Valley Hi Daily Room Rate Increases — Another Broken Promise From Jack Franks

Jack Franks

The content creator of has updated the website with a new posting on the increase in Valley Hi room rates.–Another-Broken-Promise-By-Lying-Jack-Franks

This item could not have been placed on agendas without Chairman Jack Franks’ approval.

Minutes from the December 13, 2017 Valley Hi Operating Board meeting show the increase was because room rates are lower than market.

Snapshot of the minutes from 12/13/17 Valley Hi Operating Board meeting.

The resolution passed without any discussion regarding the issue at the January 11th Committee of the Whole or the January, 16th 2018 Regular Board Meeting.

With a $39+ million surplus in reserve in the Valley Hi Fund, the fee increase item was left on the consent agenda.

The only member of the Board who voted against the increase was District 6 Board Member, Jim Kearns.

The consent agenda passed on a 22-1 vote, Michelle Aavang stepped away during the vote.



Valley Hi Daily Room Rate Increases — Another Broken Promise From Jack Franks — 14 Comments

  1. Wilcox was the ram rod of this user fee increase!
    Jack went with the recommendations of the Valley Hi board and the County Board passed it.
    No increase in property taxes is bad now?

  2. So with MILLIONS of dollars in reserve they raise the rates to match others? Many years ago the tax increase for Valley Hi was not to see how much money they can keep in the bank. How long is the waiting list to get in to Valley Hi? there should be some investigating on how and what to do with this much money. Stop or lower the tax amount we all pay into for Valley Hi…

  3. I don’t think Wilcox ever made the promise of not raising user rates. Franks did. Are we shocked that Franks broke his promise? Not in the least. It is now expected of this Professional Politician. Say whatever sounds good, meanwhile…
    With all the money in excess, that should’ve been used first IMO.

    WHY IS ANYONE “STEPPING AWAY” DURING A VOTE???? Michelle Aavang playing politics instead of doing her job… again. This is why we Need to vote in Orv Brettman and Ersel Schuster. Mar 20 Check your voting place BEFORE voting day. So many of them have changed and it hasn’t been publicised. I suspect this is a political sham. Such Madigan-esque tactics in McHenry County.

  4. OK not making fun of the guy, other than calling him out as a Liar, which he is. But Can anyone tell me where he gets his hair done? My 88 yr old mother wants hers to look just like that.
    (She kinda stuck in 1980 and still likes that feminine version of the mullet.)

    Not Kidding, if anyone knows it would make me a hero to my Ma. Thanks

  5. Walk out immediately before a vote that may hurt you in you district at election time?

    That’s Jack’s MO; Aavang is leaning from the best.

  6. Honestly WHO WALKS OUT ON A VOTE? is right!!!? Got bladder leakage that you can’t stay in your seat, Aavang? Anyone who cannot attend the whole meeting and do their job shouldn’t be there to begin with!

  7. Hey Jack there’s something on your chin,no no, not that chin, your other chin!

  8. I think this is wrong and I think the County needs to get out of the managed care business. They do not have the expertise on the board to manage this operation. It’s no different than Obama care.Government entities do not manage services well.

  9. “Government entities do not manage services well”. Then, who brags about the greatest military on earth? Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

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