty podium? More history lessons, please. Grammar lessons would be fine…stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock

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