Jack Franks Reaching into Middle School — 37 Comments

  1. Brand building for future voters.

    Will pay off with votes only if the kids stay in Illinois once they reach voting age.
    Maybe get some mom votes in the interim.

    A savvy move by Franks.

  2. If Franks is paying for it there should be a disclaimer stating as such, if County is paying for it should be from the county not Franks!

  3. I can see the future now……

    Congrats on the achievement of your kids!

    (Paid for by the insufferable, entitled taxpayers on the Cal’s Blog.)

    But really, what loathsome individual is opposed to giving certificates of recognition for academic achievement to children? EVEN IF it’s paid for with county funds, there is such thing as discretionary spending that does not require the approval of the peanut gallery – ie: you.

  4. Looks like a FOIA request to find out the source of the funds being used.

  5. School Board needs to take this up! I think every politician should be going to the schools and requesting that they give there recognition to every student! Everyone should get a trophy right! He use to do it at Marian High School and they said thanks but no thanks after it got to be nothing but political! And this is all it is! The Master politician at it again!

  6. I think its a pretty cool thing to give to achievers and I’ll bet every kid who gets one will think so too.

    First and maybe last time I say this but “well done Jack”.

  7. This something that legislators do to get their names in front of potential voters. However, they have a special fund for such things. What is the funding source here?

  8. JustinFun – 2015 called, they want their bigotry back. Get over it. You lost. Freedom won.

    To quote Franks, “I refuse to believe that South Africa, a country that as recently as 1990, dealt with apartheid as a national issue legalized same sex marriage before the Land of Lincoln.”

  9. How bout that wall…
    How bout that Obamacare repeal..,
    How bout that Infrastructure bill…
    How bout that Mexico paying for it….
    How bout that amnesty…

  10. I find this to be a good thing. The world today wants every child equal in sports and academics. NO child should feel left out…Well, that is not reality! I really like Jack recognizing children doing a great job! a pat on the back only encourages growth and future greatness!

  11. The kid is on the honor roll…. that gets published in the newspapers. Are they coddling kids too?

  12. Why does the letter only have Frank’s name on it? Nothing about the County Board, which was not informed of this.

    You can do what you want when you are a state legislator but the County Board Chairman is supposed to be including the County Board in what he does in the name of the county government.

    This is nothing more than a publicity piece for Jack D. Franks…..The only name on it.

    How was this paid for? I keep asking.

  13. Good point by Swampbuggy. The McHenry County Board needs to get involved in this issue to also give recognition for student accomplishment.

    A more inclusive and less selfish letter to students might be headed by the title:

    “The McHenry County Board and its Chairman acknowledges (name of student) etc…”

    Then at the bottom of the letter on the left side, list the names of all of the Board Members and the Chairman in “alphabetical order”.

  14. The term ‘insidious’ comes to mind..
    Who is paying for this ?

  15. @bred – Franks has been doing this for 20 years. The fact that Reick stopped recognizing kids as State Rep and Franks is continuing to do so speaks volumes about his commitment to children’s academic accomplishments. Where were you in the last twenty years? Where were you complaining about how the General Assembly should have passed resolutions and distributed certificates for all high achieving honor roll students in Illinois?

  16. Did the Chairman bring up the recognition letter idea before the Board and ask them for their input and what ideas that they might have about recognition? Yes or no? The Board might have brainstormed additional ideas about recognition. Did the Chairman seek to involve the Board?

    Right now can imagine many brainstorm ideas that Board Members might have produced such as recognition of outstanding academics at some Board Meetings where the student and her/his parents appear before the Board and citizens in the audience. Just one idea.

  17. Bred – that’s like the definition of government inefficiency. “Lets break a process that works because there’s a more complicated way to do it.”

  18. “The names, the alphabetical order, the funding, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah…” Of course sunshine commenters become livid at the idea of recognizing good students for their achievement. Isn’t public education a failure after all. Compassionate conservatives; we know them all too well. See a teacher? Thank a teacher! Tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  19. Remember jacko doesn’t need to ask for anyones ok cause he is the self proclaimed czar of mchenry county

  20. Insidious??
    Good god, I remember getting a newspaper clipping and letter from Congressman Bob McClory when my picture was in the paper back in high school.

    Insidious!??? Really????

  21. McClory was a Congressman and was representing his district. He had special funds available to do this. He did not answer to an elected board. Franks is Chairman of the County Board and has to work in concert with that Board. He was not authorized to do this, which is nothing more than a political mailer, sent at county expense.

  22. Compassionate conservatives are very creative contradicting themselves and getting away with it. According to their twisted mentality, spending from republican lawmakers is perfectly justified and its source labeled as “special funds.” However, when a Democrat does it, they cry about unnecessary wasteful spending. We know these compassionate conservatives all too well. Republican and Capitalist God, please have mercy…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  23. Jack Franks is neither a Republican nor a Democrat Angel.

    He is an Autocrat, and THAT is the problem.

  24. Good try at deflection. The “special funds” argument is laughable. Sunshine blogger, please run… and I do not mean to the next free lunch…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  25. Well angle maybe your pension that is so underfunded will come from a “special fund” tic tic tic tic……

  26. Swordfish – Shep Fairy, the creator of that poster, did the Obama 08 campaign poster with HOPE on the bottom. Remember?

    You fool!

  27. is trying to turn the kids into his personal brown shirts!! What’s next!

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