Illinois Giving Grants to Local School Libraries in the 63rd District

From the Office of Steve Reick:

State-Sponsored School Library Grants Approved for 11 Districts Located within the Reick House District

I was pleased to learn recently that $17,381 in state-sponsored school library grant money will soon be flowing to 11 school districts located in the 63rd Legislative District.

The School District Library Grant Program is designed to help provide more library books and materials for students attending public schools in Illinois.

The state legislature has authorized up to a $.75 per pupil expenditure for qualifying schools.

The grant award is based on funds appropriated by the General Assembly and the official enrollment as of the previous September 30th of a school district.

Specifically, the following grants are being processed by the Secretary of State’s Office and will then be forwarded to the Comptroller’s office for payment:

  • Harvard CUSD #50: $1,865.25
  • Alden-Hebron Community Consolidated Unit #19: $750.00
  • Johnsburg CUSD #12: $1,359.00
  • Riley Community Consolidated School District #18: $750.00
  • Marengo-Union Community School District #165: $750.00
  • Marengo Community High School District #154: $750.00
  • McHenry CCSD #15: $3,262.50
  • McHenry Community High School District #156: $1,669.50
  • Nippersink School District #2: $845.25
  • Richmond Burton CHSD #157: $750.00
  • Woodstock CUSD #200: $4,629.75



Illinois Giving Grants to Local School Libraries in the 63rd District — 8 Comments

  1. Great. Bankrupt Illinois still has a Grant Fairy. I’m glad Reick is pleased.

  2. Funding for education? Of course sunshine commenters are outraged. Why not giving it to family-values churches? Stay tuned…Tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  3. Angels grossly underfunded pension is completely reliant on the taxpayers turning a blind eye to the fiscal crisis.
    Everything he says regarding education has to be taken with this understanding.

  4. It’s always bothered me that Libraries, instead of loaning books, loan DVDs, even of soft porn and ‘trans’ propaganda.

    The crazy ‘ANIME’ section is enormous.

    They drove out private video stores. 70% of loans are of DVDs now, in Crystal Lake. I asked the librarian at the font desk and that’s what she said. I believe it was an understatement from what I see myself being checked out!

  5. When the pensions go belly up and they get pennies on the dollar maybe angle will go back home and cry to his homies how America royally screwed him and they will attempt to revolt…tic tac

  6. What does anyone expect, Truth2? They have sold, burned or given away all the books that were worth anything long ago. Libraries everywhere are garbage dumps. If you want to educate yourself don’t bother going to a library. It’s all part of “their” plan. Working out pretty good so far as to the dumbing down of the commoners. I hope they are all checking out “Idiocracy” so they can see their future.

  7. Ladies and gentlemen! Introducing the latest chapter of compassionate conservative economics 101: turns out it were the evil public libraries who drove video rental stores out of business as part of a broader plan to destroy our free market system and ram socialism down our throat. Great economic analysis from our compassionate conservative brothers and sisters. Have they heard of Netflix? Their fanatic obsession against government and public education is always entertaining…and dangerous. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  8. You being a puppet for the new world order, Angel would understand NONE of this.

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