Bullet Voting Suggested in McHenry County Board District 4 Race

Advertisements instructing voters to “bullet vote” for Chuck Wheeler have appeared on Facebook.

Bullet voting is a tactic in which the voter chooses one candidate, despite the option to vote for additional candidates. In theory, this allows better chance of winning for the single candidate.

Incumbent Chuck Wheeler is running against retiring State Senator Pam Althoff and Steve Bellmore.

You may remember from a previous post Steve Bellmore had Democrat supporters collect petition signatures in order to get on the ballot.

The Curious Petitions of District 4 GOP McHenry County Board Candidate Passed By Jack Franks’ Stalking Horse




Bullet Voting Suggested in McHenry County Board District 4 Race — 16 Comments

  1. I think I will bullet for Pam, Bellmore seems too liberal, Wheeler too, Pam will probably top choice for County Board Chair in 2020. Pam will be able to work with all surrounding County Board Chairs.

  2. Interesting, I find Chuck Wheeler to be a follower of what I don’t like in a representative.
    He doesn’t care about the people in his district.
    In fact he would rather mimic that group of Marxists Diane Evertsen, Donna Kurtz, Michael Walkup Etc.
    If orvil brettman gets in district 6 you will have one in the same.
    They all have one thing in common, They all Hate the People.
    You can take that to the polling place.

  3. Jim, IMHO you do not know Pam! Pam will be a puppet for the puppet master.

    ‘onlythefacts’ is another fine example of the product produced by our public education system. He / she may want to look up the definition of a Marxist.

    For someone who hates the people, Diane Evertsen received more votes county wide than any of the other candidates for MCC Board.

    So much for ‘facts’.

  4. May want to be more careful when using the word ‘bullet’.

    There are weasels in this County who could feel threatened.

  5. If people here really wanted to purge the County Board of the RINO’s and Franks Followers they needed to get out there and circulate petitions last Fall to get on the ballot themselves.

    Now the next Board will be even more subservient, regardless of what happens with Wheeler, Rein, Orv, and Ersel, who are the only bright lights running.

    With Democrats in other areas winning special elections in districts which had voted for Trump by large margins, even the Fall elections look problematic.

    Even if all 4 of them win it will only make up for the losses of Kurtz, Heisler, Hammerand, and Wilcox.

    The minority will continue to be a minority even under the best case scenario, and most likely will shrink further.

    You folks here had the chance, and you blew it.

    Go look in your mirrors.

  6. Bullet voting goes back to the days of 3 Reps in a District and you could give your candidate 3 votes rather than 1 each for 3 candidates. Learn to read in context. I will support Brettman, don’t live in his district but have known him for years. He will know what is going on and pay attention. He will not be wasteful. I do hope he will be conciliatory.

  7. You don’t need “conciliatory” on that Board Jim. You need Opposition.

    When you have a majority, or close to it, you can be conciliatory.

    I count only 7 people maximum with the new Board even assuming that Orv and Ersel both win, which is doubtful and not all of the 7 can be relied upon.

    It’s over.

    Meanwhile, if it’s property taxes that are you concern, you need to focus on next year’s school board races.

    County government is a lost cause.

  8. Jim, you’re delusional. Althoff is the one that got her Liberal friend and neighbor Bellmore to run!
    Wake up. Althoff is a Franks operative. Even put his signs out last election. She’s a RINO!

    Wheeler is a Conservative thru and thru!

  9. That’s a cool picture.
    Yes we need that for Dr. Michael Rein in Dist 5 too.

    Melendi is Il State Senate McConaughey’s asst and McConaughey is responsible for righting the bill to give Jack Franks more power on the board!
    Another Franks operative, trying to ruin our County. NO THANKS! And you know if Tina HIll is pushing her she’s got to rot.

  10. Wheeler stands for the good values that was historically introduced into our Republic. A good man. He should run against Franks. He would win. When the bullet his the bone? Leaves Democratic belief system in the Twilight Zone.

  11. Althoff is a shrill ‘transgender’ agitator for Clown World.

    Plus she’s an ultra-liberal.

    She’s also a dope, who supported AND GAVE MONEY to Reinart, the crook who hired thugs from Chicago to forge signatures on his petition. What about that?

  12. So what is the “tactic” called in Illinois, when you have more votes cast, than registered voters.

    I recommend that.

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