Mailer for Tiffany Davis for Circuit Judge — 12 Comments

  1. I wonder if her hubby’s bff Keith Nygren is going to endorse her.

    Maybe Big Keith could call up Andy in Missouri and get him to endorse too.

  2. “Truthtopower”; is it required that she take her husband’s name to remain and be elected a Judge, in your limited opinion? Many women receive their degree prior to being married, and their diploma shows their last name at graduation. Many women keep their maiden name with a hyphen between their husband’s last name. Please edify us all why this should disqualify her from the bench, you moron? The guy running against her didn’t take his wife’s last name; is he disqualified too?

  3. Truth2Power never seems to tire of getting owned.
    Good job Azsupporter.

  4. I was wondering when the judicial politics would return to the Caliphate.

    Whether she took a man’s last name in marriage is irrelevant. She was a lawyer with an established career. You could stand up and show your face at a public appearance and ask her this ignorant question openly. You won’t.

    As to mocking her first name, that’s even worse. She had no choice over it. The difference between her and the people here who mock her name is that she is not afraid to use hers, publicly, connected with her opinions.

    If you want to attack or support a candidate, judicial or otherwise, do it on the basis of what she has done or said.

  5. Judicial races really shouldn’t be partisan, but they are.

    I don’t like to vote for Democrats, but I hope they slate a decent candidate in the general election, because I won’t vote for either Davis or Berg.

  6. Davis is POISON, maybe she should just change her name to that!

  7. Oooooooooooooooooh! Swordfish and Truth swim in the same shallow gene pool! Poison! Class act there Swordfish. Anything good to say about the other guy running against her? As a former State’s Attorney in two counties, maybe Swordfish was convicted of something by one of her former offices-sounds vindictive to me. Vote for whomever you choose to, but please make informed choices, NOT based on how Swordfish or Truth feel.

  8. BillyBob: Not to push either person here, but I’m wondering if you could tell us what you KNOW that would disqualify either person to be a Judge, which, by the way, they already are; Berg an associate, judge and Davis a Circuit Judge appointed to finish the term of a retired judge , I believe Judge Weech or Caldwell, other than the fact that they may be or are Republicans? You’d vote for an unknown, unnamed Democrat in place of either because why/what? Berg has been an associate judge for a few years, and Davis has been an Assistant State’s Attorney both in McHenry and Winnabago counties and was appointed to the Circuit bench by the Supreme Court, so I’m wondering if you KNOW something we all should know.

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