Commenter Reveals Personal Impact of Trump Tax Law

“Froggy the Taxpayer” Gives Opinion on Positives to Tax Law

Fair Play – My 401 k is up 42%, my brother at UPS received a bonus, My step son at Home Depot will see $250 bonus as a part time employee,

I and my wife will each see a 3% increase in take home because our Fed Withholding went down 3%.

Imagine that? We are private sector employees and received a 3% raise as of our next paycheck (verified in ADP App this morning)

I know its not the 6% raises a Public Union employee may see but as of right now this is a positive.

To Millionaires such as your Dear Leader Nancy Pelosi this is “Crumbs”, I mean she is worth 100+ Million as a public servant, and clearly out of touch as most Dem Leaders.

$6000 a year would not cover her weekly makeup costs. But to me, a serf who needs very little to get by on because of cut backs based on the last 10 years of increasing taxes, economic malaise and decreasing take home pay.

The only downside is the inevitable Illinois political Class asking for more taxes to pay for the sinking ship as Rauner will lose General and unless we have another candidate, the Dems and Political Hogs of Illinois will use this bounty as cover for seeking even more money from serfs like me.

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Commenter Reveals Personal Impact of Trump Tax Law — 18 Comments

  1. The people who live in property-taxed-to-death Blue States (CT, NY, NY CA, IL, etc) will no longer be subsidized by Uncle same beyond $10K.

    Maybe hitting taxpayers in the pocketbook will wake them up to our rotten state gov’ts?

  2. STILL butthurt over the Hildabeast’s loss, Tom ?
    Don’t you think it’s time to grow up and move on with your life ?
    And don’t forget to watch POTUS give the SOTU tonight – MAGA !

  3. Don’t sell Ives short, she is the mother of 5, a graduate of West Point and Army Officer. The whole world said Trump had no chance. Ives beats Rauner in primary, expect a helluva general election. Ives is no slouch.

  4. Abe, conservative trash talk from 2017 called, they want your lines back. MEGA By the way, you still living your little life in Illinois? I sure am living in your head. Lots of room too.

  5. Our sunshine blogger will soon comment on my personal impact from tronald chump tax scam. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  6. The “useful idiots” of the Democrat Party, majority of which no doubt voted for the criminal Hillary, easily fall in line with the goofball comments of dopes from the Democrat Party such as Pelosi. No matter how good the metrics/data from the first year of Trump, it is doom and gloom from Pelosi, Schumer, Dumbo Durbin, Bernie Sanders, et al.

    These Democrat dopes and their useful idiots totally ignore metrics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Consumer Confidence, food stamps, US company/corporation expansion, etc, etc.

    The useful idiots led by the Pied Piper dopes Pelosi, Schumer, Sanders, are Chicken Littles and repeat the nonsense not only from top Democrats but from the stooges of the Democrat Party, namely the mostly left wing media. To the useful and dumb idiots, they say the Sky is Falling.

  7. I’m devastated. Go Bernie 2020! Tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  8. “$6000 a year would not cover her weekly makeup costs. ”

    Ah, the bon mots of the retarded man-child known as “Froggy The Taxpayer”.

    You know why your life is a trainwreck, Froggy/anonymous coward? Look in the mirror tomorrow morning, after you regain consciousness from tonight’s drinking binge.

  9. dentbla? Only a soulless ghoul could be so arbitrarily negative as to denigrate GOOD just because they are an ignorant progressive. Why are you so Hell bent on destruction that you cannot accept genuine positive news? The country is positively exhausted of your derisive claptrap. You are the scam trying to hold decisive innovation back. Go cry with the other morons and get out of the way of MAGA!

  10. Cindy? the CEO of Home Depot made $11,471,601 in 2016. Four other top dogs made a combined $18,000,000 that same year. But they gave a hard working kid who makes ?? $40,000 part time a year a measly $250.00. Only a soulless ghoul would think this is fair. This is why we losing our democracy and becoming an oligarchy…just like Trumps buddy Putin’s country. FACTS!

  11. Where the Hell did you learn your slanted view that there is any such thing as fair in this world? We are fighting a war right now that you have no idea how to comprehend. Yet, you throw out terms like fair? The unicorns in your world must be comforting. (BTW without Trump your world would have already been obliterated and you and your friends would probably already be in FEMA camps. But keep choosing to ignore reality and blame everything in your fair/not fair world on Trump.)

  12. Bhahahahahah Cindy is losing her marbles!

    “without Trump your world would have already been obliterated and you and your friends would probably already be in FEMA camps.”

    Literally hilarious

  13. Which completely shows your lack of knowledge on what is actually happening on the world stage. Stay in your basement where you feel safe.

  14. Cindy,
    Hilarious! Please, I need context to understand your crazy.

    Do you think I live in PR and that’s why I’m in a FEMA disaster tent? I’m all ears.

  15. Fair Play? Do you even know anything? How about the fact that when the folks at SOTU last night chanted U-S-A your very own Luis Gutierrez ran from the room like his hair was on fire? Or the “accident” today where the Republicans that decided to release the memo were going to a sheltered DUMB and were involved in a very strange train crash? Do you understand that we are at war? Trump’s administration is keeping you safe, while you are blathering on about nothing. Get on your knees and thank God for the reprieve we are temporarily enjoying.

  16. All the good news over the last year about the economy, GDP growth, jobless rate, food stamps, consumer confidence, etc and the Democrats only find doom and gloom. They prove day after day that they should not be trusted to govern we Americans. They are petty, vengeful, vindictive, shallow and small. They proved that in their comments after the State of the Union address by Trump. They likely would be farther along on the road to extinction if not for being propped up by their stooges in the mostly left wing main stream media over the last few decades.

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