New D155 Superintendent Salary $188,763.43 with 6% Annual Increases

A press release from High School District 155:

D155 Board Approves Superintendent Employee Contract

The board approved the superintendent employment contract for Steve Olson effective immediately through the 2020-2021 school year.

Mr. Olson has been serving as interim superintendent since the start of the 2017-18 school year.

Steve Olson

Prior to that, he served as the Crystal Lake Central High School principal for 16 years.

“As a board, we value having a leader who is invested in our communities, and who has the best interest at heart for both our students and staff,” said Adam Guss, Board of Education president.

“In the last several months, Mr. Olson has proven to us that he’s focused on a student centered approach, strengthening community partnerships, and communicating openly and honestly.”

Previously, he served the district as vice principal, dean, athletic director, and guidance counselor.

He began his career as a Crystal Lake South High School social studies teacher.

He has lived in the Crystal Lake community for the past 33 years.

Three of his children have graduated from Crystal Lake Central High School; his youngest daughter will graduate from Central in May.

“I am committed to working with our staff, students, parents and community to improve outcomes for all students in District 155.

As a parent and district leader, I am proud to be part of a community that values the education we provide,” said Steve Olson, superintendent.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in broad field social studies from University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse, a master’s in guidance and counselling and an Illinois administrative endorsement from Northern Illinois University.




New D155 Superintendent Salary $188,763.43 with 6% Annual Increases — 24 Comments

  1. That is nuts!

    This is what you get when the board is full of individuals with conflict of interests.

    I guess Adam Guss’ wife will be taken care of. Legalized theft of taxpayers money!

  2. D155 and the Board is deaf to reality. Cant blame them and sheeple that voted the board in get what they wanted after all its for the kids (sic).

    I just recalled that the NWH conveniently ran an article on D155 enrollment and spending only AFTER the board election. Within a week or two. Wonder why they would sit on it?

    Not that it would have mattered to the voters who didn’t show up, but once again the NWH is using the Constitutional Press protection poorly and D155 continues to increase spending as the payers leave the County.

  3. Have you ever been a member of a School Board? They are for the most part a RUBBER STAMP for the Superintendent.

    The Superintendent sets the agenda for the School Board. Some School Board Presidents will tell you that they do but for the most part, Presidents are ‘used’ by the Superintendent.

    Until we start to elect school board members who represent the taxpayer and not the teachers or administrators, public education salaries will continue to go up, up, up and quality of education will go down, down, down. At least three school districts had an opportunity in 2017 to elect school board members who represented the taxpayer but the teachers union made sure that did not happen. Voters are for the most part ignorant when it comes to politics in this country or they choose to sit out elections.

  4. He doesn’t even hold one of those cheap education doctorates!

  5. If you think for one moment the crux of the problem in the cost of public education is not due to the power of the CLOSED UNION SHOPS in Illinois and elsewhere, check out these numbers:

    National Education Assoc.
    Members 2,952,972
    Assets $363,562,300
    Employees 751
    2015 President Salary $416,633
    2015 Secretary Salary $429,851
    2015 Executive Dir. Salary $407,264
    2015 Avg. Total Comp. $98,802
    2016 Donate to Democrats Fed. $60,449,237
    2016 Donate to Republicans Fed. $18,244,415
    2013 Donate to Democrats State $128,657,607
    2013 Donate to Republicans State $20,406,061

    American Federation of Teachers
    Members 1,524,614
    Assets $106,409,940
    Employees 454
    2015 President Salary $497,118
    2015 Secretary Salary $356,292
    2015 Executive Dir. Salary $295,275
    2015 Avg. Total Comp. $106,785
    2016 Donate to Democrats Fed. $45,898,518
    2016 Donate to Republicans Fed. $682,057
    2013 Donate to Democrats State $37,263,145
    2013 Donate to Republicans State $3,606,155

    Illinois AFT (subset of AFT)
    Members 90,410
    Assets $17,680,346
    Employees 145
    2015 President Salary $227,294


  6. —there’s something quite disharmonic in his face …. it isn’t symmetrical at all, like many criminals!

    Facial asymmetry as an indicator of psychological, emotional, and physiological distress.
    By Shackelford, Todd K.; Larsen, Randy J.
    Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol 72(2), Feb 1997, 456-466.
    Fluctuating asymmetry (FA) is deviation from bilateral symmetry in morphological traits with asymmetry values that are normally distributed with a mean of 0. FA is produced by genetic or environmental perturbations of developmental design and may play a role in human sexual selection. K. Grammer and R. Thornhill (see record 1994-45035-001) found that facial FA negatively covaries with observer ratings of attractiveness, dominance, sexiness, and health. Using self-reports, observer ratings, daily diary reports, and psychophysiological measures, the authors assessed the relationship between facial FA and health in 2 samples of undergraduates (N = 101). Results partially replicate and extend those of K. Grammer and R. Thornhill (see record 1994-45035-001) and suggest that facial FA may signal psychological, emotional, and physiological distress. Discussion integrates the authors’ findings with previous research on FA and suggests future research needed to clarify the role of FA in human sexual selection. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2011 APA, all rights reserved)

  7. 6 F’ing percent annual raises!

    IL is on the brink of failure and every taxing body member who votes for nonessential spending, salary hikes, and tax hikes is complicit in the destruction in our state. These A holes own this.

  8. Aren’t the board members now professionally trained after the IASB junket? If so why do they need such an overpriced Superintendent?

  9. It’s very simple: At the next D155 meeting, let them have it in public comments. I work for a pretty successful company, but haven’t gotten anything near a 6% raise.

  10. The unions have to be happy now that the leader at the top of the organization is getting a 6% Max contract over the next 3 years.

    If the Board is looking to go into next year’s negotiations with the teacher’s union to get a more affordable and sustainable contract, they just completely undermined their own position.

    How can the Board justify evaluating cost cutting measures, like eliminating PE teaching positions, and other enrollment decline-related reductions, when they are passing out raises to the Superintendent that are the maximum allowed under TRS pension rules?

  11. Agree with Gary. Drastically need consolidation. Successful companies/corporations do it.

    Six percent is too high and should not be automatic. Salary increases for everyone in school districts should be tied to proof of positive results, continuing improvement and backed up with metrics.

    With homeowners in McHenry County being crushed with higher and higher real estate taxes, consolidation and salary freezes are called for. Maybe we citizens should also be asking those highly compensated, perhaps 100K/year or more, to take annual salary reductions. If they don’t like that, they can leave. They should consider themselves lucky to have jobs with great benefits as well as light or no work schedules at certain times of the year.

  12. These school boards,( 47 and 155)have again proven they doesn’t want to hear what taxpayers want or think. They consistently do as they damn please no matter how loud we yell.

  13. How can D155 have several board members with direct family in the District? This is just insane… Let’s not concern ourselves with the decrease in enrollment, federal tax change, a housing market that continues to drop, and will continue with the fed tax code, but hell with all the tax payers. Increases across the board!

  14. Remember the election last year? The candidates supported by the union won?

    There was actually a good turnout: 39,527 out of 70,609 but the union won.

    RON LUDWIG 6,048 15.30%
    JASON BLAKE 5,420 13.71%
    DAVID SECREST 4,921 12.45%
    NICOLE M. PAVORIS 5,925 14.99%
    ANN SOMERS 2,638 6.67%
    JOHN PLETZ 3,447 8.72%
    DONNA KURTZ 4,864 12.31%
    RAPHAEL J. KAMNER 2,856 7.23%
    SCOTT VETTER 3,408 8.62%
    Total 39,527

  15. Any CEO of a company with 380 employees and a $94 million (balanced, by-the-way) budget would certainly command a similar salary (if not more) in the private sector. You’re all just pissed you don’t qualify for the job.

  16. That is an interesting view of the situation Big Orange.

    You can’t compare apples to onions.

    Nice try though.

  17. Big Orange, if a CEO ran a company with a declining product like D155 then the company would be bankrupt. In the real world, you can’t just take money from your customers, you have to earn it.

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