Mardi Gras Fundraiser Scheduled for Michael Rein

District 5 County Board Member Incumbent Michael Rein Hosting February 15th Event

Michael Rein was instrumental in changing the healthcare policies at the County–saving taxpayers millions of dollars every year.

He also voted in favor of eliminating pensions for County Board Members and was a vocal opponent of Jack Franks’ two patronage hires that will cost the county approximately $200,000 annually.

Invitation to Michael Rein’s 2018 Mardi Gras fundraiser.

The event is $50 per person or $90 a couple and will be held at:

The Loft on the Historic Woodstock Square
110-1/2 N Benton St
Woodstock, IL

Sponsorships are available



Mardi Gras Fundraiser Scheduled for Michael Rein — 7 Comments

  1. Oh duh, thank you. I didn’t see that. Gotta get the eyes checked.

  2. If you’re a PC, you should pay anyway. Rein needs help.

    District 5 is full of liberals and communists.

    Look at some election maps and see how Woodstock votes.

    It’s the only district in the county with a Democrat elected.

    Take a look at the “Republicans” in District 5. Skala and Jung…

    Take a look at the Republicans who have endorsed Rein vs the ones endorsing other candidates. Tina Hill…

    Look at the Democrats that are running in District 5. There are Democrats like Andrew Georgi, who at least try to reach out to Republicans. Then there are Democrats like Carlos Acosta, who go before city council to request to have the highest sales tax in the county and who believe there is nothing to be cut in the city’s budget.

    At least make a donation. Don’t just go there to eat pizza.

  3. “At least make a donation. Don’t just go there to eat pizza”. Sunshine blogger, please do not take this comment personally. We owe you too much…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  4. Better yet, write him a campaign donation and help him out walking his district, display his sign, and encourage all to bullet vote Rein!

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