Johnsburg and Antioch Residents Want a Voice on Massive Sewer and Water Rate Increase

From the office of Steve Reick:

Reick and Wheeler Petition ICC for Local Hearing on Proposed Utilities, Inc. Rate Hike

This week Representative Barbara Wheeler (R-Crystal Lake) and I sent a letter to the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC), asking officials to hold a local public hearing to gather testimony from Johnsburg and Antioch residents who would be affected by a massive sewer and water rate hike proposed by Utilities, Inc.

My office has been inundated with calls and emails from constituents that would be affected by this increase, which I’m told would be the third rate increase for water and sewer since 2009.

These residents, many of whom are living on fixed incomes, have asked us to help facilitate a local platform where they can come and provide testimony on how this latest rate increase would affect their family budgets, and for some, their ability to remain in their homes.

In 2009, Utilities Inc. serviced the affected area at a monthly rate of $5.14 and consumption rates of $3.14 per 1,000 gallons.

If the latest request is approved by the ICC, those customers would soon have to pay a rate of $35.03 per month with consumption rates of $11.08 per 1,000 gallons; a 353% increase in water/sewer service costs in just eight years.

Considering the Consumer Price Index has only risen 13 percent since 2009, increasing rates by more than 350 percent for a necessity like water is extreme.

We have offered to help coordinate the meeting.

To read our joint letter to the ICC, click here.


Johnsburg and Antioch Residents Want a Voice on Massive Sewer and Water Rate Increase — 7 Comments

  1. First SSA (public sewer/water project) forced down on the village residents, and now the utility company gets to reap in on their own ‘stimulus’.

  2. You don’t live in Illinois.

    Illinois died a long time ago. “Sanctuary” status for criminals just confirms it.

    You live in Clown World, where minorities and illegals have more rights than you do, especially rights to your pocketbook.

    You live in Madiganistan, the capital of

    which is Chiraq, where a partially-fingerless Mossad Mayor runs the show, but the natives are getting restless.

    HonestAbe is merely trying to spare you and your family impoverishment and second-class citizenship in a place of utter contempt and hatred for the very people that made Illinois great a long time ago. He is also trying to save their very lives, because bad things are going to happen.

  3. Correct you are, Swordfish.
    The one and only hope is to abandon this sh*thole of a state ASAP,
    as the war on Whites continues ….

  4. Unfortunately, I’ve seen what is happening very close up and agree w/ the above.

    I’m tired of being ripped off, stepped on, hit by insurance-less illegal aliens, and paying for their gold-plated amenities.

  5. Leave! Unless, of course, none of you have been successful enough in life to leave???

  6. @dentbla It is the successful ones that have businesses here that are stuck or if they are with a company for many years. Finding a job over 55 is tough because companies don’t want them. Caught in a catch 22. Or if you still are waiting for your kids to graduate is another reason. Those that can leave are leaving fast and will continue to do so! So if you are a run of the mill worker that your job can basically get anywhere they are the ones that can leave.

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