Chuck Wheeler for McHenry County Board Literature Piece — 12 Comments

  1. One of the few commonsense Conservative voices on the county board and a real Patriot!

  2. …who forgets to note that he’s looking to be re-elected and his experience as a board member.

    Great attention to detail.

  3. He stood up to the growing patronage swamp filled with RINOs.

    A True Conservative!

  4. Would like to see some specifics on what he would do to reduce our property taxes, two-thirds of which pay for the running of schools. What can he do to consolidate jobs in school administration across McHenry County and thus reducing costs of running schools? What can he do to stabilize or cut the wages and benefits of some very, very highly compensated school administrators and teachers? What can he do to shift most of the funding for the running of schools from homeowners and to a State income tax? What can he and other board members along with other politicians in the State do to eliminate the cola for pensions of government workers or at minimum have the cola the same as that which is used for Social Security recipients?

  5. So. Many. Words.

    Folks – people don’t read a lot of words. Use less of them.

  6. Fierabras
    Perhaps you would share Chuck’s comments about Lutzow and Gasser’s hire of Ryan P?
    Has the County’s hiring practices changed because of Chuck’s anti patronage rants?

  7. 2018pooper, what are you talking about? I can see you can’t read or understand plain and simple language.
    It says all that and more.

  8. Looks like the post was updated with new literature. I retract at least half of my criticism.

    Although the 14% tax cut claim is a stretch considering it was the same cut redone after being undone the first time.

  9. Nob doesn’t like it when Blacks realize the left ain’t their friend.

  10. WTH?
    Nob does like it when any person or race realize the left isn’t their friend when it comes to fiscally responsible gov.

  11. Unless your name is Bob Miller, isn’t that right Nob? You sure go out of your way to kiss that guy’s ars. Why?
    Are you complicit? What were you on the long list of freebies for?

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