County Board Member Michele Aavang Criticizes Possible Withdraw from NAFTA

Trump’s Executive Order to Renegotiate NAFTA Signed January 23rd, 2017

Local farmer and County Board Member Michele Aavang, whose business relies on Mexico and Canada, appeared on CGTN discussing the federal program, “ It would obviously curtail our exports. And that is just something we cannot afford at this time. Canada and Mexico are huge export markets for us. To have that pulled away would just be devastating.”

Michele Aavang pets a calf penned outside in sub zero temperatures.

One aspect of the renegotiation is to lower the trade deficit between the US and Mexico, and to do this the administration wants to eliminate unfair subsidies.

Trump is the first President to begin renegotiating NAFTA since implementation in 1994.


County Board Member Michele Aavang Criticizes Possible Withdraw from NAFTA — 21 Comments

  1. She is clueless. Like her Chum Schofield… I’m sure they’re both very sweet ladies, but they are clueless and have no business in the government spectrum.

  2. What about all the growers that Mexico’s been dumping on Aavang? They don’t count do they.

    Trumps tired of all the inequities of this Dem agreement and unlike spineless Dems, is willing to alienate a Political base that supported him.

    Aavang should concentrate on screwing things up locally, which she excels at.

  3. The question isn’t whether it would reduce exports (that seems intuitively true), the more relevant questions are what are the effects on domestic jobs and price of goods and how to balance those issues against each other. Her focus on one aspect tells me she either doesn’t understand the issue, she is simply trying to protect her business, or both.

  4. @D J, @outwiththeold, and @Billy Bob.

    Agree with all of you! She is as worth as that portion of anatomy that her steers don’t need.

    To her everlasting credit, Jocko Franks, I think, loves her to pieces. A more willing stooge would be difficult to find.

  5. Make that worthless – I’m sure you all grasped the concept! 😉

  6. Look closely at the subsidies she and her husbsnd have recieved through the years.

    This give a whole new meaning to double dipping.

    She sucks the politiacal tit as hard as any politictan in McHenry County.

    District 6 can do better. And will.

  7. Well hooray Aavang can speak out on federal issues but when it comes to local concerns she is silent. Unless it has to do with ag.

    Chair of Law and Government Committee for what?

  8. Is CGTN (China Global Television Network) something I have any familiarity with? Of course not, probably the first time ever hearing of it for me, how about you, in the meantime, I will bet on Trump!

  9. Re: ” A more willing stooge would be difficult to find.” Do not need to look far to find Larry Smith, Joe Gottemoller and the spineless Mike Skala who gets the taxpayers to fund his medical care!!

    In 2016, the following taxpayer dollars were given to McHenry County farmers in the form of subsidies;

    400 corn subsidy payments totaling $9,297,911

    339 soybean subsidy payments totaling $1,698,499

    76 participants in the Conservation Reserve Program received $216,491

    215 wheat subsidy payments totaling $166,748

    11 recipients of dairy program subsidies totaling $13,102

  10. Look at the cage the calf is in. This is why I refuse to eat veal. What a cruel way to raise an animal.

  11. Re: “CGTN stands for “China Global Television Network”.

    It’s a propaganda arm of the Chinese government.”

    So? Is it Michelle Aavang in the picture or not?

    Is the story a fabrication?

    If she did say: ” To have that pulled away would just be devastating.”
    She is guilty of fear-mongering!

  12. Why doesn’t Jack Franks just unilaterally appoint the sophomoric Aavang as Ambassadoress & High NAFTA Plenipotentiary of McHenry Co., and set up an office for her in Mexico City where she can agitate for NAFTA all she likes. I’ll provide the maracas!

    I realize she’ll have to step down as McHenry Protectress of Queerdom in which capacity she has spouted how we must be “more inclusive” of the ‘Trans’ mental disordered at the county level.

  13. Other headlines in today’s CGTN news feed:

    “Xi Jinping Unanimously Elected Deputy to 13th NPC (National People’s Congress);

    “Politburo Sets Out China’s ‘Supreme Political Principle’.”

    All that’s missing is “Raise High The Banner of Chairman Mao, The Great Helmsman”.

  14. Swordfish, when did Aavang say that?

    She’s always consorting with Althoff, so it doesn’t surprise me.

  15. And just so everyone knows ‘the useless as tits on a bull County Board Aavang’ is NOT the same Michelle Aavang that works tirelessly for 4-H. AND there’s no relation!

    Aavang and Ol’ Larry Smith are taking up space.
    Vote for someone who is with the citizens! Orv Brettman and Ersel Schuster.
    I don’t even always agree with Ersel but she is respectful of policy and is ethical. Brettman will be the Gentlemanly version of Trump for his district! He saved Fox Valley’s water system from crooked politicians! He was Q-anon before there was Q-anon!

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