Candidate for Illinois Attorney General Sends Letters to DOJ

Grasso Seeks Investigation of Corruption in the Cook County Property Tax System

A press release from Gary Grasso, candidate for Attorney General:

Chicago, IL – Gary Grasso, Republican candidate for Illinois Attorney General, has sent a letter to United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions requesting an official investigation into alleged practices of corruption within the Cook County property tax assessment system.

Hinsdale / Burr Ridge Candidate for Illinois Attorney General Gary Grasso, former Mayor of Burr Ridge.

Within the one page letter Grasso specifically focuses upon recent media reports that have revealed an odious property tax scheme where connected insiders can get property tax reductions by retaining law firms that happen to employ elected officials with insider connections to County officials making the decisions in property tax appeals.

Grasso, a successful lawyer and current DuPage County Board Member, further wrote, “Cook County in Illinois is ground zero for this property tax scheme.”

In fact, in a front-page story in the Chicago Tribune on Feb.1 stated, “highly inaccurate assessments wound up handing unsanctioned property tax breaks to well-off homeowners while punishing those who have the least, particularly people living in minority communities.”

Gary Grasso will articulate his concerns and distribute copies of the letter to the Chicagoland media during the news conference.


Candidate for Illinois Attorney General Sends Letters to DOJ — 2 Comments

  1. Very experienced and capable. Got into the race much later than his opponent.
    I wish him well.

  2. They are a little busy at the DOJ right now. Lock them up! Lock them up! Lock them up!

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