New Principal of Crystal Lake Central High School Approved by D155 Board of Education

D155 approved the new principal’s salary at his current salary of $139,300 for the 2017-18 school year and $145,000 for 2018-19 school year. The actual employment contract is pending attorney review and approval.

A press release from High School District 155:

D155 Approves Dr. Eric Ernd as Crystal Lake Central Principal

The District 155 Board of Education approved Dr. Eric Ernd as principal of Crystal Lake Central high School, effective immediately.

Dr. Ernd has been serving as interim principal since the start of the 2017-18 school year, when Steve Olson was appointed as superintendent of District 155.

Previously, Dr. Eric Ernd served as vice principal at Crystal Lake Central for six years working closely with Steve Olson, staff, students, and parents. He has held a number of administrator positions as principal, vice principal, athletic director, department chair, and dean of students.

His recent accomplishments include developing and implementing a School Improvement Plan, facilitating a student leadership committee and parent advisory committee, as well as, serving as an AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) coordinator.

“This is my dream job, and I am passionate about collaborating with our staff to create structures and systems that will positively impact student achievement and school culture at Crystal Lake Central,” said Dr. Eric Ernd, principal.

“I will continue to focus on relationships and communication.”

He received his bachelors in physical education with a minor in business education from Easter Illinois University, a masters in education administration from Governors State University, and his doctorate in educational leadership from National Louis University.

“Dr. Ernd has more than 27 years of education experience. He is familiar with our staff, students, parents, and community, and he takes pride in Central’s strong traditions.

His vision to implement programs and supports will ensure all students at Central are accepted and prepared to succeed beyond high school,” said Steve Olson, superintendent.

Dr. Ernd is also a proud Tiger parent, his daughter graduated from Central in 2014, his twins will graduate in May, and his youngest son is a freshman.

His family moved to Crystal Lake in 2002.




New Principal of Crystal Lake Central High School Approved by D155 Board of Education — 8 Comments

  1. Didn’t they do a study that recommended closing down Central due to the declining attendance with a downward trend based on elementary and middle schoolers?

  2. The guy started out as a gym teacher, and now he’s a principal.

    What’s really sad is that his PE degree is probably more impressive than his Mickey Mouse graduate degrees.

    The joke is on the taxpayers for having to help foot the bill for those worthless scraps of paper, and then giving the teacher a big raise/promotion for getting them.

  3. New school funding law accomplishes pension shift of cost burden for certain situations.

    Taxpayers must be vigilant because school boards have not shown concern for taxpayer burden.

    ” Highly Compensated Employees

    Starting with the 2017-2018 school year, school districts will be charged the full TRS employer contribution (most of which was previously picked up by the State) for any employee’s annual creditable earnings that exceed the Governor’s salary (i.e. $177,412 currently). Specifically, districts must now pay to TRS the employer’s normal cost (i.e. a percentage figure determined each year by TRS that is typically between 8%-12) multiplied by the amount of creditable earnings that are in excess of $177,412. So, for example, if an employee’s creditable earnings during the school year are $200,000 and we assume an “employer normal cost” of 10%, the district would receive a bill from TRS for $2,258.80. ”

  4. Swordfish, all those creepy perverts in the above dragshow should be charged with child abuse!

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