February 8th Fundraiser for Chuck Wheeler

Bulldog Alehouse on Route 31 in McHenry is the chosen location for a fundraiser for Chuck Wheeler’s race for County Board District 4.

Suggested donation is $25, Precinct Committeemen $15.

Sponsorships are available.

The announcement for Chuck Wheeler’s February 8th fundraiser.


February 8th Fundraiser for Chuck Wheeler — 5 Comments

  1. Mr. Wheeler Is a Follower that hasn’t led one initiative while serving on the county board.
    All he wants now is that subsidy paycheck with bennies from the taxpayers.
    His alleged business in McHenry looks like its boarded up and closed down so now Chuck needs your help.

  2. This is free-dinner season for our paparazzi sunshine blogger…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  3. Chuck is great. We need to keep him on the County Board!! Definitely bullet voting for Chuck.

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