Illinois Democrats Undecided on Governor Choice

“We Ask America” Democratic Primary Poll Places Undecided, Pritzker On Top

A phone poll of 811 likely Democratic primary voters conducted January 28th – 30th still leaves question on who will be chosen as the nominee.

Progressive hopeful Daniel Biss has climbed into second place past Chris Kennedy.

At the same time, Front runner J.B. Pritzker’s lead has diminished.

37.95% of respondents are still undecided less than two months before the election.

Click HERE to download the poll results.


Jan 28-30th poll results


Illinois Democrats Undecided on Governor Choice — 3 Comments

  1. Why don’t they run Rauner the RINO after Ives dispatches
    him in the primary ?

  2. Small choice in rotten apples!

    Biss is a Communist.

    JB is morbidly obese from his frequent fattenings and property tax scams

    Kennedy is trying to out-black/out-radical Bobby Rush.

    Tio Hardiman, Black Lives Matter agitator: Do Asian and White lives ever matter?

    Hardiman asks questions the White and Jewish Candidates won’t dare ask:

    “Black Lives Matter is a good concept, but how do we address Black on Black violence? African American people kill one another in record numbers throughout the United States. Other cultures also kill, however, African American leaders have failed in their efforts to reduce homicides in their own community. For example, Chicago is struggling with high levels of homicides. Over eighty percent of the homicides occur in the African American community.”

  3. I’m not undecided. Run, sunshine blogger, run! Tic, tock, meow, meow, tic, tock…

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