Northwest Herald Lays Off Entire Photojournalist Staff

Facebook Post Reveals Decision

A Facebook post with 70 “likes” by former Northwest Herald employee Danielle Guerra Mains exposes the layoffs.

“Today, the Northwest Herald, the paper I started my career with, laid off its photo staff.
I’m appalled at everyone who was involved with this decision. A certain Shaw never valued photojournalism and the newsletter that the paper has become will keep losing its talented people.

It’s like the band playing on the Titanic to quote a mentor. I only hope they find new adventures with their talents.

The sad thing is, it’s never just a job for photojournalists. It’s a life, it was my life at least. Every day, grinding deadlines, freezing at fire scenes, comforting a mom who lost her son in the heroin epidemic, and being on all the time. It was a gift that I was able to show the subscribers the news through my eyes. It is something I’m still incredibly passionate about even though I left on my terms more than a year ago.

You don’t make newspapers into marketing corporations, it blurs the lines. You don’t tell me that I can’t take a picture in a business because they don’t advertise with us. What happens when you no longer have the staff to make a newspaper to advertise in, what then? I’m pretty sure that point was brought up a few years back and it still rings true.

Cheers to everyone that left on their own terms, best of luck to everyone that didn’t get the chance and if I was still there, I’d find your own way out before it’s too late.”

Snapshot of Facebook post.


Northwest Herald Lays Off Entire Photojournalist Staff — 21 Comments

  1. Tick tock, tick tock ….. all the fake news finally caught up with the NWH, aka the Jack Franks Herald.

    Time to fold!!!! The final edition is coming! Pay up your subs, but don’t cry when the NWH goes BK and you can’t get a refund!

  2. What’s “entire photojournalist staff” these days?

    1 or 2 people?

    Here’s when the Herald’s Photo Dept. was really big, circa 1995. Editor-in-Douche Sweetwood ordered a photo essay on his cat and only friend, “Dr. Phibes.” The photogs complied, and for the best set, the winning photog would get a $30 bonus. and ‘exemption’ from next week’s auto crash/major fire night duty!:

  3. I, personally, was misquoted several years ago in a story. That’s when I cancelled my sub, and my Mom did so, too.

  4. The Shaws ruined the paper! –Surprised it’s ‘lasted’ this long!

    They wouldn’t connect with the average reader.

    It was always about short term money with them and certain advertisers that they played golf with.

    They also let certain local political leaders say what stories should run and what must be spiked.

    Editorials had to be pre-submitted.

    Senior editors were undermined in staff mtgs.

    I finally put my foot down, publisher be damned!

    Everything I predicted came true.

    Now who’s the ‘fat fool?’


  5. PS: I never owned, house-sat, or kept any cat.

  6. NWH served its purpose ruining the County.

    No it must fold up and blow away, never to return another day!

  7. When it folds, whatever will we use to line the litter box? Line the bottom of the birdcage? Wrap garbage in?

    So sad (but I’ll be glad). The Northworst Herald sucks a big one.

  8. Another success story about our glorious sunshine blog; little by little taking down the Northwest Herald, the paper sunshine commenters never read, but can’t stop talking about its stories…Sunshine blogger, your solid 2% stands with you…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  9. They just raised the cost of subscription. Maybe it is time to cancel.

  10. I certainly have had issues with reporting by the Northwest Herald in the past. But I would suggest that this action reflects two related and not unreasonable factors.

    One obviously is money, but cutting costs here is probably possible with minimal degradation in output. The related reason is changing technology.

    In the old days, a photographer carried heavy equipment that required specialized knowledge to use. Today, anyone with a phone can shoot photos that are probably adequate for a newspaper or an online posting, and they’re available immediately. The key word here is “adequate”.

    In short, the value of a photojournalist has diminished as a result of improved technology.

    Now before you string me up, I’m not saying any reporter can take photos that are as good as those taken by a professional photographer. All I’m saying is that for most news stories — pictures of someone giving a speech, or pictures of an accident scene — the reporter can snap pics good enough for the paper.

    Second, today someone associated with many events will take photos and email them to the paper. At high school football games or track meets, it’s likely a student will be given that job. Ditto for many other events such as Chamber of Commerce awards dinners: someone will take photos good enough to go with a story and email them to the paper.

    So demand for photojournalists is down because technology not only means a reporter can take the photos, it means often someone other than the reporter will provide photos. Lower cost for good enough output.

    You might as well ask where all the telephone operators are today. Technology rendered them obsolete. As a friend of mine said to me once, “The last buggy whip make in America was probably the most efficient buggy whip maker in America.”

  11. Sunshine blogger, please do not lay off your entire photojournalist staff. We just do not have the luxury of losing you and/or the professional, state-of-the-art, in-your-face pictures you take from Jack D. Franks that gave you the international reputation of classy paparazzi you currently hold. Speaking of reputation, who is the guy holding you in the picture you posted this week? He looks really promising. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  12. @Steve Wilson. Yes Technology has changed. the cameras used now are digital. You feeling that anyone with a phone understands photo journalism is sadly mistaken. There is still a need and want for photojournalists- most who are skilled enough to work across multiple platforms.

    For all of you who wish our local paper- the paper that covers your local government, communities, etc go under is sad and frustrating- for on one hand you cry out for transparency and information and on the other you bash anyone who doesn’t echo your view of the world.

  13. Inish? What are you smoking? They have NOT covered ANYTHING of note in many many years. The reason people HATE this paper is that it is totally irrelevant to our County, City, and STATE! They print AP and UPI stories that are hogwash from Rothschild’s owned propaganda mills. There are no journalists employed around here. A couple of pictures from accident scenes is about all they had.

  14. That ridiculous “Pet of the week” section is nothing compared to my sunshine blogger’s cat stories. As an informed citizen, I take great pride on my news sources. Stay tuned…tic, tock, meow, meow, tic, tock…

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